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Bigfoot in New York?

Note the muscle tone and remember this was taken in the late 1960's

Most folk's when the hear of Bigfoot or Sasquatch think of places in the NW and Canada very few realize there is a strong history both past and present in New York as well as the east in general. Below you will find links to several sights containing information on this subject. As I was creating the New York outdoors site a good friend and I became involved in a series of events that caused me to rethink my attitude which up until now was total disbelief. If you have a sighting report old or new please let the BFRO know of it using there online sighting report form . You will need to leave your contact information so one of there investigators can call to follow up. They will withhold your personal information from the report if you wish, but these folks are serious about what they do so please no joke's or phony reports. 



These prints are from 4/2000 in the Hudson Valley. They were cast after a period of heavy rain about 1.5 miles off the nearest road.

These prints seem to be a left and right however they were not cast from the same stride the one on the right was found about 30 to 40 yards to the side and in front of the one on the left. There was a clear path of travel for both trails with a stride varying from 36 to 40 inches.

One has to wonder with all the open lands in Northern NY why would a creature or creatures such as these wonder down this far, 75 miles from Midtown Manhattan. This was a real head scratchier although there are hundreds of thousands of acres undeveloped on both sides of the Hudson and NYC does fade quickly when traveling north out of the Apple there has to be a cause for this apparent migration (Assuming they are new to the area as there are old stories of a similar events 20 years and more ago but the area has changed drastically since then and the stories are always past tense) .

The main factor which does make sense is the lack of a good cold winter with prolonged snow cover. This has caused an explosion in wildlife in the area mainly deer which are as plentiful as people in these parts now. Rabbit's and other small game have also had a strong population explosion as a result of our less then real NE winters. I find when looking at the BFRO site and the sites in Ohio and PA deer seem to be a main source of nutrition for these animals known as Sasquatch.

Also as a result of these mild and short winters the Bear populations have grown and small black bears are once again returning to areas they had abandoned years ago in search of there own territory. Could this also be the case with Sasquatch? Has a lack of a severe winters enabled there numbers to climb beyond the ability of the Northern Forests to support them pushing some on to regained ranges? The woods of the central Adirondacks and Catskills offer plenty of shelter and seclusion however the old growth forests do not hold the game that can be found in Western NY and the Hudson Valley.

This is however just a guess as to the why? But it is the only one which at the time seems to make sense!

Please use these links below for more information on the subject.


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I am a wildlife biologist who is seriously studying the sasquatch (bigfoot) in North America.      



Can you see the figures in the frames?


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