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Welcome to the New York District Key Club Website! Use the links on the far left to navigate. Some of them will make submenus come up in the frame in the near left. If you have any questions or comments, contact the New York District Key Club at

We hope you enjoyed "tuning into service" at the 53rd Annual New York District Key Club Convention! Congratulations to everyone for having a great year, to all the clubs that won awards, and to all the candidates who ran great campaigns.

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2001-2002 Executive Board:
Governor Mahaliel Bethea
Secretary Lisa Borten
Treasurer Jenn Hitchcock
- and -
Endorsed Candidate for International Trustee, IPDLtG Kaitlyn Kerrane
Endorsed Candidate for International Vice President, IP District Secretary Jane Li
Good luck in Washington, DC!

ATTENTION!!! Governor Mahaliel is still accepting applications for the positions of Executive Assistant, District Editor, and District Webmaster.
District Webmaster: At the Post-Convention Board Meeting, the board decided to appoint a District Webmaster in place of the Internet Committee on a trial basis of one year. The governor is now excepting applications for the position. The application is informal, but there are some requirements for the job. In the application, applicants should include: Br> -Letter of intent
-The web design programs they can use
-Their involvement in Key Club
-"Portfolio," consisting of examples of the applicant's previous web work
-Any other information they feel should be included
Executive Assistants and District Editor:
Applications will now also be accepted for the positions of Executive Assistant and District Editor. The 2 Executive Assistants will be the governor's representatives in the other regions which are harder for him to get to (the Western and Northern regions of NY). The district editor will be the chief editor of the district and will publish The Empire Key (the offical publication of the New York District). These applications are also informal, but must include the following:
-letter of intent
-letter of recommendation (min. of 2 recommendations)
-Their involvement in Key Club (on all levels)
-Past positions they have held
-Any other information they feel should be included
*Editor Only
-Writing Sample

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The 53rd Annual New York District Convention will be March 23-25, 2001 at Kutsher's Country Club in Monticello, NY. Make your reservations early for the best rooms and seats. You can print a copy of the reservation form from this link.

There's a new New York District K-Family Project: "From Learning to Leisure, Kiwanis Family Cares for Kids." At the Tri-K Board Meeting, the Key Club Board, Kiwanis Board, and Circle-K Boards all accepted this as an ongoing District K-Family Project. Check back soon for more information on the K-Relations Committee page.

  The time has come for the Mighty New York District to choose a mascot and motto.  We are one of only a few districts that do not have an official mascot or motto.  The 2000-2001 Board has decided that the time is long past due that we have one to call our own.  However, we need your help!
  We are asking each club to submit ideas for both the mascot and motto.  A submission form was already sent in the Back-to-School Mailing. Another will be sent in the Winter Mailing.  You, however can respond even without the form by sending your suggestions to:
  Lt. Governor Brian Sterling

Mark your calendars! The 2001 NYD Convention will be March 23-25, at Kutsher's Country Club in Monticello, NY.

Can't find a paper copy of the Club Monthly Report Form? Click here to open a new page with the Monthly Report Form that you can print right from your computer, fill out, and submit by snail mail.

Congratulations to Richard Boehmcke and Lindsey Freeman, who were both elected as International Trustees for the 2000-2001 year at the 57th Annual Key Club International Convention in Orlando. We are so proud of you!

Please note that this page is still under construction. Not of the pages that are linked have been created yet. Please check back soon if you find one of those pages, because everything should be finished very soon!