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Preserve Our Piece Of History

As you may or may not know, Niagara Falls High School, the oldest operating high school in the United States is in danger of being demolished at the end of the 99-00 school year. There is only one thing we can do to prevent this, and that is to use our voices to protest this.

The Niagara Falls High School Preservation Task Force is being given one year (Jan. 1, 2001) to produce working ideas to maintain our buildings existence.

Some of these ideas include:





All of which must be able to maintain itself and not be a burden to the taxpayers of the city. We need the help of anyone interested in joining our cause, in any way you see fit.

Our steering commitee members are

-Mayor; Irene Elia (can be reached at Niagara Falls City Hall, 286-4300)

-Developer (Neighborhood Housing Service); John Merino

-City Councilman; Paul Dyster

-Co Legislator; Sam Granieri

Database Commitee member; Karen Mahoney (my e-mail at bottom of page)

Please Contact us if you will help in any way you can, especially with funding, or funding ideas.

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