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FidoNet Net 267 -Zone 1, Region 13-
Net267 is a subdivision of the FidoNet International Messaging Network. Our purpose is to provide nodelistings and network services for FidoNet nodes located within the New York State area. Aside from providing a home to list your node we offer a wide range of international message conferences as well as "local" net echoes specificly designed for New York State users. There are several different means to, and levels of, access to FidoNet through net267 and you will find all the information you need here.

*** UPDATE *** July 19, 2014

I am no longer the NC of Net267. I have, after a few years, just noticed that this website is still coming up in searches, and still a part of the FidoNet webring. I am in the process of contacting those involved with Net 267 in order to update the information on this site, and possibly turn it over to the current NC to maintain. I have a lot of fond memories of Net 267 and would like to see what survives of it continue on.

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