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Les Mis Limericks

By Me

Jean Valjean:
There once was an ex-con named Jean,
Whose life had been callous and long,
He'd been hunted and chased,
Until finally he faced,
Cosette with the truth of her mom.

There once was a cop named Javert,
Who took incredible care of his hair,
His stone heart did quiver,
So he jumped in a river,
For Valjean's world he didn't care.

There once was a girl named Cosette,
Whose adoptive father would not let
Her hang out with a student,
Who wasn't too prudent,
Just to have a tête-à-tête.

There once was a boy named Marius,
Whose frugal lifestyle let him carry less,
He lived next to some thugs,
In a house full of bugs,
But that doesn't mean he didn't tarry less.

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