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Eastern Theatre of Operations

The Battleground states here are West Virginia, Virginia and the Carolinas.  For many if not most turns, this will be the primary theatre of operations.

West Virginia has 5 VP points in cities.  These are not production points for the CSA, they provide VPs for the side that controls them.  Once one side gains control of all three VP sites at the end of a turn they add an additional 5 VPs and the state becomes friendly to them.  This is important, as SPs may not move in a hostile state unless a leader moves them.  At the start of the campaign game, the USA controls all of the VP cities there but Grafton.

Virginia has 16 production points and 6 port supply points, but USA occupation of Fort Monroe blocks the ports of Petersburg and Norfolk.  The wise USA player will send reinforcements early to the fortress to make it unassailable.  Due to the restrictive terrain, it would require a great deal of SPs and CPs for the CSA to successfully capture the fortress.

North Carolina has 12 production points and 9 port supply points.

South Carolina has 6 production points and Charleston provides 3 port supply points.

1863, the first three turns, will see extensive action in West Virginia and Northern Virginia.  If the CSA wins the first initiative roll, 1SP will promptly be sent to Grafton WV to contest the state.  If the USA wins the roll, they will promptly send 1SP there.  The terrain makes it a very difficult city to capture from a determined opponent.  The supply situation gives the advantage to the USA, as the LOC from a CSA depot in Staunton can easily be blocked, while the USA needs no depot at all due to the railroads.  The CSA can hold on to Grafton, but the SPs and CPs used to do so will be sorely missed elsewhere once the USA position builds up.

If the CSA player ignores the Carolina coastline, USA naval operations could quickly cut into the CSA production system.  Charleston SC is so important that 2SP or 1SP in a fort should be set up there reasonably early.  1SP in Fort Sumter could make the USA pay for a naval assault on Charleston, but the key to a coastal defense is to create a medium defensive strength of '4'.  New Bern in North Carolina is another likely target of USA naval operations, as the three ports of Wilmington, New Bern and Morehead City provide 5 production and all 9 port supply.  The terrain provides for excellent defense and makes ground movement difficult, all favoring the USA.  Wilmington is the key coastal city.