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Quickway Westbound Towards Exit 126
Photo Gallery: Quickway

126 a
sign The Quickway westbound towards Exit 126, serving Chester and Florida. For those of you familiar with all of New York's many Chesters (Westchester, Eastchester, Portchester, Rochester, Parkchester, Elec-chester, etc), this is THEE Chester, the Chester of all Chesters.
Chester is the first chance most motorists will have since leaving the last Thruway service areas, to get food and gas. The CITGO and Sunoco sit side by side on the northwest bound service road, with the same prices for gas. I didn't check if the food sold in their mini shops are also fixed. Mobil was even more outrageous, with higher gas prices, because it has a lock on the southeast bound service road traffic. For kids not satisfied with the gas station convenience stores, there is also a McDonalds, and for bored housewives with whipped husbands, a little strip mall for shopping.

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