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Prospect Expwy north from Ocean Pkwy
Photo Gallery: Prospect Expwy.

wider view

 Two views of the southern beginning of the northbound Prospect Expwy, at the Church Avenue intersection. The pseudo-Tudor style apartment house on the left exhibits a popular Brooklyn style from the 20's and early 30's. The Prospect was originally meant to continue south a ways, to around Avenue H, where it was supposed to hook up with the never built Cross Brooklyn, which was supposed to run along the right-of-way of the Bay Ridge Railroad. I'm sure that viscious plans were also in the works to turn grade level Ocean Pkwy into a limited access parkway, all the way to the Belt, just north of Coney Island. Residents and property owners along the extra-wide secondary roads of NYC run that ever present risk that, like Bruckner and Van Wyck Blvds., their street hides the secret ambition of being a highway.

closer view

The recently installed aluminum twinlampers in the center median, hold the distinctive "Fatlip" Crouse Hinds OVZ's, which pretty much share the refurbished Prospect with the Thomas Betts 113's. The electronic signs on the right warns that construction still exists up ahead. The blue sign on the Caton Ave. overpass, refers to radio announcements of traffic conditions. The Prospect is not the straightest of routes, nor the most level. Hence, the paltry 45mph speed limit. Shot in April 1998.

© 1998, Jeff Saltzman.