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Prospect Expwy looking north to Ft Hamilton Pkwy
Photo Gallery: Prospect Expwy.

view from northbound side

 Two views looking north, from the Caton Ave overpass, towards the southbound ramp overpass coming from the Prospect Park Circle, unseen to the right at Coney Island Ave. Just barely visible behind it, is the Ft. Hamilton Pkwy overpass, which also originates in the circle.

view from southbound side

The southbound ramp is awful fancy for a highway ramp that never really leads into a highway. By the time it reaches earth, south of the Caton overpass, the Prospect comes to an abrupt end at the Church Ave intersection. Past Church Ave. it becomes Ocean Pkwy, a completely grade level secondary road.
This section of the Prospect was probably completed around 1961. The beige brickwork on the retaining walls have recently been replaced in spots. Recent reconstruction of the roadway also resulted in replacement of all lampposts, with the aluminum poles seen here. Shot in April 1998.

© 1998, Jeff Saltzman.