Like the city of Buffalo, Burger King can eat my ass. The story begins around 11:30 am on August 14th. I purchased a $.99 bacon cheesburger that was quite delicious. After finishing the burger, myself, Mike, Todd, Jess, Amy, Sandy, and Caitlin started walking to LaSalle Park, with my van safely parked in the BK parking lot. After a good concert, despite the rain at the end, we started to walk back to BK where the van was. Mike and I quickly grew tired of walking in the rain, so we started to run back. When I got within sight of the parking lot, I stopped dead in my tracks, only to see that my van was gone. I soon found out that the van had been towed, and after calling the towing guy, we found out that we couldn't get it back until the next day. Since BK locked their doors, all the warped tour fans were forced to stand in the pouring rain. Seven of us were stranded in Buffalo, in a down pour, with no way home. The Hickey's came out to pick us up after we killed an hour and a half by going to Subway for food. After driving to Webster, Mike and I returned to our homes a little before one.

The next day, with Mike driving, Todd, Jess, and Myself ventured back to Buffalo to retrieve my van. We got to the thruway in Leroy at about 1:20. As we went through the tool booths, Mike accidentally got onto I-90 east, headed towards Albany. 15 minutes later, we got off the thruway in Henrietta at 390. We debated which 390, north or south, would bring us to the first exit so we could turn around. We chose south, and it was about 5 miles before we could exit. By the time we got back to Leroy, we had already lost 40 minutes, and it was 2:00. The rest of the ride to Buffalo went smoothly. We arrived at the towing place at 3:15 and no one was there. After calling the guy, he said he would be there in 10-15 minutes. While we were waiting, it started raining again. 3:45 rolls around, half an hour later, the guy finally comes and I get my van. All in all it cost me $91.80 for the car. Jess and I took the van, while Mike and Todd stayed together. The van was running out of gas so I stopped in the city. In getting back to 33, I got turned around and went the wrong way. By the time i realized my mistake, traffic had backed itself up for a few miles because of the rain. We eventually got to the thruway, where we moved steadily at 40 mph. The heavy rain and flashes of lightning hindered our travel. We eventually got back to Rochester about 6:30, so our trip took 5.5 hours all together.

Moral of the story: Don't buy a bacon cheeseburger at Burger King. They'll tow your car.