Lutheran-Orthodox Dialogue in the Sixteenth Century

The Greek Version of the Augsburg Confession (1559) and the Correspondence Between the Tübingen Theologians and the Patriarch of Constantinople (1573-1581)


Acta Et Scripta Theologorvm VVirtembergensivm, Et Patriarchae Constantinopolitani D. Hieremiae


The Orthodox Church and the Lutherans –
An ecumenical correspondence from 1573 to 1581

(Morten Møbjerg)

Justification and Deification in the Dialogue Between the Tübingen Theologians and Patriarch Jeremias II
(D. Richard Stuckwisch)

The 16th Century Dialogue Between Lutherans and Eastern Orthodoxy
(recorded interview with Roland Ziegler)

We’re Already Home:
A Response to Joshua Genig

(Christopher J. Neuendorf)

Lutherans and the
Lure of Eastern Orthodoxy

(Christopher J. Neuendorf)

Brief Note concerning the Eastern Orthodox Church and its Contact with Lutheran Reformers
(Forrest Bivens)

The Eastern Orthodox Doctrine of Grace
with a Lutheran Perspective

(James Childs)


Saint Epiphanius of Salamis

Saint Ambrose of Milan

Saint Ambrose on Law and Gospel

Ambrose on Justification:
A Study in the Catholicity of Lutheran Theology

(David Jay Webber)

Chrysostom on Justification

The Nicene Creed and the Filioque:
A Lutheran Approach

(David Jay Webber)

The Father as “the Source of the Godhead”
and the Eternal Procession of the Holy Spirit

Reformations Before the Reformation [PDF]
(David Jay Webber)

Scripture and Tradition in the Lutheran Confessions
(Holsten Fagerberg)

The Catholic Faith of the Lutheran Church

The Ecumenical Councils and the Lutheran Confessions

The Eastern Church in the Lutheran Confessions

The Ancient Fathers on “Sola Scriptura”

A Defense of “Sola Scriptura”
(James Kiefer [an Anglican])

The Book of Concord

A Brief Introduction to Eastern Orthodoxy [PDF]
(John M. Brenner)

Lutherans Going East:
If You’re Going to Run Through
the Bosporus Give Heed to CCR
(Paul Harris)

Byzantine Lutheranism? Byzantine Lutheranism! [PDF]

Lutheran-Orthodox Dialogue

Wittenberg and/or Constantinople

The Consequences of the Fall in the
Evangelical Lutheran Church Compared to
the Eastern Orthodox Church
(Christopher S. Esget)

The Eastern Orthodox Church: Its Thought and Life
(Ernst Benz)

Churches and Sects of Christendom
(Juergen Ludwig Neve)

The Distinctive Doctrines of the Different Christian
Confessions, in the Light of the Word of God

(Karl Graul)

Some Good Posts on Eastern Orthodoxy
(Just and Sinner)


The Correspondence of the Tübingen Theologians and Jeremiah II on the Augsburg Confession and Translation of the First Answer of the Ecumenical Patriarch Jeremiah II to the Lutheran Theologians of Tübingen in 1576
(George Mastrantonis)

Patriarch Jeremias II, the Tübingen Lutherans, and the Greek Version of the Augsburg Confession: A Sixteenth Century Encounter
(Eve Tibbs)

Patriarch Jeremias II, the Tübingen Lutherans, and the Greek Version of the Augsburg Confession: A Sixteenth Century Encounter
(Eve Tibbs) (second site)

Luther Had His Chance
(Stephen Runciman)

Selected Excerpts from the Three Answers of Patriarch Jeremiah II to the Lutheran Scholars in Tübingen

Justification by Faith Alone?: The Reply of Patriarch Jeremiah II to the Lutheran Tübingen Theologians

The Correspondence of Patriarch Jeremias of Constantinople and the Lutheran Scholars at the University of Tübingen [PDF]
(Alexander Vallens)

Lutherans Write the Patriarch:
How the ‘German Orthodox Church’ Almost Happened

(Gabe Martini)

The Three Answers of Patriarch Jeremiah II (with Comments from the OCIC)

Desinigration of Dialogue: Eastern Orthodox and Tübingen Lutherans First Contact
(Michael Bremner)

Early Lutheran/Orthodox Dialog after the Reformation
(recorded interview with Eve Tibbs)

My Journey into the Orthodox Church:
We Travel Together Still

(Joshua Genig)

Early Lutherans and the Greek Church
(John W. Fenton)


The Orthodox Church & the Christians of the Reformation

Orthodoxy and the Reformation
(John-Mark Titterington)

Sola Scriptura in the Vanity of their Minds: An Orthodox Examination of the Protestant Teaching
(John Whiteford)

Patriarch Jeremiah II and the Lutheran Divines;
The Greek Version of the Augsburg Confession
(George Florovsky) [PDF]
scroll down to p. 143

The Ascetic Ideal and the New Testament: Reflections on the Critique of the Theology of the Reformation
(George Florovsky)

Beyond Justification: An Orthodox Perspective
(Valerie A. Karras)

What is Primary to Orthodox Spirituality?
(Rick Burns)

Orthodox Confession of Faith
(Petro Mohyla)

Augustine and the “Two Gregories”
on the Origin of the Holy Spirit

(Kallistos Ware)

The Veneration of Icons: Historical Development
(Kallistos Ware)

(John Behr)

Ancestral vs. Original Sin: A False Dichotomy
(Ephrem Hugh Bensusan)

Original Sin and Orthodoxy: Reflections on Carthage
(Nathaniel McCallum)

Original Sin and Ephesus:
Carthage’s Influence on the East

(Nathaniel McCallum)

Dialogue with the Lutheran – Evangelical Churches
(Ecumenical Patriarchate)

Orthodoxy for Lutherans


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