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Bumfounded gig list

Gig List

***The Dates are links to more info on the show***
Date Location Set List Notes
05-01-02 Bay Shore High School 1)Smoke Dub/Intro 2)Party Night 3)Found Out 4)My Innocence 5)Criminal Poetry Jam
03-08-02 Brightwaters, NY 1)Mira Mina 2)Party Night 3)Found Out(ska song) 4)Criminal 5)Original Style 6)Paradise Drew's Party
02-09-02 Bay Shore, NY 1)Party Night 2)Criminal 3)Found Out(ska song) 4)Paradise (ramones song) 5)Crazy Riff Song 6)Life Goes On 7)Original Style 8)Can't Take School No More Audris's Birthday Party
01-26-02 Eric's House 1)Party Night 2)Criminal 3)Can't Take School No More 4)Original Style 5)Paradise 6)Ska Song 7)Crazy Riff Song 8)Life Goes On Eric's sisters B-Day party
11-15-01 Bay Shore High School 1)Criminal 2)Original Style 3)Can't Take School No More 4)Party Night 5)Life Goes On First Show at BSHS Poetry Jam, Recorded on VHS but different track list

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