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07-09-02, We have some shows coming up this week. The T-shirts with an ill ass logo drawn by our man Chris Novelli will be available in black in sizes Medium, Large and Extra Large. They will be sold at the shows for 12 bucks so save your cash. Also the show that we will open for Ed Robinson (former wailer) and Junior Demus (JA DeeJay) will be either the second or last week in August. Read this Junior Demus Article. Also Special Sauce will be sponsoring the August DIA show. The Inverted Paradox compilation cd is being distributed across Long Island. And they might be sold at shows, so keep and eye out for that.

06-19-02, Its been a while since the news section has been updated so heres whats been going down. Bumfounded is halfway done with recording their first CD. The first CD will have 10 or 11 songs on it. The songs that are finished are Party Night, Criminal, Innocence and Smoke Dub. On saturday June 22, 2001 Bumfounded will have Party Night aired on 90.1 WUSB between 12 and 3pm and will be interviewed all thanks to DIA Records who bumfounded will probally get signed to. As of right now Bumfounded is part of the DIA crew. Bumfounded will be playing some key shows this summer. So far the shows will be at a local Bay Shore Bar, at the Band Stand on Main Street in Bay Shore and either at the Vanderbilt or a large club in the Hamptons opening for DIA artists Ed Robinson and Junior Demus. Read this article of the Reggae Showcase Show In Rhode Island.

04-26-02, Alot has been happening with bumfounded lately. They have played some more parties around the Bay Shore area. Bumfounded has just been trying to play parties, practice and get better as of late. Bumfounded has some major goals set for the next 2 months. They are planning on going to a studio and recording 10 songs, 6-8 of which will be released as a demo. Bumfounded is also in the middle of having a logo (drawn by chris novelli) drawn to be put on T-shirts in the near future. Bumfounded is also in the midst of setting up a huge reggae show with Junior Demus and Ex-Wailer Ed Robinson. This show is going to be planned by DIA Records and Special Sauce. Check back soon for more info about this show.

12-1-01, OK i haven't done shit with this page for a while so i guess i'll start now. Let me fill you in...The band is going pretty good, we played our first show and we gotta get a studio recorded demo out. I guess there isn't much news besides that. I'll try to keep this up to date but we'll see how that goes.

5-25-01, We had practice yesterday and had an old friend that plays guitar, Keith, come and we worked with him on "my van" and "can't take school no more." He pretty much has those songs down so next practice we will work with him on some other songs. We also finally got some pictures up on the site. Thanks to Chirs Pasini, who took the sweet pictures. Thats about all that has happened with the band since the last update.

5-11-01, We had practice on Thursday and this is the new stuff. We had a kid named Chris Pasini come to it with his digital camera so we can get some pics of the band on the site. He also might be our guitarist if he practices and is interested enough. We also fooled around with some beats that we will probally have someone freestlye with. thats pretty much it since the last update.

5-05-01, I haven't updated this shit in a while, so I will fill you in with everything that has happened since the last update to this page. Chris is no longer in the band, we don't exactly know why he left but I didn't think it was working out too well with him anyway. So that leaves us with needing a guitarist again. We are looking for someone that is experienced, knows alot of chords, is down with good music, thats dedicated, that will show up to practice on time, and will practice on there own alot. This might take a while to find someone but when we do, we will be tearing it up. We also have some new songs like "Life Goes On" and "The Little Things" both songs have sweet bass lines. We are planning on recording at Eric's house on his 8 track recorder on his computer. Hopefully we can do this soon, but we need a day that is good for everyone to do this too. Once we do that we record all our songs that we have so far, we will have our demo cd for sale.

4-2-01, Today I downloaded an 8 track recording program on my computer. We are planning on having a practice/recording session soon!

3-31-01, Today at practice we wrote and recorded(a semi-good recording)of a new song called "Life Goes On". We also got some recordings done of "Party Night" and "Struggle". We also practiced "Gotta Help These Kids" with Justin on the guitar. Its now a metal/punk dub. Its one of those songs that will definatly get you moshing.

3-30-01, Well, I haven't updated this in a while so i'll sum up whats happened recently. Mark is kinda in the band as our keyboardist. He shows up to practice and can play the keyboard, so hes pretty much in the band. Chris missed the last 2 practices but he should be coming to the rest. We now have a few new songs too. The Newest songs we have are "Struggle" and "Party Night" were gonna try to record some good copies of each and get them into MP3 form.

3-09-01, At practice on Thursday, March 9, 01 we recorded a pretty good copy of The Way the Ocean Flows. I have an MP3 copy of it. So if you want me to send it to you, just e-mail me at and let me know. We had Mark come to practice to show us his skills and he has some. We are considering form him to re-join the band as the keyboardist. I also recently met a girl, Daniel, who has around 5 or 6 years of self taught guitaring. She also is another reggae fanatic. She is going to come to our next practice and we will see if she would like to join the band as our second guitarist.

2-22-01, We now have a new guitarist that is here to stay. His name is Chris Capobianco. We recorded a new version of "Can't Take School No More" with a bass solo in the middle. It sounds real good.

2-15-01, We had band practice tonight and everyone actually showed up. We have a new dub/freestyle called "freestyle a la bums". Its pretty sweet. we should have a clip of it on the songs page soon! We also recorded a bums dub to bass dub with Justin on vocals, Ant on Bass, Eric on Guitar and Jonny on drums. It turned out pretty good.

2-09-01, We had a practice tonight with Justin, Eric, Jonny, and Chris. We just worked on some of the old songs like "can't take school no more" and "my van". We also recorded some freestyle songs with only Justin(on bass), Eric(vocals) and Chris(playing some light percussion) They are some songs with a heavy reggae bass line. I will try to get some few second samples on the download section.

2-06-01, From what I hear from Justin, Mark is out of the band. So we are again looking for a decent guitarist.

1-27-01,We now have a new guitarist. He is Mark Padgett and he is Justin's cousin. He will be with us for a while.

1-25-01, I recieved the copyright of the band name and most of our songs today, so it is now official. Also I finally got Dan to tab out Bass Dub, My Van and the Intro to Can't Take School No More. Hopefully mark can pick these songs up. We should also work on the dub that Justin and Mark already have down pat. 01-06-01, We lost another band member, Dan. He and Steve have both left the band because they don't want to play reggae. We are now looking for an experienced guitarist that wants to play reggae. Chris will be our guitarist after he learns how to play reggae and our songs. He is planing on taking lessons so he will learn more quickly. We are also working on a song that is mostly instrumental and it doesn't have a name yet. DAN PLEASE TAB THE SONGS FOR US.

01-02-01, We recorded a new song called "The Way the Ocean Flows"

12-30-00, We now have a new bassist--Justin Padgett. He is replacing Steve. We hope Steve will have much success in the band he's planning on starting.

12-23-00, I didn't patent the band name yet but no one can steal the band name because I have it saved on an e-mail so techically its patented but I want to patent it the right way. Well we again had practice on Fri.

12-22-00 but Anthony again wasn't there. we did record good copies of My Van and Can't Take School No More. We also worked on a weird song when Steve sings/talks, Eric plays bass, and Dan and Johnny still on their intruments.

11-7-00, I am in the middle of trying to patent the band name and the songs. I should have it all done in another week or so.

On Sunday 11-5-00, We recorded a good copy of "My Van" and "Can't Take School No More" but Steve didn't show up so we had no bass.

On Friday 10-27-00, We had practice but Anthony couldn't make it. We recorded a shitty copy of "Can't take school no more". At the next practice we will record a good copy of the song.

On Sunday 10-22-00, The whole band had a practice that went really well. We recorded "My Van" and it came out really good.

On Saturday 10-21-00, Eric and Jonny wrote a bumfounded dub and it consisted of just the drums, guitar, and vocals.