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Bumfounded: Live and Shitty cd

We are selling this cd of shitty recordings to raise some cash for band equipment. We are really broke so contact and say I want a shitty recording! You can also leave a message on the message board about getting a copy and we can work it out.

This shitty album includes the following track list:
1) Mira Mina (Drews Party)
2) Party Night (Drews Party)
3) Found Out (Drews Party)
4) Criminal (Drews Party)
5) Party Night (Audris's Party)
6) Criminal (Audris's Party)
7) Found Out*** (Audris's Party)
8) Paradise (Audris's Party)
9) Crazy Riff Song (Audris's Party)
10) Life Goes On***(Audris's Party)
11) Original Style (Audris's Party)

***=Something got fucked up in the song or recording

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