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It is my pleasure to introduce the world to Miss Willow Blue Altair, my cat.

Willow is a five year old Russian Blue. She is even more stunning in person than she is in the photo. She is a very stereotypical feline: she sleeps all day, cries for food constantly, and is currently working on some "creative changes" to the sofa. However, she is also my constant companion...she wakes me in the morning with a nose to the cheek (which is sweeter than it sounds), she greets me when I come home, and she shares the really good sofa with me whenever I want! I adore her; she will always be my baby (not to sound like a Mariah Carey song...ugh).

I adopted Willow when she was a year old from the ASPCA in Manhattan. It was one of the best things I've ever done in my life. If she had not come home with me that day, she might not have been lucky enough to make it out of the NYC shelter system alive. So, if you want a pet and you have a heart, visit your local shelter, and make a homeless animal happy.

Willow can be reached via email, at my address below.

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