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Welcome to my first entry on the Updates page! It is a very balmy 4 July, 2000, at 5:55 AM. As you can tell, it's insomnia as usual! I am really happy with the way the site is looking so far. I have joined a few webrings, so I'm looking forward to feedback from more readers. My sister has agreed to do her interactive column, Kristie's Krap Korner, so I know my future sleepless nights will not be in vain! I want to thank everyone who has hit this site so far...it's a labor of love, and I'm happy to share my work with all you nameless faceless fellow Webcrawlers!

You can look forward to more poetry, more pics, and eventually I will get my Review Page going, too. My cat is happily destroying the rug...she knows how to beat the heat in style!

5, July, 2000, 3:42 AM

Another poem added! This one's called Some Days. I do not know how I feel about it yet, but take a look and let me know what you think. More poems coming...

Same day, now 4:14 AM...two more poems up...Positive? and Belonging. Woohoo!

7 July, 2000, 4:40 AM

Only one poem was added today,Afterglow, but I did throw two new images up! I also adjusted the text on the opening page...no major changes, but it's the little things in life that make me happy. I am trying to get more space for this site from Angelfire...as soon as that goes through, I am hoping to totally revamp the looks of this site. Off to bed...soon.

9 July, 2000, 1:37 PM

I've added three new poems, Shoebox, Dream of Eternal Waking, and Safety of Seclusion, and a couple of new pics to the Gallery. I have not been getting as much work done on this site as I would like, because I am currently the most hit-on grrl on the Internet, as well as in Bay Ridge! So many men, so little time (yeah, right!...LOL).

13 July, 2000, 12:08 AM

Many changes in my life, few on my site! I have been experiencing a bit of the old "Writer's Block"... ugh! Added a new poem, Captive Audience, tonight, and I don't know if I like it. It's in a different vein than most of my other stuff, but I figure I'll give it a shot. Started a new job, and I love it. Became vegan (I do not consume any animal products whatsoever, for those of you not in the know), and I love it. However, cats do not like soy milk (nor do I), so Willow wishes I'd at least go back to being a lacto-ovo vegetarian. She is currently meowing like a spaz...I guess it's time for more wet food...bribery works with this cat everytime!

14 July, 2000, 6:47PM

Hello...based upon the advice of my "brother" James, I have changed the final lines of Captive Audience. I can't tell if it's any better than it was before! I have worked a long week and have to work again tomorrow (ugh!), so I'm lucky I even know my own name at this point.

20 July, 2000, 11:36 PM

Still experiencing Writers Block...damn! I removed Captive Audience because I just didn't feel comfortable with baring that much of my soul right now. Maybe someday I will put it back up. I am contemplating getting Willow a little feline brother or sister, but I doubt she will be happy about this, so I'm still pondering it. Hopefully my life will sort itself out soon, and I can get back to being a productive writer! By the way, three of my poems will published in anthologies in late 2000...woohoo! It's not my best work, but having anything published is good by me!

21 July, 2000, 2:48 AM

So, I know yesterday I was talking about getting Willow a"feline sibling", but I've changed my mind. I filled out an adoption application today for a canine brother. I will probably know tomorrow or the next day what the verdict from the vet is. I'm nervous and excited, and I'm hoping it will all work out well. I will keep you informed!

25 July, 2000, 9:19PM

I am pleased to announce the addition of a new member to my little dysfunctional family. His name is Kai and he's a 5 month old little mutty guy. I adore him; He will soon have his own webpage here at Come Through the Looking Glass...

26 July, 2000, 5:55PM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KRISTIE!!! My sister has turned 20-something today...happy birthday, baby!

My dog Kai now has his own webpage. Unfortunately, I do not yet have any pics of him, so that will be coming soon. I also added another poem, Moment of Clarity, which I wrote during a particularly painful relationship with a beautiful drug addict ...seems like an oxymoron, but then, you've never seen Chris! The relationship, eventual emotional abandonment of me for drugs, and subsequent breakup took alot out of me, and all I've got to show for it now is this poem, and a lot more worldly wisdom.

26 July, 2000, 12:22AM

I have added two new poems, Lost at Sea and Kitty. They were written during my "pill phase", so I cannot attest to their quality. But, in any case, enjoy!

31 July, 2000, 10:20 PM

I am pleased to announce a short respite from my writers block! Woohoo! I have added only one new poem, Lost Child to the poetry page. I am still waiting to get a pic of my dog Kai to add to his page. This dilemma should be resolved by week's end. Have a good one, all!

6 Spetember, 2000

Hello! The Writer's Block has had me producing so much garbage that I haven't been able to post anything new in a long time. My own poetry has been nauseating me, but I came up with a little something and have decided to share it with you. It's called Jezebel.

I also rearranged the order of the poems on the poetry page...not like this is a huge accomplishment, but it gave me something to do during a mean bout of insomnia. I still have no pics of Kai, but that's OK because Kai ate the wire to my scanner...gotta love teething puppies!

I am hoping to become more poetically productive, so hopefully there'll be more to read soon. Take it easy!

10 September, 2000, 9:01PM

A new poem has been added. It's called Pretty When You're Drunk, and it's typically angst-ridden. I also put Captive Audience back up, and it's staying this time. I have given up on public opinion, and if I piss people off, then...I'll apologize. But in the meantime...enjoy!

1 October, 2000, 9:55PM

Hooray! It has finally happened...Kristie's Krap Korner has arrived!!! I am so excited. If you're reading this now, you have got to come by the Korner. Currently, it's a message board, but eventually we want to have live chats with Kristie herself. Check it out!

3 October, 2000, 11:39PM

Well, Kristie's Krap Korner is running full steam ahead! Now that it's up and running, I can get back to what I do best...torturing my audience with more of my dreadful writing! Woohoo! There's a new poem up; it's called Heretic, and it's not done yet, i.e., I'm not yet satisfied with it. It will take a few days or weeks before I've fine tuned it enough to be content. But for now...happy reading!

22 October, 2000, 1:08 AM

Hello! I have not done a damn bit of writing, but I've added a few new pages to my site. One is a Web Rings page, just kinda boring with the logos of the Rings I belong to listed. The other is a WWf wrestling page! There is a forum for debating, a poll, and a Kathleen monologue. Enjoy, and please, post something, even if it's just to tell me I'm a tasteless dolt. Ciao!

15 November, 2000, 9:21 PM

I've been more or less absent from this site for a while, and if you care, I apologize. My social life has exploded, I had lots o' drama at home, and on and on it goes.

My wonderful little boy Kai no longer lives with me, due to a mysterious facial burn inflicted upon him while I was in the bathroom and he was out in the apartment with my roommate, who was cooking at the time and yelling at the dog to stop barking. I obviously have my suspicions, as do many other people who know about this. According to said roommate, nothing happened, except that the dog ran into the wall. Hmmm, the dog was a baby, he ran into walls and fell all the time, yet never screamed like I heard that night, nor had burns on his nose afterward. Anyhow, he was sent to a foster home in NJ, where he has another doggie to play with. I owe much to POOP Rescue in Staten Island, and to Robyn in NJ. It is lonely to be home without my constant companion, but I am learning to live with it. On the bright side, Willow is overjoyed to be the only pet once again, and is getting a lot of attention.

Hmmm, what else can I tell you about what's going on with me? My sister got married, and I made an ass of myself at the wedding (not in a good way)...but I maintain to this day that, despite the inappropriateness of the location, every single thing I said that night was true. A good portion of Bay Ridge is angry with me, but, so long as my sister is OK with me, I could really care less. I've got my priorities straight.

Work is OK. I love what I do, but could totally appreciate a ten thousand dollar raise. My friendship with one of my co-workers is what keeps me going. Thank all deities for friends!

Ah, enough of my whining. I'm pretty happy even though times have been weird lately. I feel like things are going in a good direction. I have made some awesome decisions lately, and I feel positive about almost everything these days. So, in response to a question that was posed to me about a week ago...the glass is half full.

16 February, 2001, 2:45 PM

It been a long time since I went on a Kat-rant here! Let me tell you what's going on in my world:

I am now back in school for Nursing. It is way more work than I thought it would be, but I love it. I also have a new job, and I've upped my income by 60%. I'm pretty excited about that. I haven't been writing much poetry lately, because I'm incredibly busy with everything else...OK, wait, I'm lying. I did write a couple of pieces, but I don't want to post them. A friend of mine recently let me read some of his writing, and now I feel like I've been mumbling through a tube sock with my writing. I am going to beg him to let me post a few of his pieces on the site...then you can all ridicule me for my lack of talent! I'm also not terribly emotionally totured anymore...thank all deities that I excised the source of so much of my pain from my life like the cancerous growth that he is...so I can't complain via poetry as much anymore. Count your blessings, dear readers!

31 March, 2001, 3:54 PM

I apologize for having been missing in action for the last few months...work and school and life and love have all been keeping me quite busy.

I am nauseatingly happy, having finally found exactly what I was looking for all this time. I'm not writing lately because all my writing has turned into crappy sappy love stuff, and I'm too sympathetic to force all that on you. Instead, I just stopped by today to do some editing, remove some people that have jerked me around from the Gratitude List (oh, how I wish I could name names and not seem like an evil bitter bitch!), added a name to the Gratitude List (Oh, how I wish I could name names and not put anyone's life in danger...but you know who you are, boy!). I killed off some poems that were really bad, etc, etc.

Let's just consider this "spring cleaning"!!!

17 September, 2001, 2:54 PM

Well, after months of neglect, I have given the site a much needed facelift, and boy, does it look prettier around here!

I was back in school until the attack on the World Trade Center happened, and now one of the buildings of my school is being used as a staging area for the rescue workers, and the other is structurally unsound, so I won't be able to resume classes until 1 October, at the earliest. I am going out of my mind with boredom and worry for my country. On the bright side, I have been able to completely re-establish my nocturnal routine. :-)

I don't mind telling you that I am totally devastated by the recent turn of current events. I was blessed not to lose anyone in the disaster, but my sense of security is seriously shaken. I fear for the safety of this world. I am afraid I will lose people I love in the coming time. I am nauseated by the idea of war, and sickened to my gut that anyone could be so vile as to murder over 5,000 people in the name of God, or some such thing. It breaks my heart that many Americans now see all Arab people as the "Enemy", when it was a mere handful of fanatics who perpetrated this crime. I fear for my lovely planet Gaia, who will no doubt suffer some serious ecological compromise in the future...war is never kind on the earth. Most of all, I am terrified that some nation will go so far as to use nuclear or biological weapons on this world, and that many, many thousands, or even millions of people, animals and plants will die.

More than anything, I feel helpless. I hate being useless in this situation. I would willingly go down to the crash site and dig through the ruins in the hopes of finding someone, dead or alive, thus easing the mind of some tortured family member. However, at present time, there is nothing I can really do but pray, and hope that sanity and peace will soon prevail. I entreat all of you to do the same.

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