Where I Go When I Can't Sleep...

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Jessica Fantastic - My buddy Jess's website. View photos of Jess, Greg, and Arthur! Hear what Jess has to say about the world! Follow Jess in her various ongoing quests! Meet a neat person! She is what she says she is...fantastic!

Pete's Helpful Pagan Site - My ex's site, dedicated to Wiccan/Pagan resources in the Tri-State Area

Amethyst Journey - Fabulous Poetry by MJM, a very talented female writer

The GabGab Cam - Free Voyeurism Around the Clock...and a brilliant mind with lots to say

Full Moon Graphics -- Gorgeous, creative and FREE graphics for webpages by the awesome Ms. Kitty

~The Written Word~

Poetry.com - Put Your Poems on the Web, and Maybe Even Win Some Cash!

The Official Homepage of Poppy Z. Brite, One of the Best Young Gothic Writers Out There...Check It Out.

Barnes and Noble - C'mon, Can You Ever Have Too Many Books?


Bleeding Minds - An awesome Dark/Gothic Ezine. Look for my poetry in the November-December issue! Thanx, Jessica!

Gothic Martha Stewart - D.I.Y. decorating for the morbidly inclined

The Death Clock - How much time do you have left on this mortal coil?


Friends of Live - The ultimate site about one of my favourite bands

Ani DiFranco Lyrics - If you're not familiar with Ani, check this page out! Not only is she a great musician, but her lyrics are absolutely poetic.

Audio Galaxy - Free Music (Shhhh! Don't tell Metallica!)

About.com - Where you can learn something about everything, quite literally

The Phobia List - What do you call yourself if you're deathly afraid of chickens? Find out here!

Emode - Lots of Tests, Lots of Fun, Lots of Stuff to Do When You Can't Sleep

The Bad Kitty List - If you're owned by a cat, or would like to be, you'll enjoy this site.

The Village Voice - Looking for a Job? A Lover? Look No Further!!!

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