Well, you wanted more...and since I'm your guide here, I will share with you the basics of my existence and my overall philosophy of life.

My name is Kathleen Altair. I was born on 17 February, nineteen hundred and seventy-something, in Brooklyn, New York...which makes me an Aquarius on the cusp of Pisces, Libra Rising with an Aries moon. My parents assure me that I was always an insomniac, choosing to sleep during the day, and scream my lungs out at night. They loved me.

I have spent the last 16 years trying to experience everything life has to offer. Since I have never been a "generic" person, a lot of the things I wanted to experience are not exactly at the top of society's list of "worthwhile things to do." But that's OK. The things I have gone through have granted me with a great inner strength, which seems to get me through every hurdle life has to offer with my sanity more or less intact. I formerly had a lot of conflicting attitudes about myself, my life, and all the events that have transpired within it. Thanks to an intense belief that "Whatever is meant to be, will be" and "Everything that happens in life happens for a reason, and that reason is usually that there is a valuable life lesson to be learned through the situation," I have grown into a reasonably well-adjusted woman. I can find an inner peace in myself, and that is such an amazing gift.

I have an incredible family that has stood by me through so much and still continues to love me. I have some very cool friends that I think of as my extended family. And I have two pets that adore me and literally squeak with joy when I come home.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled website...

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