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American Pride

Reasons America Is Better Than Canada


3 stupid people
Anti X-Pac


It Apears a wannabe Canadian by the name of "Bill Thompson" has infaltrated this clearly AMERICAN web page, and wrote some pretty terrible things in the guestbook...Oh, don't worry, he will not get away with this. The Original entry said "American name: America Fucking Sucks" but i found out who it was and edited it to his real name. I DO have the power to delete his entry...but i thought it would be better if i gave all of you Americans his email address, which is listed below...

W Less Than Jake@aol.comEmail Stupid Canadian


"This page is starting out as mainly an american pride web page, just to counter againt those Canadian Bastards at Canadian Pride. Speaking of which, there will soon be an anti-Canadian section. Canada is horrible, they try to take our music, our movies, they have a stupid accent and they can't say words right. And another thing, I hate immitation canadians, like those over at Canadian Pride...they're fake! Who the hell would want to be Canadian first of all, second of all PRETEND to be Canadian...i'll answer that, A retard! And in my opinion, the only reason Canada isn't nuked off the map is because of alaska!"

-Brenton, a true American Hero

Bad Canucks