Hello person ! Welcome to the official site of the The Freshmen. None of this should be reproduced without first consulting the author, webmistress, Stephanie .A. This story contains alot of cuss words but thats about it, it doesn't contain any graphical sex visuals. I decided I wanted a change and not add any sex into this fiction. Well I truly hope you like my story, please e-mail me some feedback. The chapters are underneath this. Please sign the guestbook it doesn't take much of a time, I really want to know if people like this story, if not well then I guess I won't update is any more and I really am starting to like writing this story, so please write me in the guestbook or just e-mail me, whichever you will please.

Always, Stephanie




Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3


Site Opened- October 29th, 2000
Updated- November 1st, 2000

Chapter two is up !
Chapter Three is up ! Sorry I couldn't update yesterday !

This Many People Have Read The Freshmen =)

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