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Welcome to the Home of The Soul Jah's Band

This Web Site Includes The Following Information

This is The 110th Aniversary of His Imperial Majesty Rastafari's Earthstrong.......Happy Earth  Strong to All JUDAH's This Month of the BROWN Color ........ Which Rules The Heart! See You at CG Town House 23rd Of July!!!!!!!!!

"Latest Update 8 July 2002"

This is the Blessed Month of HIM Selassie I's 110th Earth Strong. There will be a Celebration a here in New York City at the C.G. Townhouse and A Big Celebration in Shashamane. Friday Night there will be a send off party a H.Q.for Brother Sidney Reuben as he ventures forward to Shashamane for the Showcase. Safe Journey on your going out and your comming in!

See Flyer Below for info On the Party on the 23rd of July!

We The Soul Jah's Band Of The Twelve Tribes of Israel send out our Prayers , and Condolences to all the Families and Friends that have been affected by Last week's WTC Tradgey. My Jah Forever Bless Them.

On a more Positive Note, we want to welcome back to the West The Nurses of Israel and all of the House of Israel that were able to travel to the land and help establish the Hospital that is being built and completed as we speak. Welcome Home Sydney"Reuben" Salmon from your Tour To Shashamane and England. We will be having the "5th.Annual......."Shashamane On My Mind" Affair in Harlem at The National Black Theartre. Please See Flyer Below.Please come and Support Israel. We want to welcome on the show for their Second "Shashamane on My Mind" appearance......"Liv-I-Culture Band". Featuring Sista Cindy Simeon and Bro. Tony Judah Rankin.

Liv-I-Culture band Web Site"

We The Soul Jah's Band want to send our Condolences to Brother Maurice Gad in his Forwarding to the Promised Land. He will be well missed and Always Loved by us all. There will be a wake and Gathering in his benifit Maurice , You will be truley Missed. Please help guide us on our Musical Journey as You are Now in The Heavernly Orchestra of Singers and Players of Instruments. Jah Guide and Protect!

Tony Judah(Web Director and Fellow Bandsman)


Greetings RAW members, we the staff of Shashemene Productions Recording Company regret to announce the passing of our beloved brother and co-worker in Christ and music. Maurice David Anthony Clarke was born on November 18, 1960 in Kingston, Jamaica to parents, Etta May and Arthur Clarke. Maurice began his education at Miss Bell's Private School, and then went on to St. Aloysious School where his musical talent began to emerge. There he played in the Drum Corps as a trombonist. From there his talents began to expand and he taught himself how to play the piano while he attended Coke Church. While at Coke Church his talent blossomed and grew and soon he was working with the youth choir doing arrangements, concert accompaniments and voice training. During this time he worked with several bands and artistes such as Frankie Paul and Kotch band. From there he went on to attend Durham College and Jamaica School of Music. Maurice worked at Survey and Title Office for five years before leaving for England. While there he worked with Derrick Morgan and also did several music projects with established producers from Jet Star Record Company. After spending two years in England he came to the United States of America. In 1990 he became a permanent member of the reggae band , Souljahs and was instrumental in creating their unique sound. In 1994, Maurice became a member of the Twelve Tribes of Israel!

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