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Welcome To My Match Cover Collections From All Around The World Homepage!

My name is King Koala. I live in Syracuse, NY. I have been collecting match covers every since I was 7 years old, I have been collecting for over 30 + years. My first match cover was one with my name on it that my aunt gave me. I currently have about 1,600,000 match covers.They range from the 1870's to the present.If you have any to send to me or trade you can contact me at King Koala 519 N. Salina St. Syracuse, NY 13208  

Some are Covers, Labels, Towers, Cylinders, Boxes, Tents, Giants, Midgets, Jewels, Quik-pulls, Ten Strike, Thirty Strike, Billboards, Fire place boxes and others. I have them from, Hotels, Restaurants, Taverns, Political/Election campaign covers, stars and others.

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DISCLAIMER: This collection is in no way a reflection of my beliefs, opinions, or preferences. Some of the matchbooks are of a very controversial nature. They are simply part of the collection, nothing more, nothing less. The only claim I make concerning this collection is that, to the best of my knowledge, no two matchbooks are alike.

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Last updated 09/28/05

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