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May 2001 Volume 2 Issue 5
Monthly Issue

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To be sung to the tune of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic"
Mine eyes have seen the glory of my soulless HMO,
I am trampling upon patients' rights everywhere I go.
I will take your sky-high premiums and to the bank I'll go.
I just don't care about you.
Glory, glory, corporate profits!
Your health is feeble, so what of it?
Glory, glory, corporate profits!
I've got a healthy bottom line! At Wharton and at Harvard and at other business schools.
I have learned to micromanage and make doctors look like fools.
I'll deny your diagnosis and give you a book on coping tools,
Then I'll deny your appeal.
My MBA will qualify me for the medical game.
Your MD's and your specialists I only hire in name.
They'll recommend some treatment; now, I know this sounds insane,
The final decision comes down to me.
You've just had an operation and you're feeling mighty sick,
But I'll prod you from the hospital with my double-talking shtick.
Though you're passing out from weakness I won't give an inch.
You know I've got to make a dime.
Now you've had a nervous breakdown and your mind
is totally fried;
The doctor orders confinement in spite of all the pills you've tried.
My ads say that I will care for you but once again I've lied.
And there ain't nothing you can do.
I've got the US Congress in the pocket of my vest;
I share with them the boodle and they act at my behest.
You can call your elected officials but as you may have guessed,
You've got a snowball's chance in hell.

Submitted by:

Hi, my name is Jeri and I live in northwest, IN. I am not sure when I became infected with Lyme the first time or how many times I have been infected but I do know this disease is in IN. I too had the flue like symptoms in nice weather and thought it had to be a little strange for this time of year but blew it off as a virus of some sort. Some days I could barely move my legs but again thought wow I have really been working these muscles to hard. After a few days of taken it easy no more pain. Then headaches that were so severe I couldn't stand to be in the sun.

My ears hurt and were plugged, I was sent to a specialist. He said everything looked normal and could not explain the ringing and plugged up feeling that was knocking me off balance. Then my abdomen started to really hurt and again an Internist could only find that something was causing a lot of stress in the intestines and colon. That was after I spent 5 days in a hospital for testing and Demerol for pain. I was sent home with li'l green capsules to help relive the stressing inside. My husband had read an article on Lyme and thought we should both be tested. While I was in the hospital the test came back. He was neg. and I was pos. at least that explained the stress inside. We started Doxy, then Amoxy, then Ceftin.

And the biggy 8 weeks of IV Rocephin. Now were on Doxy again because the ins. company said that is all medical sciences that has been published says to treat Lyme anymore is not going to help. OKAY show me a doc on my review board and then I can be treated longer. I really am tired of Lyme ignorance in our world.
When I first was diagnosed I went to my local Board of Health and was told it did not exist here. My jaw dropped. Here I am standing there with my cane in my hand to help me walk and was tempted to use it as a club to inform the women I had Lyme and have never left the county. But my better judgment was with me so I educated her and gave her some fact sheets and brochures that everyone had been so kind to send me. We are now working together to educate our community on preventative and awareness. Good thing I didn't use a club huh. Anyway, since then I have gotten a Proclamation from the mayors office for Lyme prevention/Education and Awareness month in my city and that is a start! That's all I can manage for now.

Thank You.
Jeri in IN, USA

We can do it together!


Hello to all! In this month's Herb Corner we'll be covering two more anti-pathogenic herbs: aloe and goldenseal. However, I'd like to briefly mention a few other items before we get started.

Last month, we discussed the troublesome issue of genetically engineered foods and the problems that they pose to society. And, we also touched on the fact that the US Government has done nothing to address this problem, but has instead, encouraged the growth of more genetically engineered crops in our country. For those of you who may have missed this information, you can learn more about the problems with GE foods by accessing this Web site:

Genetically Engineered Foods

Recently, this controversy has gone beyond our shores to include Argentina. It appears that the Monsanto Corporation, in its continued effort to control GE crops worldwide, has been illegally planting genetically engineered (GE) corn in Argentina. As a result of this, the Greenpeace organization is now calling for a full investigation of Monsanto's activities there. You can read more about this unfolding story at the following Web site:

Monsanto's Illegal GM Corn Found Planted In Argentina

Another item of interest for this month concerns an area of Immuno Therapy Research, whereby scientists who've immunized chickens for HIV, have found antibodies to the virus in their eggs. This research appears to have a wide range of beneficial applications. You can learn more about it by accessing the following link:

Immuno Therapy Research

The Herb Corner

Aloe comes from the Liliaceae family of plants. The fresh juice from this plant is far and away the best remedy for skin wounds or burns. Moreover, it's able to keep burnt tissue moist by restoring bodily fluids directly through the skin. In addition to its external use, aloe can also be taken internally, in the treatment of a number of maladies. It has the following actions: Taken internally -- purgative, stimulates smooth muscle contractions. Taken externally -- antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral, wound healing accelerator, anti-inflammatory, antiulcer. Aloe is active against the following infections: Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and herpes simplex 1 and 2.

To use aloe, slice open leaves from the fresh plant and apply to a skin burn or wound.
There are many aloe supplements on the market for internal use. Follow directions on the bottle to ensure proper dosing.

*Caution -- While there are no warnings regarding the external use of aloe, those taking it internally should be aware that it can produce heat around the anus, which can either cause hemorrhoids, or aggravate a hemorrhoidal condition. Those using this herb should also be aware that they may have, or may develop an allergy to aloe. Should you develop a rash or experience any other odd symptoms while using it, discontinue use of it immediately.

This herb comes from the Ranunculaceae family of plants. Not only is it said to have antibiotic properties, but also antiviral and immune system enhancing properties as well. Goldenseal has the following actions: antiseptic, antibacterial, antihemorrhagic, antifungal, antiamebic, astringent, expectorant, diaphoretic, mucosal anti-inflammatory, mucosal stimulant, mucosal tonic, antitumor (cytotoxic).
While goldenseal has been shown to be active against Staphylococcus aureus, a constituent of this herb known as berbine, has been shown in vitro (in a test tube) to be effective in treating many infections including: Vibrio cholerae, Streptococcus, pyogenes, Shigella spp., Candida albicans, Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Salmonella, typhimurium and S. paratyphi, Corynebacterium diphtheriae, tuberculosis, Giardia lamblia, and Trichomonas vaginalis.

Goldenseal can be used in the following ways:

Powder: apply powder to infected wounds of the skin

Douche: To make a douche, mix one teaspoon of powdered goldenseal root with one pint of warm water. Use twice a day (once in the morning and once in the evening, until symptoms end).

Infusion: Make an eye drop solution use 1 teaspoon of powdered root with 6 ounces of warm water (let steep for an hour before using). This is useful in the treatment of both bacterial and viral eye infections.

Tincture: To use as a tincture, make a 1:2 ratio in 90 percent alcohol using the fresh herb.
You can use up to up to 30 drops of this up to four times a day. Using the dry herb in a 1:5 mixture in 70 percent alcohol, you can use up to 50 drops four times daily.

Capsule: Take 1 to 2 double-ought capsules up to four times a day. In treating certain acute conditions as many as 25 capsules can be taken daily.

Snuff: Goldenseal root powder can also be used as snuff. Put two thin lines (one for each nostril) on a clean surface and then sniff one line per nostril. This can be done up to three times per day for as long as a week, but do not exceed a week.

*Caution -- Goldenseal should not be used during pregnancy. Those using it should also be aware that they may have, or may develop an allergy to this herb. Should you develop a rash or experience any other odd symptoms while using goldenseal, discontinue use of it immediately.

***Caution should be taken when using herbal supplements. Many of these while harmless at their recommended dosages, can become dangerous when taken in larger amounts. In addition, some people may have or may develop allergies to an herb that has had no prior reputation for causing allergic reactions. If you feel that you need to increase your daily intake of a particular supplement, please speak with either your physician or someone who is knowledgeable with regard to pharmacognosy (the study of drugs derived from plants).

Until next month!
Jim : )

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This month's word "Groggy"

Anytime you get up in the morning, feeling a bit groggy, take pity
on 18th-century British seamen.
Admiral Edward Vernon was a fine-looking figure standing on the
poop deck of a vessel wearing a luxurious coat. Many of the men
under his command despised him and as a gesture of contempt, they
used "Old Grog" to name the man identified by his grogram coat.
At the height of his career, the admiral issued an order that was
brand-new to Her Majesty's navy. Henceforth and hereafter, he
stipulated, every cask of rum must be diluted with water before any
drinks were served. Furious sailors gave the watered-down beverage
the name of the man who had invented it.
Even though it wasn't as potent as rum, grog could make a fellow
dizzy in short order. Hence, anyone inclined to wobble while walking
came to be described as being groggy.



No Matter if you hear from me or not,
Your memory remains deep embedded in my Heart

So never let the thought of me being away
Ruin your lovely night or day

I continue to hold your memory dear
Every day AND throughout the year!

So remember my dear sweet friend of mine
I pray and think of you al the time

A Friend like you Is of much worth to me
Give me time, you will see

For every now and then when you think I forgot
You will see and hear from me and never be able to say I forgot

The friend I have found in you is valuable to me
You're a treasure! As time passes You will see!

The following is being repeated from the April 4th issue. Amy's computer crashed and she lost all the replys that were sent to her. Please answer her again.

I would like to talk to anyone who has done vancomycin and penicillin IV's.....I am probably going to be going on this in about 6 weeks....right after I stop my 42 days of rocephin....I would like input from others..... .I would also love to talk to anyone who believes they have passed Lyme onto their children via pregnancy......

Amy Bishop
Mail to Amy Bishop


Southern Shrimp Boil

This is a true southern shrimp boil. It comes out perfect every time. The shrimp are so tasty and have a great snap to them. This is a simple recipe. All you need is beer, shrimp and the secret seasoning mix
that I will share with you.

This makes enough to do a few batches.

Spice mix:

1 Tbs... Red pepper flakes 1Tsp...parsley
1 Tsp...cracked black pepper 1 Tsp...rosemary
2 bay leaves (broken up) 1 Tsp...Basil
1 Tsp...dill seed 1 Tsp...thyme
1 Tsp...sage 1 Tsp...bay leaves, (crumbled)

One 40 ounce bottle of beer, to a little more the one pound of shrimp.
Bring beer to boil with a small handful of spice mix. As soon as it is boiling, add shrimp return to boil.
Boil one minute and remove from heat. Strain and cool shrimp.

This are so scrumptious you don't even need cocktail sauce for them. have an enough spice mix to share, it makes a great gift too.
Ciao, Carla

If anyone wants to share a recipe to put in the column please do!
Click here.


Okay guys. So remember the last month I wrote that I was gonna sit for my certification test in may? And I said that I would tell you guys what its like to study with a leaky brain? Strangely enough it had its good parts. See, I only had one practice test to use in this small review book I bought.

Spent an arm and a leg on the thing only to realize that its the same book they've been putting out for the last six years running. Oh Great! Anyway, one test wasn't a problem at all. I'd take the test in a quiet place and concentrate like a good student and then grade it and see what sections needed work. Then, when I had the strength again to study two weeks later, I'd study those sections that I had trouble with.

Now I know you! she remembered what she needed to study two weeks later? Yeah right you crazy Lymies!! I wrote it down! So I read sans comprehension most nights just hoping that maybe the very fact that all this information was near my the vicinity of my head it might someone if the wind was right..seep in. I learned about osmosis a long time ago in school, I'm a little rusty on how it works.

After using this tried and true method of studying I would sit down to take a practice test again. Or should I say, the practice test. It was all brand new. However, I showed improvement on the sections where I studied, I'm thinking of marketing the osmostudy method at all the major Universities that have deer on their property. I could make a fortune! Anyway, the second time around I got a 79 on the practice exam. Yeah I know, that sounds pathetic, but it's okay cause in my field 55 is passing.

So, apparently we only require our Recreation therapist to know a hair more than half of what they need to know in order to practice. A comforting thought for one who is in need of our services I'm sure.

About two weeks before the test a woman called me and said she was setting up my special accommodations for taking this exam. She said that I would have a person to read and a person to mark the test. (turns out they are one and the same people) She said my home health aide could be in the room with me but have no contact with me unless medically necessary.

I.E. it would not, however, be considered medically necessary for example, if I let out a sneeze sounding like whatpartofthebrainregulatesmovementachooooo,and requested for her to bring me a tissue which just happened to have a small letter b on it (hey how did that get there)? So no elaborate cheating ha/patient scams. Not that I would do that. Hey, what's that look for?

A young friend of mine was helping to quiz me a couple of days before the test. I was doing okay on the questions as we went sailing through them when she turned to me and said, " You know Dawn, I think about the only way you would be able to fail this test, is if you forget your common sense." I think she summed it up quite well. Especially, cause I've taken it already. But I'm gonna make you wait till next month to find out how it went.

I know you'll just be on the edge of your seat! Who am I kidding? We will have all collectively forgotten that I even took a test by next month. I'll get the results and write about it and you guys will say, what test? Maybe even, depending on how limy you all are half of you are saying right now, "What test?"

Part 2....

Submitted by:

On Tuesday, May 22, Cablevision's Channel 12 Exchange Program will feature an hour long special on Lyme disease. The show will be broadcast live at 8PM and repeated several times.

Guests include:
Kirby Stafford, Ph.D, ;Chief Scientist, Connecticut Agricultural Experiment
Steven Phillips, M.D., Ridgefield CT
Douglas Bunnell, Ph.D, (facilitator Wilton Lyme Disease Support Group)
Brian Fallon, M.D. Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Director of
NYS Lyme Disease Program, Columbia University
CT State Attorney Richard Blumenthal
Cathy Morrissey, President Wilton Task Force on Lyme Disease
Satellite interviews with patients.


Submitted by:

May 3, 2001


(Stamford, CT) - On April 28th, silver stars and hope filled the air of the Westin Hotel as The Greenwich Lyme Disease Task Force held its first "Time for Lyme" gala benefit. Over five hundred people attended the
black-tie event, and nearly $750,000 was raised to help to establish the Columbia Lyme Disease Research Center in New York City. The stage was set for a successful evening with the music of celebrated pianist Rob Mathes and the breathtaking floral arrangements and gorgeous setting created by William Bainbridge Steele Floral Designs. Connecticut State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and his wife Cynthia Blumenthal were the honorary benefit co-chairs. Connecticut Commissioner of Public Health Dr. Joxel Garcia, was a key-note speaker and expressed his commitment to helping the children of Connecticut by allocating the resources of his department to finding answers to the issues surrounding tick- borne illness.

Dr. Brian Fallon of Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City was a guest speaker and spoke of the courage and dedication of the members of the Greenwich Lyme Disease Task Force: "For those of you who don't know this community well, behind every person committed to this cause… there is a heart-wrenching story." Dr. Fallon and Columbia have joined forces with the GLDTF and the Lyme Disease Association, LDA, to make the Columbia Lyme Disease Research Center a reality. Now they are closer to that reality, thanks to the huge efforts of the Task Force and the generosity of "Time For Lyme" supporters.
Jay Thomas was the gracious and humorous emcee for the benefit, and the evening also featured a tremendous silent and live auction, with such hot ticket items as a barge trip for six people in France, an exclusive day on the New York Stock Exchange, and numerous travel packages complete with airfare.

Children were involved in the evening as well, and mingled with guests while selling silver "wishing stars" that were attached to balloons and released in the ballroom. By the end of the evening, the ballroom was
turned into a beautiful starry night with hundreds of balloons. The Greenwich Lyme Disease Task Force would like to thank corporate sponsors: Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, the Isabelle and Leonard Goldenson Association, Inc.; Greenwich Capital Markets, Hoenig Group, Inc., Grey Goose Vodka, Sotheby's International Realty, William Bainbridge Steele-Floral Design, Tiffany & Company, and UBS Warburg for making "Time For Lyme" a tremendous success.

Lyme disease affects so many people in the Tri-State area and beyond, and "Time for Lyme" marks the beginning of the road to unraveling the mysteries of Lyme disease and hopes to help the many people who are touched by this insidious disease. "As an affiliate of the LDA you are part of a network of groups and individuals striving to bring vitally needed attention to the devastating effects of Lyme Disease" states Senator Joseph Lieberman. The LDA plans to continue this effort by conducting a national fundraising
campaign to contribute to the Columbia Lyme Research Center. The GLDTF is a registered nonprofit organization, and an affiliate of the Lyme Disease Association. For more information on the Columbia Lyme Disease Research Center or the Greenwich Lyme Disease Task Force, please contact the GLDTF, Inc. at (203) 531-5090.


Submitted by: (Josh)

Hello Friends,

Update on AUDIO chat: ************

Some people have expressed concern about our Lyme Talk. For now, though we are not currently running any audio talks from our site,
we are hosting an enjoyable, twice weekly text chat.

I am looking into a good audio chat program, but as of this date have not
made any commitments.
One of the reasons we are not jumping into audio, though there are several
programs available, is the fact that many of these companies are having
great financial problems. I don't want to burden you with downloading a
program and then next month find the company's closing up shop. We will
find a new program but it may take a little time...

Please join our text chat. You won't believe how easy it is to participate.
Even if you've had trouble reading text in the past, you shouldn't have a
problem with this as each user's text appears in a different color on a
black background. Also, I altered the script so that the characters appear
extra big.

Please join us Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. EST.


Here's an update on the Lyme Aid 2001 event that is going to take
place this August.

Lovette is putting together an event that you will long remember. The
line-up of entertainers is simply incredible! NASHVILLE talent includes
Chris Cagle; Marshall Dyllon Band; Tammy Cochran; T. Bubba-comedian
and quest MC.

Read on to learn more! josh

Dear Friends: After a long and grueling winter, I am up and about now on most days. Therefore, I would like to alert you to the EXTREMELY IMPORTANT National Convention which will take place at Ski Liberty near Gettysburg, PA on August 12, 2001, beginning at 8:30 a.m. with a continental breakfast, and a later luncheon. THIS CONVENTION IS ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!!!!!! [This is the day AFTER Lyme Aid 2001]

Here's why we need the Convention:
1. We need the "Leaders" and movers and shakers of the Lyme Community to come together to set a cohesive agenda. We all do separate things, but we need a common calendar of events and purposes so all of our efforts act as one force.
2. After Breakfast, I will ask any and all LEADERS to step forward and give
the convention a rundown of what they have done, and what their agenda for the future is.
3. We will convene for lunch, after which we will break down into groups
according to major areas which need attention. For instance, we need a "media" group, a "healthcare" group, a "Rabblerouser" group, a "political/rally" group.

4. This is NOT an educational meeting. This is a gathering of ALL Lyme victims so that we can take our futures into our own hands and move forward together.


Lovette Mott

LYME AID 2001- Saturday, August 11--Outdoor Country Music Festival, "Country Fire On The Mountain," on the slopes of Liberty Mountain, outside of
Gettysburg. Liberty Mountain, at Ski Liberty Resort, will open at 10 a.m. with
craft booths and bands playing with country music singers performing from noon until 8:00 p.m. The entertainers from NASHVILLE are: Chris Cagle; Marshall Dyllon Band; Tammy Cochran; T. Bubba-comedian and quest MC. Local talent includes-Borderline and Amanda Perko. Tickets go on sale 6/1/01 at (Key in PA, then LYME AID to order the tickets.) or

T.O.F.U., INC., Ticked Off and Fed Up, Inc.--A nonprofit 501 (c)(3) Charity
organization for victims of Lyme disease including grants, education and
research. Send tax-deductible contributions to:
T.O.F.U. Inc., 2389 Chambersburg Road, Biglerville, PA 17307


Submitted by:


Hi all,
We New York State activists need to ask for your help in two ways:
1) We need you to contact any New Yorkers you know whom we might enlist
to help us in our lobbying efforts to stop the OPMC from harassing our
doctors.. They do NOT have to have Lyme. They just have to be willing
to make an appointment with their legislator and go to the lobbying
meeting with a Lyme patient that we can send along with them.

If you know anyone in NYS who can help, please ask them to e-mail us
with their names, phone numbers, addresses and zip codes at

This is a very important request, We are having a big impact on the NYS
government as far as insuring justice for our docs goes. However, we
must keep up the pressure, and to do that we need a lot of extra
manpower. Please see what you can do as far as hunting up NYS people
for us. You know what is at stake.

2) Please send money to the Legal Defense Funds TODAY. Please contact
every friend or relative who ever spoke of wanting to help you, and ask
them to send whatever they can afford.

Dr. Horowitz is just beginning a long legal battle to save his license.
His Legal Defense Fund is in crisis. This is likely because we had
turned our attention from fundraising to lobbying in the last few weeks,
so we have to get people focussed on sending in money again. I do not
know how we can expect him to hang in there for the long run so that he
can continue to treat us, if we are not willing to help him with the
huge legal fees.

Similarly, Dr. Burrascano is nearing the end of a months long trial
without sufficient funds in his LDF to continue the fight. Please help.

Remember, these guys could have just walked away from us, stopped
treating us and avoided this attempt at their licenses. They chose to
continue treating us, and we must show our loyalty to them now but
contributing whatever we can to the Defense Funds.

Please send to:
Horowitz Legal Defense Fund
c'o Monica Miller
PO Box 410
Kinderhook , NY 12106

Burrascano Legal Defense Fund
c/o Monica Miller
PO Box 410
Kinderhook, NY 12106

Chat for Kids with Lyme
(All welcome)
Carla, LadyLymeChatter, is hosting a chat for kids
of all ages and parents too.
The chats are held on Monday evenings at 6:30 PM Eastern.
The chats are well supervised and are held in a private room.
Private Room Lyme Disease

Or Keyword: aol://2719:2-2-Lyme%20Disease
To join Carla's email reminder list, click below.

Kids Lyme Chat

Lyme Chatters Reminder
The Daytime Chat is scheduled for
Wednesday, May 23rd
Join us!
3:00 PM Est.
2:00 PM Central
12:00 PM Pacific
Click here to enter the room >> Private Room Lyme Disease

Hope to Ö¿Ö

Birthday Club!

If you'd like your upcoming birthday announced, let us know.
You don't have to tell us your age! LOL
My Birthday is

May 22nd.....TTeamT

Happy Birthday from the staff of Lyme Matters!

"Happy Birthday" chorus << Click here instant greeting


New Jersey Online: Star-Ledger News
N.J. Gets Warnings on Lyme

New Jersey Online: Star-Ledger Business 5/13/01
Government Investigating Lyme Conflicts
Probe Focuses on 3 Agencies, NIH,CDC & FDA

Lyme Disease - The Unknown Epidemic

In case you didn't see this the first time...great article.

Lyme Disease Information and Support
One of our subscribers home pages on Lyme disease...check it out!

Ames Tribune
Diagnosis of Lyme Can Often Be Elusive

The tick is the primary carrier of this bacterial infection

Alabama Live
Overpopulation of deer in Alabama.

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He will be missed.


iLOR Search - The most user friendly search engine in the world
Super search engine!

Wife Wanted

My Aging Guardian Angel

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