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January 2001 - Volume 2 Issue 1
Monthly Issue

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An application was for employment

A program was a TV show

A cursor used profanity

A keyboard was a piano!

Memory was something that you lost with age

A CD was a bank account!

And if you had a broken disk,

It would hurt when you found out!

Compress was something you did to garbage 

Not something you did to a file

And if you unzipped anything in public 

You'd be in jail for a while!

Log on was adding wood to a fire

Hard drive was a long trip on the road 

A mouse pad was where a mouse lived

And a backup happened to your commode! 

Cut- you did with a pocket knife

Paste- you did with glue

A web was a spider's home

And a virus was the flu!

I guess I'll stick to my pad and paper 

And the memory in my head

I hear nobody's been killed in a computer crash 

But when it happens they wish they were dead!

Submitted by:

Hello everyone, my name is Lori, & I want to start off by thanking those who have written of their experiences. What do I relate to everyone? Stay strong, active if you can, positive and get plenty of rest. Stress who needs it!!!
I had gotten flue symptoms in '93. One day I felt light headed, dizzy and drained. I woke up the next morning, with my arms and hands curled at my chest, and my knees all bent up too in a fetal position. I kept trying to focus on where I was because my room did not look familiar to me. I remember the pain and how much energy it took to straighten my arms and legs out. It took me that much longer to get out of bed.
I did this for almost a year, when one day I was driving, and I had know idea where I was going. I looked down and realized I had work clothes on, and remembered where I was going. I was not as lucky some other times. If I was off from work that day, I would have to pull over. Not only did I not remember where I was going, (for that matter, getting in the car) but I could not remember how to get home. I would have to call someone to guide me back. I started to have terrible nightmares, and horrible panic attacks. Through all this the pain was incredible, until one day I just couldn't get up.
I found a wonderful Dr. and he started treatment on me right away. I didn't know which was worse the antibiotics or the Lyme. I was bed ridden for four months. I received oral, intro pick-line and then oral again. I was also on another drug, because I suffered from sleep deprivation. Between the antibiotics and this drug I went from 122 lbs. to 194.
I had no idea who I had become. But it has been almost 7 years and between diet and exercise and staying away from processed foods, YUK, I have my bad days, (sometimes a month), but I keep staying positive and I don't force myself, when I can walk 4 miles I do, when I can only make it to the corner, I do that too!
When I have a year of breathing freely, I rejoice in it, when I get asthma, which I have never had, or end up in the hospital with bronchitis and pneumonia, I make sure I keep it in check, and do everything to make myself better, not worse.
I keep the good and great days with me until they come back, and they always do.
Words of Lori B.


Dear friends,

As many of you know, I have been dealing with a miserable relapse of Lyme symptoms over the past few months (the heart symptoms have had me nearly bedridden for most of the time). I am finally starting to come out of this most recent relapse. I would like to thank you all for your very caring prayers and wishes. They have meant more to me then words can say, and I pray for each and everyone of you that a cure to this miserable illness can be found to end your suffering.

Next month I will be continuing where I left off before my relapse (that is to say, beginning the discussion of herbs which contain antibiotic properties). I believe that these herbs can be of much help to us, not just in our battle with Lyme disease and its coinfections, but also, in combatting many other pathogens. I look forward to sharing them with you in the next few issues of Natural Alternatives.

Before I close, I would also like to mention that another well known Lyme literate doctor (
Dr. Richard Horowitz) who's helped many Lyme patients, is now, like our beloved Dr. Burrascano, finding himself under attack by the New York State Department of Health's Office Of Professional Medical Conduct. Dr. Horowitz has been charged with professional misconduct by the NY Dept. of Health for the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme Disease using methods not approved of by the Department. FAIM's Monica Miller, whom many of you know for the tremendous help that she has been to Dr. Burrascano, has also created a defense fund for Dr. Horowitz. From what I have read, the defense for Dr. Horowitz may end up costing upwards of $75,000. Hence, I ask you to please donate what you can to his defense fund. Doctors like Burrascano and Horowitz are very special. They believe so strongly in Lyme Disease and in those whom it has afflicted, that they have put their careers on the line for us. It is rare in life to find people of such courage and character. Please donate what you can to help. You may send your donations to the following address:

For Dr. Horowitz:

Horowitz Legal Defense Fund
HLDF c/o Monica Miller
PO Box 410
Kinderhook, NY 12106

For Dr. Burrascano:

Burrascano Legal Defense Fund
BLDF c/o Monica Miller
PO Box 410
Kinderhook, NY 12106

To keep abreast of the latest goings on with their trials, you may access the FAIM Web site below.
  States News

Until next month!
Jim : )

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"Through the Grapevine"

If you receive a message through the grapevine, it is likely to
be gossip. That is because the new-fangled system of communication
invented by Samuel F. B. Morse used wires that looked for all the
world like vines strung between poles.
Especially during the Civil War, telegraph lines transmitted many
wild rumors. Some of them spread so rapidly that soldiers and
civilians alike agreed that there must be a grapevine telegraph at
work in remote regions.
Most battlefield dispatches were true, but some were unfounded.
Enough bogus or suspect messages were transmitted that any person-
to-person network came to be labeled a grapevine telegraph whose
news shouldn't be accepted with question.

By Borrelia
Stephen J. Nostrom R.N.,Founder/Director,Lyme Borrelia Out-Reach Foundation, circa 1987

Well, happy 2001! It is my hope that this year will bring better health to all of you. Some of you have asked me, to explain further, why the use of "alcohol" can be dangerous to the Lyme patient? In this column I will address the matter as simply as possible, without getting too technical.


Alcohol is a drug! Most Lyme patients are on some sort of drug modality for the treatment of their Lyme, or other tick borne, CO-infection, such as babesiosis, ehrlichiosis etc. The introduction of alcohol, even in very small amounts can cause serious adverse reactions, including death!
As most of us are aware, the tending Physician may introduce "other" medications in our treatment. These may include an array of "medications"
other than an antibiotic. For example, heart medications, anti-anxiety, anti-depressive, anti-convulsive, anti-acid, etc. Each medication has a particular action within the body and "mixing alcohol" can "negate" a particular medication. Alcohol may also, "do just the opposite" and "increase" the dose, that is, what we call "intensification." For example, drugs are designed to attach to a cell's receptor site. Each drug is designed in a particular way. There are just so many sites to a cell. If a patient is on a medication such as Valium, Librium, Xanax , etc., the "benzo" class of medications, the introduction of alcohol will intensify the medication and possibly lead to coma, and death!
It is "imperative" that the patient notify his/her physician, and pharmacist, of all, over the counter medications they may be taking, even a simple cough, throat lozenge.
Since alcohol is a drug and can cause serious problems with medications in which we may have been prescribed, it can also cause serious problems with other organs in our body.
Over the past thirteen years working with Lyme patients, I have heard many share problems with above or below normal glucose levels. Glucose, a sugar, is required for each cell in our body to function. Every part of our body consists of cells, from the hair on our head to the callous on our feet. The Pancreas, a small organ lying in the uppermost portion of the abdomen, stretching from the duodenum on the right, to the spleen on the left. This organ produces insulin and digestive enzymes vital to life. Inflammation of the pancreas is a serious illness characterized by severe abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. Alcohol is directly poisonous to the pancreas, and 40% of pancreatis patients are alcoholics. My point: If low blood sugar is one of your problems, the introduction of alcohol will only cause more heartache and difficulties!


This organ detoxifies. We have all read about "toxins" being released by our body. We have all heard of the dreaded "Herx-reaction"! It is the Livers role, amongst others to break down and eliminate toxins within our body. Most Lyme patients have abnormal liver enzyme functions, elevated SGPT, SGOT levels, together with high cholesterol and other fats.
Alcohol intake can cause the liver, "IF" affected/infected by our Lyme disease to become infiltrated with more fat droplets. All too often I hear from LD pts. that "something is going on with their liver," some develop jaundice, the yellowing of the skin or the whites of their eye. The liver becomes enlarged and tense, with weight loss, chronic nausea, vomiting, weakness, loss of sex drive, abdominal pains, bloating of the abdomen just to name a few symptoms. The introduction of alcohol to a Lyme pts. diet just adds to the misery, which can and must be avoided.


Many Lyme pts. experience "gastric reflux," that is, the contents of their stomach invades their esophagus, (food tube leading from the throat to the stomach) there is a back-up, causing what is called heartburn!
Alcohol will irritate the stomach, it is extremely irritating to the stomach and will cause an increase or over-secretion of stomach acids and enzymes. This increase can cause ulcers and prevents healing of any existing ulcers. Stomach ulcers may hemorrhage, thus perforate or obstruct passage of food. With the back-up, the esophagus is more prone to serious problems, such as varicose veins which can also rupture causing death from bleeding out and or cancer.
It is the duodenum, or the first part of the intestine which receives food from the stomach initially. Ulcers may develop here as well for the same reason they develop in the stomach. Bleeding, obstruction, and perforation may even be fatal complications of duodenal ulcers if patients continue to drink.
While heavy drinking is the most common cause of serious inflammation of the lining of the stomach leading to "Gastritis" in the patient, the Lyme patient is at risk, due to the nature of the disease process, that is: Why take the risk! It is the mucosa or lining of the stomach that becomes inflamed, reddened with bleeding areas covered with thick, ropy mucus. Symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, headache and pains in the stomach. Many Lyme patients have stomach problems from Lyme, alcohol consumption will only worsen the existing condition, leading to other complications, "all" of which we can do without.


The cerebellum is that portion of the brain located at the rear of the skull which controls our equilibrium or balance, coordination. Alcohol will play havoc with this portion of the brain and as unsteady as we are with our illness, alcohol will only make this worse. Anyone who has ever had a bit too much to drink, knows what a headache is, AKA hangover. Compound this with Lyme Borreliosis and you are asking for more trouble than it is worth. Most of us are a bit "confused" with our illness, and our short term, long term memory affected, alcohol consumption will provide even more complications.


Nerve damage in a nut shell. We have all head of neuropathy, poly-neuropathies. Alcohol intake has a direct "poisonous" effect upon the nerves in the arms and legs. Symptoms include tingling, pins and needles sensations, burning, itching, numbness, weakness and paralysis. We are all familiar with these terms as we have all experienced them at one time or another. Alcohol will only make them worse, regardless of good nutrition and vitamin supplementation. Such symptoms may be permanent due to nerve damage.


Anyone with Lyme knows the emotional turmoil we have or are experiencing. Since alcohol is a depressant, think about it? Are we not "depressed" enough? We do not require alcohol to make us more depressed! The emotional up's and down's we experience on a daily basis hopefully will alert us to the fact that alcohol is an "ENEMY" for us. The hot flashes, tremors, sweats, nausea, etc., are not welcomed friends and consumption of alcohol will only make their ugly heads rise even further in our lives.
The Lyme patient experiences mood swings often, from laughing one minute to crying or screaming the next. This is part of the ugly illness. Alcohol affects one's mood because it is a drug, one we must avoid at all costs. Accidents, forgetfulness, are all part of Lyme Borreliosis, yet alcohol will contribute in a "negative" way the "increase" of such matters.
The Lyme patient has enough difficulty sorting matters out on a daily basis to begin with. Coping abilities are, or have been maxed out already. Abuse of self and or others, violent behaviors, outbursts, etc., need not be influenced by any alcohol ingestion.
In closing, there is much more to be said about alcohol consumption then this news letter will allow due to space. Suffice to say, it is prudent for the Lyme Patient to avoid at all costs any alcohol consumption. The above is but a partial list of how its use will affect us. It is also wise to understand and thus be warned, that a Lyme Patient may be tempted, to say the least, to use alcohol, because of pain, frustration, anxiety etc........But it will only make the existing matters at hand , "HORRIBLE!"
This past month, as a registered nurse, I had the opportunity to have a long talk with a patient in a de-tox, rehab hospital, a Lyme patient, who took the wrong turn in the road. His story, was shared partially above in this news letter. It is my hope, that all will understand now, why alcohol and Lyme don't mix, and is a deadly combination, for more reasons than I can address here. Until next month, keep the questions coming! Stephen

P.S. Alcohol consumption can lead to impotency, decreased sex drive, ability to perform, and or desire to do so. This loss of libido, sex drive, is common in both men as well as women. Birth defects, abnormal development, miscarriages are also common.

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Across All The Miles

I thought of you today
In a sweet and loving way
I thought how blessed I was
To know and enjoy all of you

It is always nice to hear
What others have to say
How much they appreciate
All the sweet things that you do

I thought of you today
What a special person you are
All the smiles and laughter
You were so free to share

How lucky we were when we met
And yet we live so far
I thought you ought to know
Just how much I care

I thought of you today
How loving you are to me
I 'm sure your family
Must be proud of you

I am sure they can see
All the things I feel and see
I bet you don't even realize
How Proud God is of you

Surely you must know
What a Special Gift you are
To all of the people
You live close to and to us that live afar

You bring Joy to all you meet
Always giving smiles
I lay my heart at your feet
Even across all the miles
© Joynheart


Cheesy Onion Corn Bread

This is truly comfort food. I picked up this Louisiana cook book 16 years ago on our trip cross country. This recipe has since been a family favorite. It will bring you rave reviews, I promise.

3 medium onions 1 cup grated cheddar cheese
3 Tbls. butter 1 cup sour cream
1 small can cream style corn 1 pkg. corn muffin mix

Pre-heat oven 425*

Slice onions, melt butter in saute pan, add onions cook until tender, set aside. Prepare corn mix as on label directs, substituting 1 cup creamed corn for milk. Turn into buttered 8"x 13" pan.
Top with onions, then sour cream, then cheese. Bake 40 minutes or until golden brown.
This goes well with ham or anything you fancy. It truly will bring you pleasure. The real meaning of comfort food. :)
Happy New Year .....You all..........
Ciao, Carla

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