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2000 Volume 1 Issue 7
November 2000

Editors: PSpatches, Lymechat, Borrelia s
Graphics: Kneely813
Assistants: LutzDM, CCCooks, ROWDEEGPSY, Seacastle2, LymeDiva

Happy Thanksgiving from the staff of Lyme Matters.

Welcome to Lyme Matters!

This newsletter will serve two purposes: To provide timely and accurate information regarding Lyme Disease and Lyme related issues, and to serve as a means by which members of the Lyme community can voice their opinions and concerns.

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The information provided in this newsletter, accompanying articles, and links to other related Web sites is provided as a courtesy to our readers, and all material is intended for information, communication, and education purposes only, and is in no manner an endorsement, recommendation or approval of anyone, any product, or treatments in issues of "Lyme Matters." The information presented is not to be considered complete, nor does it contain all medical information that may be relevant, and therefore, is not intended as a substitute for seeking medical treatment and appropriate care. Please consult your doctor or medical advisor before making any treatment changes.
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The first President of the United States from the Bronx calls his mother and invites her to come for Thanksgiving. She says, "I'd like to, but it's so much trouble. I mean, I have to get a cab to the airport, It's too much trouble."

He replies, "Mom! I'm the President! You won't need a cab - I'll send a limousine for you!"

His mother replies, "I know, but then I'll have to get my ticket at the airport, and try to get a seat on the plane, and I hate to sit in the middle. It's just too much trouble."

He replies, "Mom! I'm the President of the United States! I'll send Air Force One for you - it's my private jet!"

To which she replies, "Oh, well, but then when we land, I'll have to carry my luggage through the airport, and try to get a cab. It's really too much trouble."

He replies, "Mom!! I'm the President! I'll send a helicopter for you! You won't have to lift a finger."

She answers, "Yes, that's nice, but, you know, I still need a hotel room, and the rooms are so expensive, and I really don't like the rooms."

Exasperated, he answers, "Mom! I'm the President! You'll stay at the White House!"

She responds, "Well, all right, I guess I'll come."

The next day, she's on the phone with her friend Betty:

Betty: "Hello Sylvia, so what's new?"

Sylvia: "I'm visiting my son for Thanksgiving!"

Betty: "The doctor?"

Sylvia: "No, the other one."

Submitted by:

I have had Lyme disease for over a year now and would like to share my story to help others and hopefully encourage others. I was bitten I think a year and almost 4 months ago by a tick I never saw or had a bulls-eye from. I had been gardening, hiking that spring and also went to an outdoor show where we were sitting on the grass.

So I am pretty sure during one of those occurrences was when I got Lyme Disease. I began to feel extremely sick when I was visiting my daughter at school. I became very weak, had vomiting spells and felt extremely fatigued. Then my symptoms disappeared. I thought I had food poisoning. The strange thing was my children were fine and we had all eaten the same thing.

All of my symptoms disappeared and I felt OK and totally forgot about the crazy symptoms I had experienced. Unfortunately the symptoms returned when I was at a grocery store and became very dizzy and had diarrhea. I immediately knew something was wrong and went to a walk in clinic. The dr. examined me and thought I had Lyme disease.

I was shocked. What was Lyme disease???? She started me on my first round of antibiotics and told me if I was still sick after the doxycycline to see my primary care dr. This was when I truly started to learn about Lyme disease. I went to a dr. after I was finished with the doxycycline because I still was extremely ill with flu like symptoms, achy joints, fatigue and I remember being so sick I could not get up off the couch.

I saw Drs. who gave me shots and medicine which helped me and I had one dr. who had never seen me physically look over my records and tell me on the phone "Looking at your records we do not think you have Lyme." I immediately called the Lyme support group in my area recommended from the internet, got my records from that Drs. office and struggled to find a good LLMD.

By this time I had read enough about Lyme disease and was pretty sure that was my problem. My first tests came back false positive because I had started on antibiotics. When I got to the LLMD he looked at me and said I can tell you have Lyme I want you to get more blood tests done at a different hospital.

I was totally hoarse when seeing him and he said that was the giveaway. Sure enough I had the blood tests come back positive. He immediately started me on tons of abx's and now after this amount of time I am doing better. I have struggled everyday with this disease. I have spent an average of $15,000 last year on medicines, and supplements for treatment.

Some of which included unnecessary testing at the time for thyroid, heart, and other testing. I have become an activist for Lyme helping as many others as I can. We have formed a group to educate the public in our state and I have been to many rallies including MOW where I made ribbons for everyone in our state with Lyme disease.

I have documented many families in our area and others with Lyme disease and attend support groups, forums, health fairs, meetings to help bring awareness of this horrible disease. I have pushed forward to help in political meetings to get the truth out about Lyme disease. I am amazed at how naive and unaware people are about this disease even here in CT.

I hear so many mistruths and misconceptions about the disease and realize the public needs to be informed. That is our goal. I will press on through my aches and pains to help other families so others will protect themselves and not get bit. I work in the health insurance field and am now appalled of the denial and pain we with Lyme have to go through with insurance cos. doctors, etc.

Everyday I struggle to get better and raise my children. I am a divorced mom with two. My kids are wonderful and we have grown very close-but this disease sometimes is very difficult to deal with. I Pray we will find a cure quickly and continue to have our stories told. We will not be kept down and need each other with Lyme to stand strong. Love to the families with Lyme disease and all of those suffering. Sheryl


A good November to all of you! Over the past few months, I have received several E-mails requesting information on herbs which can be useful in killing off bacterial infections. Consequently, the December 2000 and January 2001 issues of Natural Alternatives will be dedicated to the discussion of several of the best natural antibiotics available.

However, before we begin covering these, I think that it would of great benefit for you to review much of what we have covered since the inception of this column, back in September of 1998. I have included two links below which will enable you to access these past issues. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to E-mail me.

Back Issues of Lyme Matters' Newsletters

Back Issues of the AOLyme Newsletter

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Jim : )

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This month's "Wisdom Teeth"

Practically all primitive societies develop rituals through which
young people become adults. Usually such ceremonies are conducted
when initiates are in their teens.
Among the ancient Greeks, it became proverbial that no youth would
cut his third molars until inducted into manhood. Because adults made
the rules, they considered themselves wiser than boys and girls. Since
third molars marked the transition into adulthood, they automatically
meant increased wisdom.
Formal rites of passage were abandoned long ago, and most persons
in the modern western world know there is no connection between
sagacity and teeth. But the ancient Greek title for "tooth of knowledge,"
remains in universal use. That is why molars that seldom appear before
adolescence are still called wisdom teeth.

By Borrelia, Stephen J. Nostrom R.N.,Founder/Director,Lyme Borrelia Out-Reach Foundation, circa 1987

Steve just returned from a much needed vacation and ironically
contracted pneumonia while away.
He will be back with us next month.
God heal you, Steve.
Your friends at Lyme Matters.


It's time again for "Thanksgiving"

Enjoy the life you were given.
There is so much we can be thankful for,
There are gifts behind each and every door.

Hear the laughter of each child,
Enjoy and treasure each and every smile.
Families sometimes in numbers meet,
To share each other and to overeat.

Turkey, dressing and pies galore,
People in and out each kitchen door.
Houses full of noise and laughter,
Things done, remembered long after.

Tummy's full and lazy bodies,
Some will even enjoy hot toddies!
Winds that blow and weather changes,
People with diets all in danger.

Messy kitchens later to face,
Food and dishes all over the place.
No matter what all chores there are,
People will be celebrating near and far.

Some will spend a quiet day,
Some will sit and think to pray.
Some will seem to be all alone,
But from within memories will be shown.

Memories that bring much laughter and Joy,
Days spent when your were just girl or boy.
Houses full of people talking everywhere,
Men watching the game, TV's get their stare.

Women cleaning up the table and kitchen,
If you look you could see them just a wishing.
Hoping for a break or even two,
Wishing there was not so much left to do.

Just remember no matter what the case,
When you sit to eat, say your grace.
For there is much to be thankful for,
Memories of the past or making more.


Humane Ways to Live with Deer

Submitted by:

Rapid and continual changes in wildlife habitat have resulted in conflicts between people and deer. The replacement of forest lands and fields with suburban residential developments creates ideal "edge" habitat for deer. Mild winters and a lack of natural predators have also contributed to the recent growth in suburban deer herds. It's not known whether the current increase in deer numbers is permanent or only a temporary response to weather and habitat conditions.

Damage to residential landscape is the most commonly voiced complaint about living with deer. Despite reports of burgeoning suburban deer herds, most communities experience only minor problems. In one recent survey less than 5% of Americans reported any deer damage to their property.

Most deer damage can be successfully abated with simple techniques. A few situations require a more concerted effort. The solution to deer/people conflicts also differs by geographic region. What works in one location may not be effective in another. A combination of damage control techniques is always more effective than a single approach and should be initiated before serious damage occurs.

This brochure describes non-lethal control of deer damage including fencing, landscape changes, scare devices, and chemical repellents. In addition, all artificial feeding of deer must be stopped. While one individual may wish to attract more deer to her property, a neighbor may be attempting to drive them away.

Deer are responding to human-initiated changes in their habitat by adapting to live in our midst. It is our responsibility to tolerate their presence and treat any conflicts in a humane manner.

Safe Driving
Each year in the U.S. an estimated 200 people are killed and 29,000 injured in deer-vehicle collisions. Over 500,000 deer lose their lives in these accidents. Increased development with more roads cutting through deer habitat, and people driving at faster speeds, have contributed to the frequency of collisions between cars and wildlife.

State highway departments are attempting to make driving safer for people and animals by installing warning signs, lowering speed limits, and cutting roadside vegetation in high risk areas. Fencing and highway overpasses and underpasses are also proving effective. Highway warning reflectors that reflect light from vehicle headlights across the road and into the roadside where deer cross have been installed in 13 states.

Vehicle-mounted whistles and ultrasonic devices, to date, have not been proven effective in scientific tests. However, in 2000, General Motors will introduce Night Vision, an infrared system which allows drivers to see down the road up to 3 to 5 times farther than traditional headlamps.

Tips to avoid hitting a deer --

Always watch for wildlife, especially at dawn, dusk, and the first few hours of darkness.
Be especially cautious in mid- to late-fall.
Glance continually from the road to the roadside, looking for movement where roads are bordered by fields or natural habitat.
Heed warning signs and reduce speed in places deer are most likely to cross the road.
If you see one deer cross, expect others.
At night, watch for reflection from headlights in the eyes of deer at the roadside.
If a deer "freezes" in your headlights, try turning your lights off and then back on.
Fencing landscape plants and crops is the most effective way to eliminate deer browsing. A variety of fencing designs have been developed. The one most suitable to a specific situation will depend on the size of the area, the topography of the site, and the type of vegetation being protected. Local university extension services, landscape companies, and nurseries should be consulted before any major purchases are made.

Perimeter fencing -- Designs include chain link, double-row wooden, solid wooden, mesh-woven wire, single or multiple-strand wire electrical, and multiple-strand vertical or slanted wire non-electrical. Electrified fences can be baited to increase effectiveness. If not electrified, fencing should be combined with chemical repellents or other deterrents for first year.

Sturdy wooden, fiberglass, or metal posts are essential.
Fencing should be at least 8 feet (preferably 10 feet) high and set at least 1 foot below ground. Openings should be no more than 4 inches wide regardless of the fencing material.
Mesh netting -- Individual trees and bushes and groundcover can be successfully protected with stiff, plastic netting. The netting is simply unrolled over groundcover or draped over a bush or tree. Some mesh is virtually invisible -- especially from a distance -- and can be rolled up when not needed and reused for several years.

Netting is most effective when used for short periods during critical times; it reduces rather than eliminates browsing.
Landscape Changes
Landscaping can be altered to reduce the level of deer browsing. The selection and placement of plants has a significant impact on the extent of damage. Some plants attract deer, while others actually repel them.

Property borders and entryways can be made less attractive by lining them with resistant and repellent plants. Creating a barrier of hedges will reduce a deer's view of the garden. Grass and underbrush should be kept trimmed and fallen fruits removed promptly. Protect susceptible plants by surrounding them with repellent ones.

Repellent plants -- Catnip, Chives, Garlic, Honeybush, Lavender, Onion, Sage, Spearmint, Thyme, and Yarrow.

Resistant trees, shrubs, and vines -- Bottle brush, Daphne, Douglas fir, Euonymous, Hackberry, Holly, Jasmine, Juniper, Maple, Oleander, Limber pine, Pinon pine, Pomegranate, Rhododendron, Wild lilac, Rockrose, Santolina, Scotch broom, and Blue spruce.

Resistant flowers and groundcover -- Black-eyed Susan, Chrysanthemum, Daffodil, Foxglove, Hyacinth, Iceland poppy, Iris, Lavender, Lily of the Nile, Oriental poppy, Snowflake, and Zinnia.

Native plants are probably more tolerant of browsing.
Because deer feeding preferences vary widely by region of the country, check with a local nursery or university extension service when making landscaping decisions.
Scare Devices
A variety of visual and sound scare techniques are used to chase deer away from areas. The devices are usually inexpensive and can be implemented easily and quickly. Although deer can become habituated to hazing techniques, their effectiveness can be increased if used in conjunction with other approaches such as repellents and fencing.

Visual deterrents -- Strobe lights that flash or rotate may startle deer. Lighting systems can be activated by timers or a motion detection device. Mylar tape, which is shiny and reflective, can be strung between trees or set as streamers on poles. Scarecrows, especially if they are moving, and "scare-eye" balloons -- large beachball-like balloons filled with helium and tethered above the ground with monofilament line -- are also used.

Noise deterrents -- Playing a radio continuously or recorded distress calls of other animals may frighten away deer. Commercial ultrasonic devices are available that emit highly amplified sound waves that are nearly inaudible to humans but intolerable to deer. The noise of aluminum pie pans and tin cans rattling in the wind is also thought to help deter deer.

Sprinklers set to go off by motion detectors or by timers may work, especially if the schedule is changed often so it can't be learned by the deer.
To increase the effectiveness of deterrents, they should be used in combination and the location varied frequently.
Deterrents may be objectionable to neighbors.
Chemical Repellents
A variety of commercial and home-made repellents can be used to repel deer. Repellents work either by making plants unpalatable or by giving off an offensive odor. The market for deer repellents is growing quickly and some national brands are available at nurseries and hardware stores as well as by catalog and over the Internet.

Odor repellents -- Made from ammonium soaps of fatty acids ("Hinder"); refined proteins and fibers from food-processing ("Bobbex"); soap particles ("Repel"); citrus scent ("Deer Chaser," "Deer No No"); bone tar oil ("Magic Circle"); and treated sewage ("Milorganite").

Taste repellents -- Made from denatonium benzoate ("Tree Guard," "No-Bite Tablets," "Ropel"); putrescent whole-egg solids ("Deer Away," "Not Tonight Deer"); putrescent whole eggs, capsaicin, and garlic ("Deer Off," "Deerbusters Deer Repellent"); castor oil and capsaicin ("N.I.M.B.Y."); and Thiram ("Shotgun Deer Repellent").

Make your own repellent -- Blend 4 eggs, 2 oz. red-pepper sauce, and 2 oz. chopped garlic with enough water to make 1 quart. Strain and apply with garden sprayer. Makes enough for 1 application on 16 bushes. OR place bars of soap or crushed garlic cloves in stockings and hang with string from shrubs.

Repellents are most effective if used when signs of deer first appear and not after significant damage has occurred.
Never apply commercial repellents to food crops unless specifically labeled as approved.

For more information, go to this web site

More Information on Deer


Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Whenever there is a turkey there is cranberry sauce....
I make the BEST it is so much better then canned and easy to make. Another all time hit for the holidays Auntie Carla's Cranberry Sauce! :)
I have been making this for over 20 years now and never shared the recipe.
'Tis time to share my secret recipe with you.

1 package of fresh cranberries 1 cup water
I sm. crushed pineapple with juice 2 cups sugar

Combine water and sugar and pineapples with juice in a medium saucepan. Bring to boil; add cranberries, return to boil. Reduce heat and boil gently for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. I leave it on the stove for another 30 minutes or so on med. keep stirring occasionally.
If you want it smooth you can blend it, if you have a cordless handheld one that goes right into the pot that works great. I like the texture without blending it, but some people like it smooth. It is whatever makes you happy.
Pour into a nice mold or dish that it can be served in. Cover and cool completely at room temperature. refrigerate.
Enjoy the Holidays
Ciao, Carla
There is no sugar substitute on this recipe it would not come out the same without sugar. Sorry. :)

If anyone wants to share a recipe to put in the column please do!
Click here.

From Dr. B to all

Hello to everyone!

We've all had a busy, exciting, and intense week!

My OPMC hearing on Nov 6th was very high powered. My attorney was able to make some very important points, but I am sure that the State and their
expert witness will come back swinging at our next meeting, scheduled
for Monday, Nov 20. We shall see!

The Rally!!! What an event! Many, many thanks to Ellen, Cheryl and all
the other organizers, and of course, MANY deeply appreciated thanks to
all of you who attended. Those of you who came from far away- Wow! And I
also want to express my appreciation to the speakers- I cannot thank you
enough. My patients who went public before the press conference deserve
a round of applause for being strong enough to face the media, and for
their incredible support of my approach to Lyme. You all are wonderful,
and your efforts, hard work, and loyalty will not go unrewarded. In the
end, good always wins out.

The media coverage has been overwhelmingly positive, and more articles
are due to come out. I am hopeful that the TV shows that are in the
pipeline will be supportive as well.

To all- a job well done!!!

I am holding up reasonably well to this ordeal. I am convinced that it
is your genuine and unselfish support that has kept my fire stoked and
my will stronger than ever. To me, this is the best gift I can ever
receive- to be on the receiving end of a stunning amount of love,
prayers, kind words, and deeply moving testimonials. Personally, my
biggest concern right now is that the stress may reactivate my own
chronic Lyme. I have been in remission, and antibiotic free for many
years now, but I do detect some subtle signs. I am trying to follow my
own advice re: clean living, exercise, etc. The big problem is that I
have to spend literally HUNDREDS of hours preparing for the hearing. I
am the one who has to write rebuttals, review and assemble the
literature, educate my legal team, etc. Thank God my attorney is also a
physician- some of what we have to go over is very technical. This has
caused me to fall behind in my sleep, my office work, research, etc. So
far, I'm OK and I do not plan to lose this one in any way. We must

Hearings are scheduled through February, and more dates will be needed.
The scary thing is that we are no where near finishing the first of the
nine charts being reviewed, yet my defense fund, so generously supported
by all of you, is already spent!!! Truthfully, if anything crimps my
case, it will be related to my inability to continue my strong defense.
I do have to say that the donations so far have been incredibly
generous- so much so that I am (probably for the first time in history)
speechless. And the letters and stories that have been sent to me are so
deeply moving. Without being corny, I have to say that when reading
these, a tear has come to my eyes on many occasions. Incredible.

Since I am clueless on matters of fundraising, I am open to ideas. Those
of you who are creative and/or experienced in this- please help!! I may
know Lyme, but I do not know anything at all about charities, money
raising, fund raising events, etc.

I have been thinking that we must not lose the momentum that has been
generated so far. Our story is now known by large numbers of the general
public, the legislators, and the media. We must capitalize on this, and
continue to write to and visit our elected officials and reporters. Keep
telling your story. We need to continue to have media events, more press
conferences, and even another rally later on (perhaps in the spring). We
also must keep pressure on those in the medical and research field, to
expose lies and corruption, and report those who can be proven guilty.
We too can and must play at their game. We must make it just as risky to
them to deny diagnosis and treatment, as is now is risky for Lyme
literate MDs to handle Lyme properly.

We will win this one. And Remember- we will not go away!

With sincere best wishes- Dr. B...............!

Center>Submitted by:

This is intended for Lyme patients to copy or bring to their LLMDs who might not be aware of this international movement to beat down the political/commercial abuse of biotech and the human rights abuses the Lyme patients have had to suffer to the extent that they, these ALDF-types, would try to take down Joe Burrascano.

Subject: Help Protect Medicine from Harm!
From: Robert Bransfield
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 04:01:08 GMT

Greetings to all:

The New York State Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) proceedings against Dr. Burrascano, of Long Island, NY, constitute nothing less than a modern day version of the "Darwin Monkey Trial."

Currently, theoretical biology and medical research recognize chronic relapsing infection as the etiologic agent, or a major component, in many disease syndromes. However, the OPMC faults, to the point of censure, a prominent physician who incorporates these and other advanced concepts into the daily practice of medicine. Should he, instead follow the insurance-friendly standard of mediocrity?

Such a standard, tarnished by the power and profits gleaned from advances in medical technology and the inadequacies of managed care, fails to adhere to traditional medical ethics. To accept this reduced standard is to allow special interest groups and bureaucracies to undermine the physician-patient relationship to the detriment of all.

It is crucial that we unite to protect the integrity of our health care system. We all value freedom, particularly at a time of illness and increased vulnerability. Doctors who prioritize innovation, judgment, individualized care, and ethics should not be intimidated into deferring to a lesser standard. We urge you to spread this message by asking other physicians, researchers, health care providers, and educators to sign onto the "Medical Community Petition to Support Dr. Burrascano" at:


Thank you for supporting Dr. Burrascano, and his struggle to promote honesty, ethics, and fairness in medicine.

Robert Bransfield, MD

The group that started this petition are the Psychiatrists. This is Bob Bransfield's
website for those of you who don't know:

Mental Health and Illness [Mental Health and ]

Lyme Chatters Reminder
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Wednesday, November 22nd
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Hope to see you! •Ö¿~•

Chat for Kids with Lyme
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Carla, LadyLymeChatter, is hosting a chat for kids
of all ages and parents too.
The chats are held on Monday evenings at 6:30 PM Eastern.
The chats are well supervised and are held in a private room.
Private Room Lyme Disease

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East Hampton Star - In the News
(Article about the rally for Dr. Burrascano)

HEMEX Laboratories, Inc. CFS/FM Information Center

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A love letter from the Father



Count Your Blessings - Free Coupons, Fast Savings!

Dear Pat & Jim,
I enjoy your newsletter so much! it's very helpful.
I don't want to miss any, so I'm notifying you of my new e-mail address
It is

If you have a comment, suggestion or submission for
the newsletter, please let us know.
Regards, From the Staff of Lyme Matters!
Please feel free to share this newsletter with your friends,
family and doctors.

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