Rainbows Of Kindness


Like roses in a garden, kindness fills the air
With a certain bit of sweetness as it touches everywhere.

For kindness is a circle that never, never ends
But just keeps ever widening in the circle of our friends.

For happiness is only found in bringing it to others
And thinking of the folks next door as sisters and as brothers.

For the more you give, the more you get is proven every day,
And so to get the most from life you must give yourself away.

And if this greedy world today would only start to give
Life everywhere for everyone would be more sweet to live.

—Author Unknown

A Toy Sits Still

Each day the toy would sit on that floor so bare..
It always wondered did anyone really care..
The dust would settle and it would sometimes get thrown around..
No one could hear its cry of loneliness, for it made no such sound..

There were those days when the children would all come and play..
It never felt discarded, each child had something to say..
One day, it found itself being thrown into a box..
There were many other toys including a dirty tawdry brown fox..

Just then someone came and took the box away..
They moved it to the front yard that sunny autumn day..
Was the toy to become trash and never play again..
Where did all the children go, don't they remember when..

Soon many people came and the toys were tossed about..
Suddenly a young child came and gave a gleeful shout..
May I please take this toy to join us in our home..
Now as the toy was held by the child, it no longer felt alone..

The child took the toy and kept it close to him that day..
The toy could sense that now he'd have a loving home to stay..
The child rushed up to the stairs and shouted for all to come look and see..
I have something special, a gift for you and me..

All the children in the orphanage rushed to see the toy..
There was only love and warmth expressed in tears of joy..
You see this toy was a puppet that had so much to give..
As if by special magic, it had a new life to live..

Every old toy you have, may provide a special glow..
Think of the children who have no place to go..
If you can add one more smile upon a child's face..
Then see if you can bring a toy to such a special place..

Even in times of bounty there will always be a need..
It is not price of the gift itself as much as the good deed..

—Robert Beau

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