In Loving Memory

Wind and water
Who would think
That these could be so fierce??

Yet, they’ve ravaged
through the land
And every heart’s been pierced

Homes were lost
And lives were taken
Friends and neighbors were forsaken

Homeless, starving,
Alone and lost
Spirits broken….what a cost!

Sick and dying
Help us please, we’ve been accosted

Their cries are strong
Some brave, some broken
Many words will go unspoken

God help these people
Get through the worst
Feed them all and quench their thirst

Bring them all
The help they require
To stop the pain...their only desire

—Susan L. Anderson

To anyone affected by the recent castastrophe caused by Hurricane Katrina, my heartfelt sympathy goes out to you. This page is dedicated to all of you.

If you're interested in getting involved in a worthy cause, please feel free to click here for information on how you may do so.

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