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Hunting & Fishing Photos

Glenn's 8 point buck!

Larry Cavanaugh and his 9 Point Buck

14 yr. old Austin Brown. This is his first deer! Way to go Austin!

Bob Jensen and Son

Jim Pilski

Jim Barnum

Steve Obstarcyzk

Mike Watkins

President, Keith Chamberlain

Tony Bovo

Eric Hall's 6 point

Bud Burrows


Bill, Bob & Rhonda
The Kibler's

Mark Gorski


Larry Cavanaugh and Son

Steve Dziak

Bill Kibler

Hoot Gerling Sr. and Guide Wayne Mearns. Alberta, Canada (Bull Moose)

Hoot & Hoot Sr. Alberta, Canada (Cow Moose)

Hoot Gerling, May 1st - 19 lbs, 9.5" beard, 1 and 1/16th spurs

Kathie Gerling, May 1st - 19 lbs, 8" beard, 1" spurs

Jim Barnum, May 8th - 21 lbs, 9 3/4" beard, 1 3/16" spurs

Hoot Gerling Sr., March 2003, Nice Calico Bass

The Smelt Fishermen, February 2003, Hanover Boat Launch

Keith Chamberlain, bear taken in Quebec, May 25, 2003

Hoot Gerling, bear taken in Quebec, May 26, 2003

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