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Zelda 3D

A whole new way to play

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WELCOME to Zelda 3D, the site on 3D zelda games. We are starting to grow. thanks to all the loyal fans and welcome to all newcomers. As you'll see on most of the pages here, this isnt just my site. I made this site for YOU!!! So, now out fan section neads you entries for our Fan Art. Also, I am open for entries to this sites official Webring. Click here to join. I will try to put as much as I can on. Thanks in advance.

- Jer

- New or Updated Items

[Image] The Ocarina of Time


Soon to be a complete walkthrough of the game.

Questions & Answers

Ask me questions and I'll answer them.

Take the Masters quiz

Our famous Ocarina of Time - Masters Quiz. Wanna check if you are truly a zelda-master...

The Secrets of Zelda

Here you can find out how to get different items, and soon how to get all the skulltulas and heart pieces

Navi Says  

See what Navi has to say about the enemies...

Zelda Mysteries

Here are many mysteries in the game. Remeber to send your own.

[Image] Zelda: Mujora's Mask

The Story Begins...

This is the beginning of the continuing saga

A summary

A brief summary of what we know about the game.


Japenese Screenshots from the new game

[Image] Multimedia

Zelda Art    OPENED AGAIN!!!!!

This is the place to find the Zelda images you want


This is a good place to find music you can download for you PC


Games gathered from all around the web plus a few I might make myself.

[Image] Fan Stuff

Message Boards  

Voice your opinions on matters that have no real answers yet, like "What really is the triforce?"

The Zelda Movie

What do you think should be in a movie if there one should come out. Should one come out? E mail me your answers.

Fan Art  

See what other fans of zelda draw, and send in our own!

Zelda Mad Libs  

Our sites exclusive Mad Lib collection. Come and try some.

AOL Chat AOL only

The Site's AOL chatroom. See other zelda-fans, and I will be on sometimes as well.

While you are here, take our poll.

What is your favorite part of the triforce?

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