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Joe Penny's New Releases


* "Bringing back the memory of Hank's legendary talent and songs, which will live forever." *
* "These original songs are like the tunes that Hank would be singing if he were around today." *
"From a former Drifting Cowboy (1947-1948) Joe (Penny) Pennington and his friends, written and performed in the
style and flavor of the Hank Williams music tradition."

1. Hank Left Us (in Almost Heaven); 2. Lookin' Back On Hank; 3. Hank's Cold, Cold Heart Is Still Alive Today; 4. Baby,whatcha Got On Tonight; 5. Hank, You Lived It in Your Songs; 6. Take This Sin From My Heart; 7. Writin' a Hank Song; 8. Last Word in Lovin'; 9. Hank's Still Alive and Well; 10. Move Over Satan; 11. Jett, the Country Cinderella; 12. Growing Old Without God.

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"Then & Now: Large Economy Size" (CD) $12.00 (ship. incld.)

"Retired Entertainer & former radio DJ , performer, Joe Penny, until recently didn't really know why he had kept, stored away in old boxes, dozens of old tapes, dating back to the 50's and 60's. Then a chance meeting with rockabilly artist, Dave Moore at the annual Rockabilly Festival in Jackson, Tn. in June of 2001, led Penny to being booked on the 50th Anniversary Hankfest at Moore's home in W.Va.(New Years, 2003) He found out that a few years after being a member Hank Williams early band ('47-48) Joe had put together a rockabilly band in the late 50', and King Records released a couple of his 45's, which got air play, but not much else. Joe was still hopeful that some of his other material could catch on, and for a while he shopped it around. Dave Moore found that Penny still had some of that material stored away, and offered to fly him to his studio in W.Va. in March to re-record a session of "vintage rockabilly". He also informed Joe that, even tho' this music was no longer "mainstream" here, in Europe & England, it gets heavy play and sales. Moore and his partner, John Nubraugh (NBT Records) have just released and saturated the European market, Joe's first rockabilly CD, "THEN & NOW: LARGE ECONOMY SIZE". Since retiring in the early 90's, Penny has kept busy working with several churches in the area, most recently joining the music department with pastor Steve Wingate at the newly established GRACE FELLOWSHIP on Also brook St. in Plant City, where he now makes his home. For the past 12 years, both he and his wife, Frankie, have worked devotedly with Dr. Ron Patterson in Christian Disaster Response, (President,AECC) also 15 years with street & statewide prison ministries. This work has been the most rewarding, however Penny is very thankful for the many friends he has made through the years at WPLA (5 yrs) WTWB, WWAB (6 yrs) WGTO(3 yrs)With this new interest in his old music , Joe Penny has now realized one more purpose in his life, another way of reaching out to others."

If you love 50's Rockabilly and Country Music you are gonna love Joe Penny's new CD, "Then and Now: Large Economy Size". Collected are 26 unreleased vintage tracks plus 4 newly recorded Tracks. All are GREAT.
This is a must have for vintage music lovers!!

1. Large Economy Size; 2. Turn it On; 3. Sputnik Baby; 4. Earthquake; 5. Hep Teen; 6. Soda Pop Rock; 7.Dance Contest; 8. Gracious Gracie; 9. Three Rockiní Mice; 10. I Ainít Gonna Play No Rock and Rolll; 11. Saddle Up; 12. I Needa My Freda; 13. Hello Darlin; 14. Pearlie Mae; 15. Blues on Fire; 16. Elevator Love; 17. Rock-N-Roll Call; 18. Genuine; 19. Southern Fried Lovin; 20. Never Pick Your Peaches Green; 21. Old Black Maria; 22. Whatís The Score; 23. Run Along Girls; 24. Last Word in Lovin; 25. Real Live Doll; 26. Operation Complication; 27. Slim Jim Sadie; 28. Break Loose
Plus 2 Bonus Tracks
Tracks 1-17 Recorded in Evansville, Indiana(1958-59), Track 18-21 Recorded in 1959, Tracks 22-23 Recorded in 1957, 24-28 Recorded March 2003, 29 recorded in 1955, 30 recorded in 1957.

"A Tribute to Hank Williams" (CD/Tape) $10.00

This is a fine collection of Hank inspired songs and stories performed by an early Cowboy and Great singer/songwriter!

"Lookin' Back on Hank" (50 pg Booklet) $5.00

Now In It's Second Printing!!
This a Great booklet authored by "Little" Joe himself. It is full of stories about his time with many of the greats in Country Music, but mostly his time with Hank. Also, there are 10 Pages rare photos to boot!

Send all orders to:
Joe Penny,
4013 Cork Rd.
Plant City, FL. 33565

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