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Pee Wee Moultrie Catalog

Here is your chance to hear what it was like working with Hank Williams in the early years from a man who was there. Pee Wee Moultrie, a Drifting Cowboy form 1938 to 1940, will tell you his experiences with the MAN on and off the road.

As a bonus, you will hear a Rare 1938 "mock radio show" with Hank & Pee Wee. This is the same track that can be heard on "The Complete Hank Williams" box set.

The "My Time With Hank Williams, Sr." tape is only $12.00 & the CD is $18.00 (postage paid)!

Pee Wee also has available a Color 8x10 Photo for only $7.00 (postage paid)!

Pee Wee is still out there preforming, now with his band Hank's Drifters and former Cowboy Clent Holmes. If you've been to The Hank Williams Festival in Georgiana, AL you know how Great this band is.

You can book them by writing to the below address or by calling the phone numbers on their business card.

See and Hear what over a Hundred Combined Years Playing & Singing Sounds Like!!

Send Orders & Requests To:

Cois "Pee Wee" Moultrie
**Address Removed by**
Request of Family


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