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This site is about basketball. In basketball, you can play 4 to 5 quarters in a game that are 7 minutes long. Only 5 people on each team can go on the court at a time. If you get fouled, you either take 1-2 jump shots or take the ball out at the end or sidelines. If the referees see you double dribble, then they'll give the ball to the other team; same with traveling and carrying. There are 5 positions which are; point guard, fowards, and center. There are many different plays; depends on your coach. After you go over half court, then there's a certain amount of space you can go back on; ex.foul line on the other court; backcourt.There can be technical fouls, depends on what it is; ex. our team could get technical fouls for wearing jewlry during a game.

This is a small list of what I think basketball is....

  • Basketball is fun!
  • Basketball is easy!
  • Basketball gives a lot of exercise!
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