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In case you're wondering what CTY is, it's only the bestest most terrific summer camp there is. Unfortunately, when people ask me what CTY is, the answer I usually come up with is: "study camp."

Well, there are so many things that CTY is, other than a study camp. It's a lasting friendship making, poster gluing, collage cutting, finger painting, obsessing, mandatory funning, music listening, B-ball playing, puck fond pondering, salsa dancing, "flannel does what?"-ing, yoga-ing, hackey sack kicking, talking, walking, reading, living, illegal sleepovering, slow dancing, fake-holiday celebrating, lip syncing, "American Pie" listening, talent show performing, meet marketing, secret agenting, Wizard of Oz-ing, random singing, bubble blowing, frisbee playing, improvisational swing dancing, quad lounging, rina-scaring,laundry doing, hair dyeing,"Stairway to Heaven"-ing, Juju fanclubbing, panda powering, "illegal business"-ing, phonecalling, lights outing, blackjack losing, paper airplane folding, mummy wrapping, duct-taping, MAC destroying, goth-cult meeting, so called "dating," Starbucks sitting, morning running, accidental 6:00am waking,Mao and Ratscrew learning, picture snapping, Litmag writing, memorypage crafting, ice cream socialing, robot nickname giving, cross dressing, letter writing, Vanilla Ice-ing, Rammstein loving, RA stalking, 4 square playing, 4 square hating, stair climbing, morning swimming, hair drying, clothes borrowing, course enjoying, bookstore trekking, Beatles listening, jazzy concerting, certain West Side Story song singing, bad movie viewing, friend splashing, tank top wearing, mystery solving, cookie decorating, cherry taunting, star watching, very loving summer camp!

Don't worry if this made absolutely no sense. Hooray! if it did.

But if you've ever been to CTY, you know what I'm talking about.

Now it's CTY shoutout time!

First off, I got to give it up to Writing 2A. That class kicked, and the teachers were terrific! Thank you so much, Phil and Jenn, you taught the class so well! And we can't forget the peeps of the class! Heidi, Leslie, Julia, James, Thomas, Jeremy, Lee and Kevin! You guys are awesome! Please KIT!

Everybody at CTY is so cool. I miss you all so much! I love you all! Hello to Jenny~Amanda~Sherry~Christina~Jen~Alice~Chris~Arjun~ Julian+his fan club~Becky~Noreen~Serena~Miranda~Kaitlyn~Molly~Kirsten~Roopa~Katherine ~Karen~Bridget~Hanna~Viraj~Bonx~Kara~Abby~Sam and Beth!!!And I got a special request to say hi to the Logic A class! Please KIT!

Let's the future, I may put some photos up. I need to put some more memories up too. Well, stay tuned!


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