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MSY (New Orleans)

Upperline Restaurant, 1413 Upperline Street, 504.891.9822.  DELICIOUS!  Cathy, Cathy's daughter Abby, her husband Dan & I went here 8JUL00, and I believe we all were quite satisfied.  I had the tasting menu: Duck & Andouille Etouffee with Corn Cakes & Louisiana Pepper Jelly, Oyster Stew with Watercress (I'm not even into oysters and I thought this was great as well), Roast Duck & Andouille Gumbo, Spicy Shrimp with Jalapeno Cornbread, 1/4 Roasted Duck with Ginger Peach Sauce, Fried Green Tomato with Shrimp Remoulade (Great!  I just can't seem to find that fresh shrimp taste anywhere but MSY), and Bread Pudding.  Upperline Pecan Pie was one of my favorites; I didn't think the Profiteroles with Vanilla Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce were as extraordinary as the Bread Pudding and Pecan Pie.  I was too worried about distracting my tastebuds from the Bread Pudding and Pecan Pie to try Dan's Vanilla Ice Cream with Honey-Poached Garlic (they were having a Garlic Festival).  A lovely experience!  P.S.: There was a din in the dining room, so I would recommend no more than 5 or 6 people if you're concerned about hearing everyone at your table.

Sid-Mar's, 1824 Orpheum, Bucktown, 504.835.0631.  Cathy (MSY) took me here, and I really enjoyed sitting down to a pile of nicely-spiced, in-the-shell shrimp!  Our waitress, who was delightful, was Tina (I think).

Tee-Eva's Pralines, 4430 Magazine Street, 504.899.8350.  Cathy (MSY) sent us to here for pralines. Tasty, but I thought their milkiness/creaminess was unusual; I thought they were usually just pecans & sugar. Tee-Eva wasn't at the window, but a very friendly woman whose name I can't recall was. After the excursion, my fellow food traveler said, "Wasn't that classic New Orleans?"  "What do you mean?" I asked.  "My cousin sends us to a sketchy part of town to buy pralines through a window on the street from a toothless black woman."  Oh. I just feel so at home in MSY I hardly noticed!  They apparently have hot lunches and PIE as well!  After I sent this information out in the weekly newsletter, Cece (LGA) wrote back: "As for pralines, real pralines have cream in them (often half and half is used). I believe cream, salt, sugar, pecans, sugar (and did I mention sugar) are usually the only ingredients."

Camellia Grill, 626 S. Carrollton Ave., 504.866.9573.  My mother used to go there all the time in college, then my parents used to take us there every year or two from DFW! Omelettes and burgers are quite popular there (Cathy's (MSY) favorite is the Chili Omelette [Don't get cheese on it - it's American - CS]). The mocha freeze isn't as rich as I thought it was when I was a kid, but it's probably better that way considering the heat and humidity on many, many days in MSY; the ice blended with the Blue Bell ice cream, coffee, and chocolate syrup helps make it refreshing.

Mother's, 401 Poydras Street.  USED to have delicious sweet potato pie.  The last time I had it (JUL99) it was fairly bland compared to earlier days.  Jeff (MSY) says their food generally is not as good as it used to be.

David's, a little antiques/collectibles shop at 1319 Decatur St., 504.568.1197, open Th-M, N-5:PM. Also inside the Now & Then Mall, 205 Lee Ln., Covington, LA, daily 10-4:30.

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