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DAL/DFW/QDF (Dallas) (QDF is the code to use when searching for both area airports)

Celebration Restaurant , 4503 West Lovers Lane, 214.351.5681.  I have been eating here since probably the early 80s.  Good portions and good quality Texas home-cooking fare.  I once brought a couple of pieces of their pie on a flight to SFO via MSP on NW to share it with a friend of mine during the change of planes!

Vietnamese flag  Edamame, 4334 Lemmon.  Tasty Vietnamese place (despite the distinctly Japanese-sounding name) which KIM (DAL/QDF) suggested for the OCT02 dinner.

Rooster , 3521 Oak Grove Road (Lemmon), 214.521.1234.  Had brunch here in SEP01 and quite liked it.

La Calle Doce , 214.941.4304, 415 W 12th Street.  Mexican restaurant in Oak Cliff which Kim recommended.  (I still prefer the ceviche in BNA!)

Eatzi's , 214.526.1515, 3403 Oak Lawn Ave.  (Also in HOU, ATL, and Rockville, MD.)  Handy breakfast stop if you need to be downtown in the morning (or near downtown).

Romano's Macaroni Grill , 2019 I-20 E, 817.261.6676, and 1670 I-20 W, 817.784.1197, both in Arlington.  Aunt Ann and Glenn really like this place, and so did I!  I'll have to ask them what I ordered - it was delicious!

Highland Park Pharmacy Soda Fountain , 3229 Knox Street, 214.521.2126, M-F, 7-6, Sa 9-5:30PM. I fondly remember their chocolate malts from childhood.  MMMmmm...  Well, they're not that mmm..., but they're still good.  (Hey, once you go Belgian for chocolate products, you never go back.)

Lone Star Donuts, across the Trinity River from downtown.  Still* good donuts like I used to get when I was a kid, but of course not like the donuts from Blikle in WAW! *: I tried to look up the address on 17SEP99, and I couldn't find it; could be closed.

Darveaux Confectionnaire, 700 N. Pearl Street, #N207, 75201, 214.953.1120.  I have been eating their fudge since 1984! No one does fudge like Texans.

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