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*~*~                    Welcome To The Ultimate Gilda Radner Site on the Web ;)                    ~*~*

This page is a tribute to the late Gilda Radner, who was - and still is - an inspiration to many.  We have been true fans of hers for many years and we decided that it was time for her to receive proper recognition.  A web page is the best way, that we know of, to show everyone (especially the younger generation) how great she was.  Though she left us on May 20, 1989, her spirit will live on through SNL reruns, this web page, and, of course, her fans.
04/12/02 - Jami Gertz will be promoting the Gilda Radner movie on "The View" sometime this month!! Check your local listings. :) If anyone finds out the date, please e-mail me so that I can post it.

04/12/02- Set your VCRs: Monday, April 29th "It's Always Something: The Gilda Radner Story" (starring Jami Gertz) will air on ABC at 9pm Eastern Time! A one-hour special, "Gilda's Greatest Moments" will air the hour before it. Set your VCRs!!

12/08/01 - Welcome to our new and improved site! We have made  major changes, including a new name. Hope you like it. :-)

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