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Crocker Creek Buffalo Farm

Crocker Creek Buffalo Farm

Welcome to our web site. Crocker Creek Buffalo Farm is a small farm producing quality bison products. .


Located in the southern tier of NY,Tioga County,about 20 miles northwest of Binghamton. From Route 17 take the Route 26 North exit, exit 67N, stay on route 26 north to 38B west, about 3 miles take a left on Dutchtown Road, you can't miss us. From Owego take Route 38 North to Route 38B East, take a right and go about 7 miles, take a right on Dutchtown Road.


Products include ground meat ;hot dog; T-bone, porterhouse, rib steaks; roasts; and jerky.

Take Home:

Enjoy a juicy buffalo burger and impress your friends with grilled steaks, or a roast. Sounds good doesn't it? Pick up some of these great products at "Tulls Grocery"


From the road get a close up look at real buffalo, , take pictures, and enjoy the fall colors.

Living History Encampment:

Imagine how people at the forefront of America's western development lived as they depended upon the buffalo. The riflemen of the early 1800's, the moutianmen of the fur trade era, the plains indian, pioneers on the Oregon Trail, the early cowboy, and the gold miners as they prospected the black hills.

Shadows of The Old West

Watch the marshal and sheriff break up a gun fight over a card game, or maybe corner the bank robbers as they make a getaway! Or see the cavalry try to take over our town,(they don't know we fight back}. Don't miss our shows at special events through out the summer months. A top notch performance by "Shadows of the Old West". Come see us at


Blackpowder Shooting

Tomahawk and Knife Throwing

Fire starting without matches and paper



Saturday & Sunday

Hours: 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Shadows of The Old West

We are always looking for venders with related goods to join us, for more information about setting up a booth please contact us.

We are always looking for more living history participants, if interested in spending the weekend with us please contact us. All NMLRA Rendezvous rules apply, except it's pre 1860.

Visit us on"facebook".

Crocker Creek Buffalo
3145 Dutchtown Road
Endicott,NY 13760


Phone- 607-786-0571 cell 237-4203