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E.B.J. Collection Agency
1333-A North Avenue, PMB Suite 221
New Rochelle, New York 10804
(Fax) 914-576-1376

Putting off tomorrow, money, which you can collect TODAY is not good business. We are in business to help you. Do not let your hard earned dollars sit in your file cabinet.

E.B.J. Collection Agency has years of experience in collecting past due accounts. Let us help you with your accounts receivables. At E.B.J. Collection Agency,

Your check really is in the mail!!

Why use E.B.J. Collection Agency?

At E.B.J. Collection Agency, no claim is to small to collect.

Our knowledgeable staff is persistent, in a dignified and courteous manner.

We preserve the integrity of your superior status as professional business people.

E.B.J. Collection Agency offers a medical collection department with practice in dealing with delinquent patients.

We offer extensive negotiation skills and experience.

E.B.J. Collection Agency will handle your account on a contingent basis. No collection, no fee!

Your products and services are worth money. Do not let delinquent payers short change you. E.B.J. Collection Agency can begin immediately to recover your money.

Click here to inquire about our affordable rate: RATE

Remember, we do not charge a fee unless we collect for you!

To place your accounts for collection, all you need to do is call us

You can email us at:

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