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1904 Birth of Henry Jones, Jr.

1908 Birth of Clark Savage, Jr. Clark Savage Sr., a controversial scientist/adventurer, immediately starts his infant son on a regimen of "scientific diet and exercise" designed to optimize the human potential.

1918 Krypton explodes; the infant Kal-L is its only survivor. He is dragged from the remnants of his experimental rocket by the Kents in Kansas of the United States of America. The sight of Kal-L's falling rocket, visible at a great distance as a "shooting star", inspires the very young Robert A. Heinlein to wonderment at the stars and the heavens. / The destruction of Krypton attracts the attention of Kree military observers, who follow Jor-L's experimental hyperspace craft to Earth. For the first time, the Kree Empire becomes aware of the relatively advanced state of Earth science, and they similarly become aware of the presence of the Kree-descended Inhumans, in a Hidden City in the Himalayas. The Inhumans at this time are ruled by the wise Kalis Wu, mother to Draconis, who will eventually sire Black Bolt. Kalis Wu's vast psionic awareness detects the Kree observers, and she begins the project that will culminate, generations later, in Maximus' impenatrable protective dome over the Great Refuge. / On the Antarctic icecap, a child, Namor, is born to a human father and an Atlantaen mother. The first true Sub-mariner, Namor is heir to the throne of Atlantis. / Princess Diana, the "Wonder Woman", is created by magickally animating a statue on Paradise Island. / High in the Himalayas, the Ancient One also becomes aware of orbiting Kree observers, but ignores them - Dormammu is active, and he has more pressing concerns. / The ship carrying the Greystokes is wrecked on an African reef, and only Lord Greystoke and his pregnant wife survive. They die within the year, and their infant son is adopted by a grieving female ape whose own cub has been killed.

1920 Andrew Drake, policeman and former middleweight boxer, and his wife, Peggy Murdoch Drake, an Olympic bronze medalist in gymnastics, have a daughter, Dinah.

1924 Bruce Wayne's parents are killed by Joe Chill in Gotham City. Simultaneously, a five year old Steve Rogers begins attending kindergarten in Brooklyn. / The seven year old Clark Kent has long since been taught by the Kents to hide his strength, stamina, and relative immunity from harm from his playmates, and the Kents have learned to keep doctors away from young Clark, for fear he will be taken away from them for medical research. / Dan Garrett, who will become the first Blue Beetle, annoys his parents by digging up his back yard in search of "ancient relics". / A 20 year old Indiana Jones matriculates at Princeton University. / Clark Savage, Jr. graduates from high school at the age of 14 and enrolls at Cambridge in dual pre-medicine, pre-law curriculum. / Billy Batson is born. / Four year old Dinah Drake, already training with weights and in basic gymnastics, displays enormous natural potential as an athlete.

1926 Bucky Barnes and Roy Harper are born.

1931 Dick Grayson is born.

1935 The 18 year old Clark Kent departs for the big city of Metropolis, carrying an indestructible costume his parents have made for him. Soon, the world thrills to the adventures of Superman.

1936 Dan Garrett, on a dig in Egypt, discovers a powerful mystic artifact and becomes the Blue Beetle. / An accidental spillage of "hard water" transforms Jay Garrick into the Flash. / Alan Scott discovers a mystic power battery and ring, and becomes Green Lantern. / The original Human Torch nears completion in the New Jersey laboratory of Professor Phineas Horton. / Steve Rogers, a spindly teen-ager, studies art, reads "scienti-fiction" and becomes an avid movie buff and American patriot. / On Paradise Island, Diana triumphs over all competitors and wins the right to accompany Steve Trevor back to Man's World as the Amazons' representative. / Billy Batson discovers a hidden cave in the New York City subway system, and becomes Captain Marvel, the World's Mightiest Mortal. / "Doc" Savage becomes famous for defeating the schemes of a mad genius to rule New York through a "fear projector". / Indiana Jones acquires the supernaturally powerful Ark of the Covenant; it is subsequently misfiled and lost by the American government. During the adventure, Jones has a brush with the pre-Corrigan Spectre as it destroys a party of sacreligious Nazis. / Ragman makes his first appearance in the Warsaw Ghetto, along with the first manifestation of the Golem.

1937 More "mystery men" debut, inspired by their recent predecessors. Dr. Midnite, the Prowler, the Shadow, Hourman, the Hawkman and Hawkgirl, the Golden Age Vision, Green Arrow, the original Human Torch, and a very young, brash Sub-Mariner all appear. Mary Batson and Freddy Freeman both receive magickal powers like their mentor's, and become Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel, Jr. / Doc Savage and his Amazing Five become popular idols through their incredible adventures. / The Rocketeer makes his first appearance, although this colorful figure will be sighted only sporadically for next several years, and then will disappear entirely. A mysterious adventurer named Rocketman will have a similar brief career, and many theorize that the two are actually one and the same, despite the fact that they are sometimes sighted in different places at the same time. / Towards the end of 1937, another wave of "mystery men" appears, including Doll Man, the Ray, Phantom Lady, the Human Bomb, Miss America, and the first Shield. / A two fisted masked man begins a chaotic campaign against the underworld in New York City. For a time, the Daily Bugle calls the blue suited, fedora wearing hero "Midnight", while the Daily Planet tags him as "The Spirit". The latter name is the one which eventually sticks. / African legends of a "Ghost Who Walks" are proved true when the Phantom is sighted in New York City, tracking a gang of white slavers. He is accompanied by a hulking, dark haired giant of a man, known as Tarzan, who is searching for a victim of the ring named Jane. / Dinah Drake graduates high school and is accepted by the New York City police academy for training.

1938 A time travelling menace named Per Degaton, who will decades later be revealed to be no less than an amnesiac Kang the Conqueror, causes Green Lantern, Blue Beetle, Dr. Midnite, the Sub-Mariner, Wonder Woman, the original Human Torch, Hawkman, and Superman to gather together to combat his schemes. At the last moment, FDR sends the newly created Captain America to help them. Cap, who has been investigating reports of a brutal and obsessed vigilante in nearby Gotham City, takes the Batman with him on this mission, after exacting a promise that the Batman will give up his habit of packing iron. The Justice Squadron of America is born. / Dinah Drake leaves the police force after being relegated to the typing pool. Although she toys with the idea of emulating the other "costumed heroes", she does not do so until her father is gunned down by criminals in league with corrupt city cops. Adopting the guise of the Black Canary, Dinah begins a campaign designed to avenge herself on both the underworld and the city's corrupt political apparatus. / 19 year old Nicholas Fury travels to Britain and joins the Commandos.

1939 Jim Corrigan is murdered by racketeers and merged with the occult force known as the Spectre, returning to life to combat evil. / Black Canary, the Golden Age Vision, Johnny Thunder, Miss America, Liberty Belle, Johnny Quick, and the Whizzer are all inducted into the Justice Squadron of America. / Green Arrow is seen with a young sidekick, Speedy. 1940 The final year of America's pre-war innocence sees a growing trend among American heroes towards involvement in the European struggle. Virtually the entire "Mystery Man" population has had clashes with Axis forces in one way or another, and many have travelled to war-torn Europe on missions. Hundreds of mystery men and women have appeared by now, and a large number of them have been inducted into the teeming legions of the Justice Squadron. / Doc Savage, the Shadow, Indiana Jones, the Phantom and Tarzan all find themselves projected back millenia in time to a long lost Martian civilization known as Barsoom, where they aid timelost American adventurer John Carter in rescuing his wife Dejah Thoris from alien raiders. After the group returns to Earth, Doc Savage writes a paper speculating on the physical forces that transported them there. Years later, Dr. Saul Erdel will use that paper as the basis of his own erratic "teleport beam", which brings the Martian Manhunter to Earth.

1941 America at war. FDR's plans to send the JSA over to Europe as a super-battalion are foiled by Hitler's use of the Spear of Destiny, which effects all magickally powered heroes, or those with a special susceptibility to supernatural powers, which is virtually the entire JSA. In response, FDR asks Captain America to head a special sub-grouping of those heroes not so effected, to be called "The Invaders", while the other members stay at home to patrol the homefront. Originally, the Invaders line up is Captain America, Bucky, the Human Torch, Toro, the Sub Mariner, the Flash, Liberty Belle, and the Batman... but Batman becomes involved with a young orphan whose acrobat parents have been murdered by extortionists, and must remain behind. Due to this involvement, and concern for the safety of his young sidekick, Batman eventually retires from the Justice Squadron.

1941/1945 "Doc" Savage and his Amazing Five enlist and become famous for behind the lines commando work in Europe. They meet and work with Sgt. Nicholas Fury and his notorious Howling Commandos on several occasions. / The Invaders steamroller across Axis-occupied terrain. / In emulation, Britain forms the Crusaders, a team of British heroes led by Union Jack and Spitfire, and including the Shining Knight. / Wartime correspondents begin to foster a "rivalry" between well known war heroes Sgt. Fury and Sgt. Rock of Easy Company, to boost circulation. / The entity known as Uncle Sam manifests himself again, after a long absence from the public eye. / The Marvel Family is tricked into entering Professor Sivana's Hibernium, designed to keep the indestructible heroes comatose through the ages. / In 1942, the Fighting American and Speedboy make their first appearances, doubtless inspired by Captain America and Bucky. / Sgt. Strike begins a career as an Army sponsored supersoldier in 1942, and joins the Invaders in 1943, replacing the Flash and Liberty Belle, who return to America for a bonds drive. / Steve Canyon, Johnny Hazzard, Airboy and Skywolf all distinguish themselves in the great conflict.

1945 Bucky is killed in action, Captain America is missing and presumed dead. Mr. America, at FDR's request, takes on the guise of Captain America, becoming Captain America II, while Sandy, not wishing to go into semi-retirement with Wesley Dodds, agrees to become the second Bucky. The Sub Mariner agrees to stay on in the post-War Justice Squadron, as do the Human Torch and Toro. Sgt. Strike retires and goes into hiding after a confrontation with the post-War OSS.

Over the next six years, the Justice Squadron fights some colorful villains and does much to hold in check the growth of organized crime in America. Still, the excitement of the pre-War and war era is mostly gone, and only a hard core of "super heroes" remains active.

1947 Sgt. Strike becomes involved in repelling a secret alien invasion by a Kree client/slave race, and is placed in suspended animation by the Kree, as they study the "powerstone" he has become metabolically attached to.

1948 In one of their final cases, the JSA battles a group of disgruntled, second string American superheroes who are seeking greater fame and glory. The case concludes with the essence of the Golden Age Vision lying dormant within the body of Volton, another android created by Phineas Horton. / Captain America II is killed in action, and a third man takes over the winged cowl - 17 year old Dick Grayson, who wishes to move on from his youthful Robin persona. Dick will wear the cowl for only a few years, before the McCarthy purge in 1953 which causes the Justice Squadron to retire.

1950 A cabal of human occultists, under the subtle manipulation of Dormammu, attempts to summon and bind one of the Christian god's most powerful angels. Disappointed when their invocation produces no results except an apparently coincidental break in by a nosy police detective, Diablo, Felix Faust and the Wizard sacrifice the strangely helpless Jim Corrigan and leave in disgust. Exiled to a nether dimension by the rite, the spirits of both Corrigan and the Spectre will wander aimlessly for the next three decades of Earthly time.

1951 Rick Jones is born. / The McCarthy led Committee on Unamerican Activities demands that the Justice Squadron prove they are "true Americans" by unmasking before Congress and a national TV audience. Captain America III, although not under suspicion, delivers a rousing speech on the rights of privacy of his fellow Squadron members, and on how his fellow heroes should be judged exactly as any other man must be - by their actions, not their names or their political backgrounds. At the end of this speech, Hawkman makes a brief farewell on behalf of the JSA, and Green Lantern and Blue Beetle combine their powers to spirit the team away. A few heroes will continue subsequent solo careers, but for the most part, this is the dusk of the first heroic age. / Namor departs for Atlantis in disgust, utterly alienated by the nation of his father. / Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor retire to Paradise Island, both of them disgruntled with "Man's World". Prior to their departure, Wonder Woman rescues a female infant from a burning building, and takes the infant with her and Steve to Paradise Island. / Many marriages ensue, including Bruce Wayne and Selena Kyle, Clark Kent and Lois Lane, Jay Garrick and his fiance Joan, the Whizzer and Miss America, Dinah Drake and Larry Lance, and various others. / Carter and Shiera Hall marry and accept an offer from an alien race known as the Thanagarians that will allow them to dwell on Thanagar in exchange for Thanagar gaining the use of Carter's experimental nth metal.

1954 Twins are born to Clark and Lois Kent; Clark Kent, Jr. and Linda Lucy Kent (Kor El and Lora). / On Thanagar, Shiera Hall gives birth to a daughter, Shiera. / Lana Lang is born.

1955 The original Human Torch is "killed" for the first time. / A young schoolteacher, embittered over his discovery that the original Captain America was actually killed in WWII and the government covered it up while allowing "imposters" to take Cap's place, rediscovers the super soldier serum and becomes Captain America IV, the infamous "50s Cap". / Alan Scott continues to fight the blacklist as a television station owner-manager. / On the moon of Saturn we call Titan, but known to its inhabitants as New Genesis, he who will one day be called Lord Thanos Darkside is born. / Kree scientists combine some aspects of the "Sgt. Strike" effect with what little is understood by them of Oan power ring principles, and create the first functional "nega bands", which draw energy from the Negative Zone and shape it to the command of the wearer.

1956/1960 A brief spate of superheroes appears, including such non-notables as Marvel Boy, the 3-D Man, Venus, Rex the Wonder Dog, the Martian Manhunter, and several others. Superman and Batman occasionally emerge from retirement, often teaming up. By 1960, most of these have vanished as quickly as they came, with only the Martian Manhunter and the Red-baiting 50s Cap remaining in the public eye.

1961 An experimental rocket flight results in the creation of the Fantastic Four. / When Peter Parker, a young high school student working as a part time lab assistant for the local police department is bitten by a radioactive spider, he becomes Spider-man and gives up the part time job. The resultant load of overwork causes young Barry Allen, a police scientist visiting New York City from Central City in the Mid-west, to remain late in the laboratory one night, and a freak bolt of lightning striking a stand of chemicals next to him transforms him into the second Flash. / An exiled Thor, stricken with amnesia and a false human identity by the wrathful Odin, rediscovers his hidden hammer and regains his lost powers, if not his memory. / Henry Pym, heartsick at the death of his first wife Maria, becomes the Ant-Man out of a desire for revenge. / Steve Trevor, bored with the limited, paved section of Paradise Island he is necessarily confined to, decides to return to America, and Wonder Woman chooses to follow him. / 26 year old industrialist Tony Stark is gravely wounded while touring Vietnam and creates a set of crude powered armor to sustain his life and help him break out of captivity. / Alan Scott is contacted for the first time by the Guardians of the Universe, who tell him of the true heritage of his ring and attempt to enroll him as an official Green Lantern, since Abin Sur, the GL for Earth's sector, has recently died. Alan demurs due to his retirement, but does agree to give his ring to "a worthy successor". Hal Jordan is selected, and the Guardians modify Alan's ring to remove the weakness for wood and imcorporate the normal weakness for yellow. Green Lantern II debuts. / Above, the Kree military observers in their base on the Moon become greatly concerned at the establishment of a Green Lantern on Earth, and determined to gauge the power of these Terran crusaders, send bioengineered menaces to various different parts of the world. Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Thor, Ant Man, the new Flash, Iron Man, the Martian Manhunter and the current Captain America (IV, the 50s Cap) respond to these invasions and, working as a team, successfully repel them. With the formation of the League of Avengers, (name inspired by the League of Nations) the Second Heroic Age is born. / In the Nevada desert, Bruce Banner is tragically irradiated, and becomes the Hulk. The League of Avengers' second mission will be an unsuccessful attempt to contain his rampages, although they will not be able to recruit him. At this point, Rick Jones begins what will be a brief association with the League of Avengers.

1962 Birth of Helena Wayne to Bruce and Selena. / Namor, made wary by his 50s experiences with the United States government, contacts "Captain America" to see if things remain the same. The 50s Cap attempts to lure Namor into an ambush, figuring Namor is too powerful to remain at large. Namor, enraged, easily escapes and returns to rouse his people against the USA. Over the next decade, Namor will be a relentless foe of the Fantastic Four and the Avenging League, befriending only two surface worlders in that time - Susan Richards, and Daredevil. / Dinah and Larry Lance have a daugher, Dinah. / Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow, is assigned to obtain industrial secrets from millionaire industrialist Oliver Queen. She arranges for Queen's adult ward, Roy Harper, to become romantically entangled with her. / The original Human Torch is revived by the Mad Thinker, briefly - the android heroically sacrifices himself rather than murder Johnny Storm. At the same time the Mad Thinker acquires the Human Torch, he also acquires two other androids created by Horton - the smashed remains of Adam II, and the comatose Volton, whose form still imprisons the essence of the Golden Age Vision. / President Johnson takes the fragments of the old Argent organization and fuses them into SHIELD, appointing WWII hero Nick Fury as acting commander of the spybusting intelligence unit, with another WWII hero, Rick Flagg, as his second in command.

1963 Dick Grayson, at the age of 32, decides to return to superheroics. Since his one time job of Captain America is filled, but Batman is in semi-retirement, Dick becomes a new Batman, with Bruce Wayne's blessing. / Millionaire Oliver Queen is murdered by Evil Star, an elderly opponent from the 1940s. Roy Harper, at the age of 37, dons an updated version of Queen's Green Arrow garb and brings Evil Star to justice, with the aid of the Black Widow. Not wishing to sully the memory of the Golden Age Green Arrow, Harper takes the name Hawkeye. When the Black Widow is assigned to steal secrets from Tony Stark, she manipulates the lovestruck and grieving Roy into helping her. / Modern Marvel Comic Books debuts with such titles as Mystery Inc., the Fury, Johnny Beyond, the Incredible N-Man, USA, the Hypernaut, the Tomorrow Syndicate, and Horus, Lord of Light. Soon, these fictional heroes become even more popular than their real-life counterparts. Eventually, Modern Marvel begins publishing bizarre crossovers, in which real life heroes like Captain America and Superman "team up" with imaginary heroes like USA and Horus. / The League of Avengers battles Starro the Conqueror, and "Snapper" Carr begins to "hang out" with the team. He and Rick Jones despise each other instantly.

1964 While working together on a case, the League of Avengers invites Batman II to join them. He reluctantly demurs, but offers to guide and train young Rick Jones. Richard Grayson soon adopts Jones as his ward, and Jones becomes Robin II. / The League of Avengers discovers the original Captain America preserved in an icefloe. In the confrontation between Cap I and Cap IV, Cap IV is badly beaten. The LOA had already found Cap IV's intolerant attitudes an embarrassment, and are just as happy to have the original back. The American public remains unaware that Captain America has ever been more than one man. Young Rick Jones will forever associate Captain America with the intolerant bigotry of the paranoid 50s. / Donna Troy, raised and trained by the Amazons of Paradise Island, travels to Man's World to fight at the side of her mentor as Wonder Girl. / A member of another Atlantaen race, Arthur Curry, contacts the League of Avengers to warn them of an impending attack on the Eastern seaboard by Namor. Curry shows so much valor and ability in helping the League to oppose Namor that he is invited to join; he does, taking on the identity of Aquaman. Soon thereafter, he introduces his young ward Aqualad to the rest of the heroic world. / When 10 year old Lana Lang's archeologist father is killed by Soviet saboteurs, she becomes attached to Ant Man, the hero who brings them to justice. Henry Pym adopts the young girl as his ward, and creates the persona of Insect Queen for her at her insistence. / In Central City, a bizarre duplication of the original chemical accident that created Flash II transforms 13 year old Wally West into Kid Flash. / Col. Rick Flagg begins recruiting "Forgotten Heroes" for a SHIELD Super Agents program. The program backfires badly, and Flagg is killed by a super-agent infiltrator secretly sponsored by HYDRA. / Another wave of "superheroes" appears, including the Black Hood, the Jaguar, a new Shield, Flyman, Flygirl, the Creeper, and the Web. / Kang the Conqueror makes his first attempt to conquer the 20th Century since the days of his amnesiac Per Degaton identity. Although the LOA quickly falls to his advanced technology, the courage and resourcefulness of Snapper Carr and his plucky Teen Brigade are directly responsible for freeing the LOA from Kang's devices, allowing them to defeat the time travelling menace for the first time. Snapper is made an official honorary member, and the other members of the Teen Brigade are publicly decorated for their efforts.

1965 The absurd threat of Mr. Twister brings together Rick "Robin" Jones, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Insect Queen, and Aqualad; the Teen Titans are born. / Simultaneously, Professor Charles Xavier recruits young mutants to form a team of "X-Men" who will provide a positive role model for mutants everywhere. Coincidentally, Niles Caulder begins recruiting "freaks" for his own "Doom Patrol". Nearly two decades later, it is revealed that Caulder is only a schizoid sub-persona of Xavier's, who has used his vast telepathic abilities to cause the very accidents that created both the "freaks" in the Doom Patrol, and the irradiated genes of his "X-Men's" parents, out of a demented dedication to "improving" humanity. / Mar Vell of the Kree arrives on Earth as a spy and adopts a "superhero" guise in order to find quicker acceptance, with the eventual intention of infiltrating the League of Avengers. / Virtually the entire League of Avengers decides to leave the team for a time, leaving Captain America to lead a group of relative newcomers - the Atom, Steel Sterling, and reformed villains Hawkeye, Quicksilver, and the Scarlet Witch. / The United Nations creates THUNDER, an international watch-and-intervene paramilitary force with some superpowered agents. Nick Fury is asked to head the international team, and resigns his directorship of SHIELD to take the job. Theodore Marley Brooks is appointed Acting Director, pending a permanent successor.

1966 Clark Kent, Jr. and Linda Lucy Kent debut as Superboy and Supergirl at the age of 12. Linda wears a blond wig in her guise as Supergirl to protect her secret identity; Clark relies on hair style and glasses, as his father did. / Dr. Frederick Wertham publishes a controversial study indicating that many modern adolescents do not know the difference between the fictional "superheroes" published by Modern Marvel Comics and real life costumed adventurers. In the ensuing uproar, Modern Marvel Comics voluntarily agrees to only publish "authorized" comic books about existing heroes, and within months, every other comics publisher either follows suit or gives up publishing superhero comics entirely. / Oscar Goldman is made permanent director of SHIELD, taking over for Acting Director Theodore Marley Brooks.

1967 Superboy and Supergirl team up with the Teen Titans to battle the menace of the Hep-Cat Horror. Clark Kent, Jr. and Lana Lang become romantically interested in each other, as do Rick Jones and Linda Kent, although the Kryptonian adolescents are never officially made members of the Teen Titans. / Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, and Captain Marvel, Jr. awaken from the Hibernium where they have been in suspended animation since the mid 1940s. / Henry Pym returns to the League of Avengers as Goliath, bringing a 13 year old Lana Lang with him. Lana has also taken on a new identity - the Wasp. Lana remains active in the Teen Titans as well during this period.

1968 Teenagers from the 30th Century - Chuckie 27, Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, and Astro Boy - travel backwards in time to meet their heroes, Superboy and Supergirl of the 20th Century. After "hazing" them with rigged "entry exams", the nascent Galactic Legion finally extends an authentic offer of enrollment to both young heroes. Superboy and Supergirl reluctantly turn down full time membership, but happily accept honorary positions. / Many previous members return to the League of Avengers. When an experiment of Hank Pym's goes awry, Ultron is born.

1969 Ultron acquires Horton's remaining androids from the Mad Thinker, and redesigns Volton's form extensively using technology from Adam II. With Phineas Horton's help, the hybrid android is brought to life and programmed to destroy the League of Avengers - but the heroic spirit of the Golden Age Vision stirs, and "the Vision" ends up joining the LOA against Ultron. Ultron murders Phineas Horton in a fit of rage. / Victor Von Doom teams up with an elderly Lex Luthor for the first time, and succeeds in shrinking his hated enemies, the Fantastic Four, imprisoning them in a tiny model of a Latverian village. When Luthor attempts to turn the shrinking ray against Smallville in the hopes of trapping his old enemy Superman, now retired, the Fantastic Four regain their true size and defeat both villains resoundingly. Although Luthor and von Doom blame each other for the debacle, they will continue to occasionally team up until Luthor's death in 1979.

1970 Lex Luthor considers forming a "Secret Society of Supervillains" to enhance his own power base; simultaneously, Victor Von Doom decides to covertly organize an expanded "Masters of Evil" group to spread discord in the free nations of the West. The two consult and decide to combine their concepts; the "Master Society of Evil" is born. The Society offers various union-like services to super-villains, including not only legal representation, but also guaranteed break outs and access to a worldwide network of well-equipped hideouts. The organization quickly proves popular, and becomes a major thorn in the side of the League of Avengers. / An organization of scientific criminals, Advanced Idea Mechanics, inadvertently creates the Cosmic Cube while experimenting with residual power ring energy they have painstakingly gathered from the sites of Green Lantern's activities.

1971 Skrull infiltrators in the American Senate attempt to discredit the League of Avengers, resulting in the LOA's involvement in the distant Kree-Skrull War. Eventually, a core line up of the most powerful, resourceful and versatile LOA members - Thor, Green Lantern, Hawkeye, the Flash, the Scarlet Witch, the Martian Manhunter, Iron Man, the Atom, the Vision, and Animal Man, among others - travels to the Kree homeworld in a distant galaxy and is instrumental in the defeat of both sides of the war, saving the Earth.

1972 On their 18th birthday, Clark Kent, Jr. and Linda Lucy Kent decide together to change their superhero names to Superman and Superwoman. / On Thanagar, 18 year old Shiera, daughter of the Golden Age Hawkman and Hawkwoman, is accepted in to the Thanagarian police academy. She falls in love with one of her instructors, 40 year old Katar Hol, and they become engaged.

1973 Superman and Superwoman join the League of Avengers. / Dick Grayson retires from active superheroics and accepts a posting as legal counsel to the United Nations. With Grayson's permission, Richard Jones assumes the mantle of Batman. / The second Superman and the third Batman team up for the first time, forging a lasting partnership and friendship that results in Batman's joining the LOA later that year. / As Lana Lang passes her 19th birthday, the Teen Titans quietly disband. / Lex Luthor publishes a controversial paper, establishing a genetic link between Kryptonians, Daxamites, Asgardians, "New Gods" and Eternals, referring to such races as "Galactic Overbeings". Victor Von Doom promptly claims that Luthor has stolen Doom's own research, and publishes a virtually identical paper, labelling the named races "Cosmic Ubermen". Perversely, Doom's tag becomes common usage, although Luthor's paper is considered to be definitive by the scientific community.

1974 An aging Doc Savage is captured while trying to foil a plan by his arch enemy, John Sunlight. Savage manages to construct a hypersonic signalling device from equipment he has hidden on his person, and the young Superman and Superwoman rescue him after foiling Sunlight's latest world conquering scheme. In gratitude, Savage deeds his long unused Arctic "Fortress of Solitude" to the young heroes. Within days, Clark and Linda Lucy have customized the Fortress, building a gigantic door onto the front of it that can only be opened by a massive golden key which few beings have the strength to move. / Shiera Hall marries Katar Hol after their first year serving together as Thanagarian police, who are all modeled on her parents' superheroic identities. She and Katar travel to Earth for their honeymoon, become embroiled in local superhero activities as a modern Hawkman and Hawkwoman, and decide to remain here permanently. Carter and Shiera Hall relocate back to Earth as well.

1975 Lord Thanos Darkside sets aside his quest for the reality ruling Anti-Life Equation, when he has the opportunity to obtain the absurdly powerful Cosmic Cube. To forestall Thanos' imminent conquest/destruction of the Universe, Captain Mar-Vell alerts the LOA. The LOA eventually foils Thanos' plans, with the aid of many of the "New Gods", a Titanian branch of Eternals. As a result, Orion, Big Barda, Mr. Miracle, Lightray, and Starfox all join the LOA for a brief period. / Hawkman and Hawkwoman are also instrumental in the Thanos' affair, as they have access to Thanagarian FTL craft, and they also join the LOA during the adventure.

1976 SHIELD Director Oscar Goldman initiates a cybernetic augmentation project under the auspices of the newly revived SHIELD Super Agents program. Colonel Steve Austin, the "Six Million Dollar Man", becomes the program's first notable success.

1979 A team of young, unknown heroes - Cyborg, Changeling, Starfire, and Raven - calling themselves the "New Teen Titans" debuts. However, none of them have any leadership ability, and internal squabbling soon breaks the team up. In their brief time together, though, the group manages to earn the enmity of both HYDRA and the HIVE, who put large contracts out on each team member. Over the next year, various professional assassins - Bullseye, Deathstroke, and Arcade - murder the young heroes. / Lex Luthor creates Kryptonite X in an attempt to give himself Ubermen type abilities. He miscalculates a molecular formula in synthesis of the element, and ends up dying of radiation poisoning.

1980 Dinah Lance, the daughter of Dinah Drake and Larry Lance, debuts as the modern Black Canary. / Clark "Doc" Savage, Jr. and Senator Jefferson Smith are elected President and Vice President of the United States of America on the Republican ticket. One of Savage's first acts as President is to authorize the creation of a covert "Suicide Squad", out of a devout desire to provide constructive work for captured super-villains. The new "Suicide Squad" is placed under the loose command of SHIELD. When SHIELD Director Goldman retires, President Savage tries to restore Theodore Marley Brooks to the Directorship, but meets stiff resistance from Congress and the Armed Services, who prefer Rick Flagg, Jr., the son of the original Assistant Director, to take over the post. Eventually, Flagg is appointed to the post, but the controversial Suicide Squad program is placed under the direction of Amanda Waller.

1983 The first Superman emerges from retirement for the last time on February 12th, when Dr. Doom traps the entire LOA in stasis as part of a poorly judged, dangerously desperate world conquest attempt. Both Doom and Superman are destroyed in the conflict that follows; February 12th becomes known as "Doomsday" and, for the short time that civilization continues following the event, becomes a worldwide day of mourning. / Although several dominant super-criminals attempt to run the Master Society of Evil after Doom's death, including Professor Sivana, John Sunlight, Madame Hydra, Kobra, the Iron Maiden, Baron Zemo II, Gorilla Grodd, the Enchantress, and even Loki, Doom and his technology prove irreplaceable, and the Society merely limps along until 1985, when Lord Thanos Darkside takes command.

1984 The chaotically disruptive events of Doomsday cause something of a backlash in public opinion against superhumans, which is carefully nurtured by Thanos Darkside through his minion, Glorious Godfrey. Due to this, "Doc" Savage refuses to campaign for re-election, fearing his candidacy would damage the Republican party. Jefferson Smith becomes the Republican candidate for President, and loses to Walter Mondale.

1985 Thanos Darkside takes control of the secret hideout network and the entire Master Society of Evil. He launches an all out attack on Earth's superhero community. In desperation, Highfather/Mentor taps into the Source in a dangerous attempt at expelling Thanos from the entire time-space continuum, which only results in Thanos and nearly every superhero and supervillain on Earth being hurled back to the dawn of time. Here, Thanos is supposedly destroyed. During this cosmic battle, several heroes and villains are killed, and the remaining heroes and villains are exiled with no apparent hope of escape, billions of years in the past. To 1985 Earth, it is as if abruptly, every known metahuman has simply vanished without explanation.

1986/1995 Over the next decade, the collapse of several superhuman operated corporate entities precipitates a general economic decline. As a result of such foreclosures and bankruptcies, advanced technology, especially personal weapons, floods the international markets, destabilizing government authority. Social structures begin a long, general descent into chaos. / In 1986, the Guardians of the Universe assign Green Lantern Fiawol Fijagh to investigate Hal Jordan's disappearance. Upon discovering the current state of Earth, the Guardians decide to enact a policy of non-interference for the planet and the entire Earthly human race. / During this time a very few "superhuman" figures appear - in Chicago, a lunatic scarecrow named Darkman begins a brief career of terrifying the local underworld, while in Detroit, a poorly conceived cybernetics program results in one successful Robocop operative, and a string of spectacular failures, all in the early '90s. / In 1993, a coalition of national governments funds a United Nations interstellar space exploration project aimed at promoting world unity and restoring some sort of social order. The project reaches its culmination in 1998, with the launch of a single "astronaut", Vance Astro, a 13 year old boy in a suspended animation slowship that is projected to reach Alpha Centauri in something less than a millenium. Unfortunately, the end of the project signals another general economic crash, as the inflationary currency used to fund the space launch collapses without the ongoing efforts of the project to support it. As the Millenium approaches, street violence escalates, and millions die over the next three years due to starvation, disease, and a general lack of social organization and central authority.

2000 The hit and miss genetic engineering that has been occurring since the early 1930s - or earlier, if one counts Clark Savage, Sr.'s experiments on his son - culminates in the creation of a full blown race of adult supermen, led by Khan. A botched attempt by Khan at taking over the gutted United Nations results in a global nuclear exchange (The Great Disaster begins) which Khan and his supermen flee into space to escape, using a prototype suspended animation craft based on the technology developed for the Vance Astro project. / Lord Thanos Darkside, resurrected by a pact with Death, returns to the all but destroyed Earth, confident in his ability to winnow the Anti- Life Equation from the relatively few surviving minds there. To prevent this, Highfather once again taps into the Source in an attempts to cause every surviving soul on Earth to transmigrate from human forms to animal form, foiling Thanos' scanning devices. This only works with around half the population, but Thanos' goals are confounded for decades. Future historians label the events of this year as "The Great Disaster". (The Great Disaster ends.)

2001/2020 Over the next decade, the now sentient animals on Earth evolve humanoid forms at extremely accelerated rates and set up rudimentary social organizations, based on the remnants of human civilization around them. / In 2003, a dying race of Martians invades the arid American mid-West, hoping to set up a base for conquest of the disorganized planet. A human survivor named Killraven organizes a loose resistance effort. / In 2014, a boy named Kamandi emerges from an East Coast bomb shelter and begins to explore the world, staying for the most part in the animorph dominated Northeast. / Society rapidly degenerates into anarchy in areas untouched by nuclear warheads... in Australia, stories of Mad Max, the Road Warrior, reach the stature of legend during this period. In America, various sightings of odd figures are made, including a cyborg named Deathlok on the West Coast, and a nomadic group known as the Atomic Knights. / Thanos contemptuously ejects the Kree from their base on the moon and takes it over himself. He spends more than a decade re-calibrating his psionic scanners in order to be able to "read" the subconscious minds of animorphs as well as humans. / In 2003, the Skrulls attempt to conquer the helpless Earth, mostly out of a desire for vengeance. Kree intelligence gets wind of the the Skrull plan, and a full Kree battle fleet intercepts the Skrull force on the perimeter of the Solar System. For the next forty years, neither side of the skirmish allows the other to penetrate within the outer orbit of Neptune; unbeknownst to both sides, their stand-off is being subtly maintained by the Green Lantern Corps, to enforce the Guardians' decree of non-interference with Earth.

2021 Killraven and his band of aging freedom fighters discover an abandoned American biological warfare research silo in the Midwest, containing artificial disease strains especially tailored to attack non-human DNA, as a last ditch defense against alien invaders. They release them. / Over the next five years, various strains of plague rage across the world. The Martian invaders die off almost overnight. Another strain targets the various animorph races; within a relatively short time, the Earth is virtually empty again.

2022/2050 Human civilization rebuilds itself, using the mostly untouched technological base left from the crash twenty years before. Japan, which had survived the Great Disaster and the post-Disaster years virtually intact, becomes a key player in the global rebuilding, alongside the USA, which quickly revives due to the extensive network of advanced technological complexes that survived for the most part untouched. By the mid century mark, much of Earth's economic and industrial base has been restored to the level of the early 1990s. / In 2043, Earth reckoning, Thanagar, Rann, Vulcan and Galador form an alliance called the United Planets, for mutual aid against Kree and Skrull incursions into their galactic locality.

2051 The nascent United Planets contacts the Japan-America dominated United Nations; Earth is accepted into membership later that year.

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