VISUAL: Andi Popadoulos, at about the age of 16 - this story takes place in what will be the past of the mainstream series, during the end of the time period when Dana Weingarden is living on Onastos Island. Andi is wearing some kind of workout clothes and has a cloth laundrybag with some sort of small package inside it secured to her back with a strap across her chest. Andi is running up a narrow, steep, rather dangerous looking mountain path. Although she is obviously running with effort, she is also obviously far from winded, and in fact, looks like she could do this all day. These shots of Andi should always be subtly from above, as they are from Dana's point of view - she is flying high above, watching Andi approach her house at the top of this mountain.

CAPTION: I have alarms on all the approaches to my home, here. Paranoid, I suppose. After I tossed the last nuisance who bothered me up here a mile out to sea, I've been pretty much left alone.

CAPTION: Except for Andi. She comes up here any excuse she can find. It's sweet, I suppose... but she's getting to an age where I'm going to have to deal with her crush on me pretty soon.


VISUAL: Andi vault/flips with alarming grace, skill and agility over a formidable metal gate closing a narrow opening in the rockface.

CAPTION: For her own good, if not mine...

CAPTION: Hey, very nice move there, kiddo!


VISUAL: Over the next three panels, Andi, standing at the edge of a deep crevasse, whirls a rope with a grappling hook around over her head, throws it, and walks across the rope, arms out for balance. Captions are one to each panel.

CAPTION: Huh... if she'd rung the bell at the gate, I'd have lowered the bridge... how's she going to...

CAPTION: Came prepared, did you? Smart girl... would have made a great Girl Scout...

CAPTION: -- what the hell! -- goddamit, little girl, if you fall, your great grandmother will skin me for a RUG --


VISUAL: Shot is now clearly from above, getting closer, as Dana swoops down towards Andi, who is standing on the other side of the abyss, looking up in surprise. POV is still Dana's, so Andi appears to be looking up out of the panel at the reader. Maybe Dana's swooping shadow is on the ground near Andi's feet.

CAPTION: Enough is enough - if I have to watch her jumping the spike-pits, my hair will turn gray.

CAPTION: Well, grayer...



VISUAL: Large panel, taking up 2/3s of page from top to bottom - this is our splash. We see Andi and Dana, now. In the background, we can see that the winding path continues up the side of the mountain through various hazards and gates until it reaches a small, picturesque stone shepherd's cottage at the top, which probably has several newer-looking wooden additions added on to it. Andi is looking up as Dana, who is still ten feet or so above the ground, comes in for a landing - typical superhero landing pose. Dana is dressed in her normal clothing - probably blue jeans, sneakers or hiking boots, some kind of loose, button up, overlarge shirt - maybe old Army fatigues. Her hair is loose around her head, with a rolled up handkerchief for a headband. As we've discussed, Dana does not look her real age - she should have a look of world weary experience and hard usage - a few wrinkles, and prominent streaks of gray in her otherwise black hair, but biologically, she's no more than 35 or so. Give her a good figure but keep it within normal human female configuations; this is, after all, supposed to be a realistic comic book. Since this is our first view of Dana, she should dominate the shot.

DANA: Need a lift?


An Introduction to Amazonia

Credit captions: Created by Darren Madigan & Nancy Champion

Written by Darren Madigan

Artwork by Nancy Champion

Lettered by Some Lucky Person

Edited by Someone with Remarkably Good Taste in Comics Proposals


VISUAL: Andi is obviously experiencing conflicting emotions - happiness at seeing her idol, embarrassed shyness for the same reason, all adding up to a kind of goofy bashful clumsiness as she fumbles the bag she is carrying open. Dana should be in some pose that indicates she is reaching into the bag, or maybe taking a box-like postal parcel out. Dana has landed by now, BTW.

ANDI: Ah... Dana... I mean, Lady Liberty... um... Miss Weingarden... ah, you got some mail...

DANA: Must be something special, if Demetria told you to bring it on up instead of throwing it out...

ANDI: Uh huh, uh huh! Great grandma said you'd want it... she said it was from...


VISUAL: Close-up, maybe in one of those neat round panels like from 40s comics, on Dana's face, as she reads the return address on the package. She's shocked, and maybe, pleased, but mostly, shocked.

DANA: Karl. O my God.


VISUAL: Andi is practically jumping up and down in her excitement. Dana just stares at the package in shock.

ANDI: Karl Webb! Midnight Master! Maybe he needs your help on some big case! Maybe it's secret plans or some kind of powerful magical artifact he wants you to hide for him! Maybe...

DANA: I... ah... yeah, sure. Maybe I should open it before you have a stroke, honey.


VISUAL: Dana tucks the package under one arm and slings her other arm around Andi's shoulders.

CAPTION: Well, since she was nice enough to bring it up for me, I may as well give the kid a thrill...

DANA: You up for some lunch, kiddo?

ANDI: Uh...


VISUAL: Dana, holding Andi firmly around the shoulders, flies into the air powerfully. Andi has both arms wrapped around Dana's torso, and is both scared, thrilled, and certainly aroused. If you can make this shot seem somewhat sexual without being obvious about it, it would be a good effect.

DANA: Okay - hang on! The Lady Liberty Express is cleared for take-off!


VIZ: Black and white, grainy newsreel close up of young Dana in Lady Liberty outfit. She's feeling awkward and camera shy. The footage was shot back in 1942, and the clip is being projected now against a small screen.

radio balloon: ...talking with Lady Liberty, the American GI's favorite pin up girl...

Film Dana: I... listen, I'm not sure what... I mean, I don't think of myself that way...

VIZ: Shot is of modern-day Dana, sitting in an overstuffed armchair. On an endtable next to her we see an oldfashioned 16 mm movie projector which is evidently projecting the newsreel - light glaring out the front, etc. Dana is casually dressed. Her face has a few wrinkles around the eyes, and her hair is black shot through with streaks of gray, but she looks to be in her mid-30s, for the most part, although she probably has an air of hard usage about her. There is an obviously just opened postal parcel in her lap, and several 16 mm film reels can be seen stacked around, in her lap, by the projector, on the arms of the chair, etc.

radio balloon: Now don't you fret your pretty head, Lady Liberty. We'll be talking about all the damage you've done to Fritz, never fear... but we don't want our boys or the folks at home who will be watching this to feel intimidated...

REAL DANA (in chair) ..."fret my pretty head"... I could have picked up you and your whole camera crew and tossed you over the studio one handed, you twerp...