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VISUAL: A full page opening splash. This is symbolic; representing many elements from this issue - perhaps a head and shoulders shot of Black Lotus somewhere, some armed Soviet troopers, the big metal fusion-monster from the lab sequence, the wrecked lab itself suffused with bolts and tendrils of energy, Hugo laughing in a sinister fashion, the Soviet submarine - all swirling around a dramatic shot of Team Venture in full costume looking all heroic in the center of the page. Or perhaps something could be done with this sort of representive visual and the heads of the various members of TV spaced down the side of the page - although we might do better to wait until a later issue for that.

CAPTION: There are unique moments in the history of every world, when all that has come before and all that will come after stand poised on the threshold of vast, sweeping, near incomprehensible change! Such a moment is occurring now in the annals of the planet Earth - now, at 5:22 PM in the afternoon of March 13, 1964, in New York City! This is the birth of a time of legends - the dawning of a new Heroic Age!

CAPTION: This is the beginning of everything -




VISUAL: Lab scene. Dr. V and Hugo are standing in front of a control panel, animatedly discussing something on the dials. Perhaps one of them is holding a clipboard. In the background we can see a large observation window in the wall, looking out onto a connecting hallway. Perhaps we can see Kim through this window about to knock on the lab door.

CAPTION: But who - and what - is Team Venture?

CAPTION: For the answer to that question, we must go back in time some twenty minutes. The location is the main laboratory in the private complex owned by Dr. Matthew Venture and Dr. Hugo Random:

HUGO: You see, Matthew? The results are compatible with my equations! It is time to move to the final stage -

MATTHEW: Hugo, I'm sorry, but I'm still not satisfied. There remains a quantum instability to some of these readings -

F.X. (from lab door) KNOK! KNOK!


VISUAL: Kimberly, the secretary, steps into the lab. She's a babe, but bookish - hair up, glasses, professional office attire circa 1964. She's holding a message slip and has a long suffering look on her face.

KIM: Dr. Random, Dr. Venture - it's 5:00. I'm leaving for the day.

HUGO: Five o'clock? PM ? Already? Muen godt!

DR. V: Time flies when you're revolutionizing world transport, eh Hugo?

KIM: Dr. Venture - your wife called. I'm supposed to remind you about your birthday dinner tonight...?


VISUAL: Dr. V hits himself in the forehead. Hugo looks sympathetic but crafty, trying to persuade Dr. V to go to his party and forget about the lab.

DR. V: Oh, no! I forgot it even was my birthday! And we still have three test series to finish on the new reintegration circuitry!

HUGO: No, no, my friend... you have been working much too hard. You go to your party.

HUGO: Better that than face the wrath of your oh so lovely wife, yes?



VISUAL: Matt, trusting chump that he is, doesn't suspect anything at first. He and Hugo are friendly in this panel, but Matt is starting to be suspicious at the end of this exchange.

DR. V: Oh, Trish would understand - she's very patient. But you're right, Hugo - about both of us. We could both stand a little cake and ice cream, I think.

HUGO: Oh, well - I appreciate your thoughtfulness, Matthew, but I'm sure this is family only

DR. V: Nonsense! And besides, Hugo, you practically are family -



VISUAL: Dawn over Boulderhead. Matt turns to Hugo, abruptly realizing that Hugo wants him out of the lab. Hugo gets surly and defensive.

DR. V: Yes - you've never objected to coming on family outings before - so what are you planning to do once I leave the lab, Hugo?

HUGO: You fool! I plan nothing we shouldn't be doing any way!

HUGO: You've a brilliant mind, Matthew - but you lack courage!


VISUAL: Hugo leaning over the master control panel, pushing buttons and making adjustments. Matt comes up behind him, reaching out to stop him.

HUGO: We're ready to go to the final stage - but you want to fritter away the next year with specious tests!

DR. V: Hugo, for God's sake, we aren't ready -

HUGO: No! You have your reputation, Matthew - but I'm still just an obscure foreigner! I won't waste any more time!



VISUAL: Outside in the parking lot, we see the Venture's station wagon from outside as it pulls up outide the converted warehouse where Matt and Hugo have their lab. A sign next to the front door says RANDOM-VENTURE THEORETICAL FACILITIES. Trish is driving the car, with Paul in the front seat next to her, Jay & Becky are in the back seat.

CAPTION: Meanwhile, out in front of the building at that moment:

TRISH: Does anyone want to bet on how long it will take us to pry the two mad scientists out of their lair?

JAY: Half an hour at least, Mom!

BECKY: But it's Dr. Venture's birthday -


VISUAL: Everyone gets out of the station wagon - Jay bouncing enthusiastically, Paul painfully with his cane, Becky and Trish both hanging back in case he needs help without being obvious about it. Conversations continue.

JAY: Like that'll matter. Remember two years ago when he forgot Christmas?

PAUL: That's what we're here for, kids - to make sure he doesn't forget this time!

TRISH: I called Kimberly to remind them before we left -

BECKY: Is - will Dr. Random be coming along?


VISUAL: Close up on Becky's face, feeling chagrined with herself. Maybe Jay is grinning off to the side, oblivious.

TRISH: (off panel, probably) Well, he's certainly invited. He's one of Matt's closest friends

BECKY: (thot) Oh, I shouldn't have said anything! It's not like I'm part of the family either -

BECKY: (thot) - but that Dr. Random just gives me the creeps, somehow!


VISUAL: The kids move on to the door ahead while we focus on Trish and Paul talking quietly behind them as they move slowly towards the lab. Trish is concerned that Paul's back and leg may be hurting him more than he's letting on.

PAUL: Just between you, me, and the lamp post, Trish - I won't cry if Hugo doesn't want to come -


TRISH: Have you been skipping your pain pills, Paul? You know what Matt told you -

PAUL: Yes, mother! And you know how I feel about pills -



VISUAL: Jay and Becky coming through the front door into the reception area, which is empty and mostly dark. Jay is running on ahead.

JAY: Hey, Beck, hold the door for the slowpokes! I'm going to go get Dad!

BECKY: Sure - Don't get lost!

JAY: Gee, in the hall today you told me to get lost -

BECKY: You're right! Please get lost!


VISUAL: Jay has been running down the hall; now he stops to look through the large plate-glass observation window into the lab that we've seen in the background of the previous lab scenes. He looks shocked.

JAY: (thot) She's dreamin'! I know this place like the back of my -

JAY: (loud) HEY! What's going on in there?



VISUAL: Paul and Trish walking in the front door, which Becky is holding open for Paul. They talk and then hear Jay yelling from offpanel and down the hall.

PAUL: Thanks, hon - these old bones don't get around as well as they used to -

TRISH: Cut that out right now, brother in law - you're only a year older than I am!

BECK: Well, that's pretty old, Mrs. Venture -

JAY: (off panel, loud) YOU GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY DAD!!

HUGO: You wretched brat -



VISUAL: Paul bursts into the connecting hall at a dead run, his face twisted in concern and pain. Becky and Trish are in the doorway from the reception area behind him.

PAUL: Trish, stay with Becky! Get on the horn to the cops!

PAUL: (thot) Hurts like hell to move this fast - but there's no telling what's happening to Matt and Jay!


VISUAL: Paul hurls himself into the lab. Hugo is across the room at the master control panel. Matt is sprawled, groggy, on the floor between Paul and Hugo. Jay is stretched out apparently unconscious on the main teleport platform. Hugo takes the time to sneer at Paul; they've never liked each other much.

PAUL: Hugo! If you've hurt either of them, I'll break you in two!

HUGO: Ah, the crippled cavalry limps laboriously to the rescue!

HUGO: You should have brought a pistol, Venture! Your glory days are long past -


VISUAL: Paul leaps on Hugo, and they both fall onto the control board Hugo was messing with.

HUGO: - while mine are just beginni - NO!

PAUL: I always thought you were nuts, Hugo! Now you can be nuts in a body cast!

HUGO: Threats? From a washed up Olympic gymnast with a bad back?


VISUAL: Paul and Hugo continue to struggle; Hugo is forcing Paul back towards the teleport platform. Hugo has a look of demented glee on his face. Kirbyesque energy is starting to crackle all around them.

HUGO: This isn't one of your professional wrestling matches, Venture! There's no script here!

PAUL: You - creep -!

HUGO: What's more, your brother has told me of your injuries -



VISUAL: Hugo knees Paul at the base of his spine. Paul howls and falls backward onto the platform. Energy is billowing everywhere now. Hugo is exultant in his triumph.

HUGO: And I fight dirty!



HUGO: I'd originally planned to teleport myself as the final test - but why risk my own unique genius when you worthless bourgeois Ventures are practically falling all over yourselves to volunteer?




VISUAL: Hugo climbing a metal ladder across the room or otherwise leaving as Trish and Becky follow Paul through the main entrance to the lab. They go towards Matt, who is still sprawled in the middle of the floor. Energy is still all over the place.

HUGO (thot)The teleportation energy is cycling higher than I anticipated! But I'll be safe up here in our insulated observation chamber!



VISUAL: Trish kneels on the floor, pulling Matt's head into her lap. He's struggling to say something. Becky stands beside them, looking agonizedly at Paul and Jay sprawled on the TP platform. The energy continues to seethe.

BECKY: Paul and Jay - they're hurt! What - what should I -

TRISH: Matthew! There's something happening - you have to tell us what to do to stop it!

MATT: - told him it wasn't ready - now it's cycling out of control -

MATT: - we've got to get out -

CAPTION: The seething energy continues to build towards its critical point! Human history begins to pivot on the fulcrum of fate


VISUAL: This panel is the remainder of the page. The energy explodes, the five figures in the lab are suffused with it as they are disintegrated and reintegrated by the out of control teleportation field. The light - the light is taking them to pieces.

CAPTION: - and then Destiny arrives with a roar!




VISUAL: Jason, surrounded by energy, reappears in costume, ten feet or so above the lab floor. He does not fall. The lab has been wrecked as the teleportation energy has selectively removed various supporting parts of various pieces of heavy equipment, apparently at random.

CAPTION: Jason Venture is closest to the energy field's epicenter - and he reappears first -


JAY: Dad! Dad! Where are -

JAY: Uh... I'm - flying?


VISUAL: Jason still ten feet up in the air, looks down to see Becky reappearing, surrounded by energy, below him.

JAY: Wow, Dad's gonna flip when he sees this mess -

JAY: What's that - ?

JAY: Becky?!?


VISUAL: Jay swoops down and catches Becky, who is also in full costume - such as it is- in his arms as she starts to fall backwards. She's stunned and groggy, probably from a far more sweeping transformation than Jay's. Another reformation begins behind them, although we can't see who it is.

JAY: Hey freckle-head - don't scare me!

BECKY: Jay - what's happening? I feel so weird -

JAY: Beats me! But if Dad's okay, he'll know!


VISUAL: Seething energy boils around Dr. Venture and Trish as they reform together. Dr. Venture is no longer sprawled on the ground with his head in her lap; instead, they are crouched together, looking confused but healthy and ready for action. Both, of course, are also in TV uniform.

TRISH: Kids! We're over here!

DR. V: Jay! Becky! You're all right! Thank God!

JAY: Mom! Dad!



VISUAL: The four rush up to each other. Jay and Trish babbling happily, Becky is looking around for Paul, who still hasn't rematerialized. Dr. V is staring around in bemused wonder with his new hypersenses.

JAY: Hey, check the wild threads! What's up with the wardrobe, folks o' mine?

TRISH: I was about to ask you the same thing -

BECKY: I'm so glad to see you all - but where's -

DR. V: - Paul - !


VISUAL: Dr. V dramatically sweeps his arms out, pushing the other three back behind him, shouting urgently. The others look confused but frightened. They are all brightly lit from the front as Paul starts to reform in a blossom of energy.

DR. V: All of you get back! Paul is rematerializing -

DR. V: - right here! And there's something wrong - !



VISUAL: The big Mike Norton weird physics sequence! TV throws their hands over their eyes as Paul begins to rematerialize with a blinding flash! TV begins to lower their hands over this three panel sequence, which should probably run across the top of the page. There is a constant, dwindling hum from one panel to the next, reflected in the FX caption below:

FX: ZZZMMMMzzzmmmmmzzzzzzmmmmmmm

JAY: Dad, what's -

BECKY: Dr. Venture, is that -

TRISH: - Paul?

DR. V: Everyone keep back! It's Paul - but there's something not -


VISUAL: This panel, again, takes up the remainder of the page. It's a spooky shot, as Paul finally rematerializes - as a gigantic nebulous, glowing, humanoid form constructed of some kind of barely coherent plasma. It is recognizably Paul in vague detail, but the form fills the vast, ruined lab, and would probably be 50 feet tall if it could stand. It is sort of kneeling/laying on its side, one hand outstretched plaintively towards the family, a rictus of pain on its face. Paul's oversized figure should probably be semi-transparent, with bits of equipment and walls visible through him. The others are obviously shocked and horrified.

DR. V: - right...

PAUL: Matt?

PAUL: H-help... me?



VISUAL: The team looks on, horrified and stunned. Dr. V stares, unable to believe his enhanced vision. Becky is frustrated and exasperated, and begins to reach out to Paul.

JAY: Holy cripes! Uncle Paul - !

TRISH: Matt, what's wrong with him? What - ?

DR. V: His body is composed of coherent plasma - but it's unstable... !

DR. V: He's imploding - !

BECKY: He's asking for help! We have to help him -

CAPTION: The courageous young girl reaches out instinctively -


VISUAL: Becky's arms flare up into electrical arc-appendages; she grasps Paul in her expanded electrical hands and he writhes as if in pain. The others are dumbfounded, but Dr. V watches with interest.

CAPTION: - and the unbelievable follows!


BECKY: Oh my gosh!

JAY: Cripes! She's throwing lightning bolts out of her hands!

DR. V: No - her arms have become electrical energy! Yet she still has articulate fingers -


VISUAL: Becky's electrified hands continue to hold Paul's plasmoid form, which is glowing but appears to be shrinking. Dr. V watches from beside Becky, fascinated.

BECKY: I'm hurting him - !

DR. V: No! The energy you're providing is reinforcing his weakened molecular bonds! Don't stop! He's collapsing towards atomic equilibrium -

PAUL: aaahh aggghh ahhhh


VISUAL: Once again there is a blinding flash of light, this time accompanied by a burst of explosive force. Becky and Dr. V and the others are thrown back. Becky throws up her arms as she is tossed back; one is human again, the other is still partially electrical.




VISUAL: The 'normal' giant form of Atlas is seen now, but indistinctly, as smokelike tendrils of energy curl up from it. Atlas is the center of the panel, on hands and knees, struggling to rise and fight; the others are sprawled around Atlas on their sides, backs, or asses, staring at him dazedly. Only Jay is not sprawled on the ground; he's hovering in the air, gaping.

PAUL: ohhhhh

PAUL: Get - get away from that panel, Hugo -

JAY: Uncle Paul?



VISUAL: Paul rises to his feet, one hand out to grapple, the other arm drawn back for a mighty punch. Like everyone else, he's in costume. He's confused. Jayhawk flies in front of him to reassure him.

PAUL: I mean it! I'll break your neck -

PAUL: Jay? You're okay!

PAUL: Um... you're flying - ?

JAY: We're all okay, Uncle Paul! And yeah, I'm flying - ain't that a trip?


VISUAL: Everyone crowds around Paul; Jay is still hovering, Trish hugs Paul around the waist, Becky stands close without touching, Dr. V is reaching up to thump him on the shoulder. Paul is confused.

PAUL: I - but - you're all so small - !

TRISH: Not us, brother in law! You got big! I'm so glad you're okay!

BECKY: We all are, Pau - I mean, Unc - I mean, Mister Ve -

JAY: Been hangin' with my family since we were babies, Beck, and you still can't call him 'Uncle Paul'! Come on!


VISUAL: Becky is embarrassed and standing off to one side. Paul kneels next to her and puts one large hand gently on her shoulder. Jay hovers; Trish speaks quietly to Dr. V.

PAUL: Don't pay any attention to the flying idiot, Becky. From what I recollect, you just saved my life - so you can call me anything you want!

BECKY: I - !

TRISH: Matthew - would you please tell us what is going on?

DR. V: I'm not entirely sure -


VISUAL: Close up on Dr. Venture's haunted, thoughtful face as he begins to explain. We see Jay hovering behind him, looking uncharacteristically quiet and intelligent.

DR. V: I've never told you what Hugo and I were working on because it had such overwhelming potential -

JAY: I can figure it out now, Dad -

JAY: - teleportation.



VISUAL: The entire team talks. Check their dialogue and pose them appropriately.

BECKY: Teleportation? I don't -

PAUL: A method of turning matter into energy and - uh - 'beaming' it somewhere else.

TRISH: Why, Paul, I thought you'd given up reading those monster comic books -

DR. V: I'm afraid this isn't a matter for jokes, Trish! Hugo and I have nearly perfected a working teleportation platform!




VISUAL: A flashback panel, showing Dr. V and Hugo in the lab at opposite ends of the room - a potted plant is disappearing from Hugo's console and reappearing in front of Matt.

CAPTION: "We've worked on nothing else for years! We used our own money - neither of us wanted to trust the government or a private company with our discoveries!"

CAPTION: "We actually had it working - we could convert mass - even living mass - to energy - project it as a coherent beam across space instantaneously - and then reintegrate it!"


VISUAL: The potted plant goes FWASH and vanishes in a flash of light while Hugo and Matt cover their eyes and curse.

CAPTION: "The only problem was an inherent instability in the test objects! They never cohered after teleportation for longer than a second or two!"

CAPTION: "We needed time to work it out - but Hugo became more and more frustrated with what he started to see as unnecessary delays - "


VISUAL: Hugo looking angry and frustrated, while Matt holds up his hand or shakes his head adamantly.

CAPTION: "He assured me he'd fixed the problem - that we were ready to go public with the process - that we'd iron out any remaining bugs in commercial production!"

CAPTION: "But I knew that the only practical applications for the platform at this point were military ones - for delivering a payload that you only needed to keep in one piece for less than a second - "


VISUAL: Paul is speaking, the rest of them look interested. Dr. V goes on, looking very weary.

PAUL: Like an atomic bomb!

TRISH: Good heavens, Matt!

DR. V: I know what you're thinking - it's a hell of an advantage over the Soviets! But I worked on the Manhattan Project! Chain of command swore the bombs would just be a threat - !


VISUAL: Dr. V continues to explain.

DR. V: I don't expect you to understand! But I couldn't let the platform be used that way! I insisted we keep it under wraps until it could be used to transport humans without harm!

PAUL: I guess Hugo decided to speed up the schedule! And it went blooey!

TRISH: So - we've been teleported? But that's wonderful, darling! We've proven your machine works! I mean, we haven't - exploded, or anything - !



VISUAL: Dr. V gestures dramatically at the rest of them. Each line of dialogue should be ballooned over a close up on each face, each with a characteristic expression - Paul is angry, Trish is somewhat puzzled, Becky is thoughtful, Jay is excited.

DR. V: No - but we've all been changed - fundamentally! Unpredictably! My perceptions have been so heightened there's no word for it - except maybe omniscience!

DR. V: Paul nearly lost material coherency - and now, he's a giant!

DR. V: Becky can turn her body into living electricity!

DR. V: Jason can fly!

DR. V: Trish, I can see an energy cluster around your larynx - I think your voice has been enhanced somehow!



VISUAL: The floor begins to tremble. The team is shaken on their feet. There is a CHIK CHIK CHIK CHIK CHIK sound as loose pieces of broken machinery and debris start to fly together to form a monstrous shape.

CAPTION: And then -


DR. V: Even the walls are suffused with some strange radiation - eh?

PAUL: Hey, we don't get earthquakes in Manhattan - !



VISUAL: The Ventures stare in astounded horror as a monstrous shape takes form from the flying peices of metal right in front of them, as pieces of machinery fly off the walls, metal plates tear out of the floor, etc.


TRISH: Those loose pieces of metal and glass - they're flying together -

DR. V: They're cohering into a humanoid form! And that strange energy in the walls is concentrating itself there as well!


VISUAL: The other members of Team Venture stare as the form grows larger. Jay is still hovering but is in front of Becky, as if to protect her. Atlas looms over both, ready to fight.


JAY: Dad -! What's goin' on?

BECKY: Dr. Venture! I'm afraid -

PAUL: Stay back, kids! Whatever it is, I'll -


VISUAL: Big splash panel as the horrible composite metal monster looms over them all, one mighty hand upraised to smite. As the energy suffusing it is that used for teleportation, it is perfectly feasible that all of this creature's original fractured components have been remolded and restructured into a smooth, gleaming, seamless surface. Or it could maintain the appearance of something crudely welded together out of broken parts - whichever the artist feels is most appropriate. Team Venture is dwarfed by its size - even Atlas looks tiny compared to its perhaps 30 foot height. Much of the material in the outer walls and upper ceiling has been incorporated into the creature, leaving gaping holes, so we can now see the street outside the lab, where a crowd is gathering. Atlas is closest to the creature, as he has stepped forward protectively.

PAUL: - handle it -


CAPTION: For a moment, the tableau stands as if frozen...! The monstrous metal creature, one hand poised to destroy - the small group of five newborn heroes huddled staring beneath it, not yet realizing that they are heroes - and then, from the crowd gathered outside the ruined building -




VISUAL: Cut to the crowd in the parking lot outside the all but destroyed lab. We can see, from their point of view, the monster looming over TV in the remains. Several people in the crowd are panicking, screaming, and trying to run. Several others are jostling to get a good view. The lab itself is barely 50 feet away from where the crowd has gathered; the monster could reach them in one or two strides. There are three or four policemen moving towards the front of the crowd with their guns drawn, Policeman #2 is speaking into an oversized police radio.

WOMAN: (loud) It's a monster!

F.X. (from woman) EEEEEEEEEEE!

POLICEMAN: Shut up, sister, I can't hear what's happenin'!

MAN #2: You fools! Run! RUN!

WOMAN #2 Hey, who you callin' a fool, mister - ?

POLICEMAN #2: That's right, back up - with, like, bazookas -

CAPTION: No one in the lab had noticed the gathering outside the building - but now -!


VISUAL: The monster turns away from the team and kicks its way through the remaining wall to get at the crowd.

F.X. (from monster) ERRRRRRRRRRR

TRISH: It's going for the crowd!

PAUL: They won't have a chance! Matt -!

DR. V: Paul! Becky! Hit it with everything you've got - we've got to get its attention back!


VISUAL: Paul clobbers the monster in its 'kneecap' and actually knocks it off balance. Becky, one big electric fist drawn back to strike, is running up to help.

PAUL: You got it, bro'! I'm a little out of my weight class, so -

PAUL: (loud) KNEECAP!!!


BECKY: (thot)I've got to help - but this thing's so big -!


VISUAL: Becky's legs become giant electric appendages, lifting her normal sized body to the level of the creature's head. It stares at her incredulously. She's still got one electric fist drawn back to smack it with.

BECKY: - m -my legs - they're expanding - lifting me up in the air -!


BECKY: Don't stare at me you big ugly thing -



VISUAL: Becky clobbers the monster right across its 'jaw' in a classic right cross with a giant electric fist, sending it sprawling onto its back. Atlas scrambles to get out of the way. We can see the crowd staring in disbelief in the background.

BECKY: (loud) - YOU'RE the monster, not ME!




VISUAL: Dr. Venture is rapping out orders to Trish and Jay. Jay is flying off as Dr. V points. In the background we can see the monster sprawled on the ground while Becky and Paul jump up and down on it and otherwise pummel it, keeping it from getting up.

DR. V: It's down - and if that energy I see in it is animating it, then -

DR. V: Jay! In the utility room are some backpacks full of anti-radiation foam! We need -

JAY: On my way, Big Chief Dad, sir!


VISUAL: Trish steps forward, pushing Dr. V gently to one side, preparing to wail. Dr. V is puzzled.

DR. V: I hope they can hold it in one place until Jay gets back -

TRISH: I can pin it down, dear -

TRISH: (thot) I think...

CAPTION: In 1948, Patricia Collins gave up a promising singing career to be Matthew Venture's wife. Other than lullabies and Christmas carols, she hasn't sung a note for years -


VISUAL: Trish looses a sonic blast at the parking lot where the monster is sprawled. She's going to be first shattering, then melting, the asphalt beneath the monster. Probably not much is happening yet in this panel, though.

CAPTION: - but now, she feels irresistible power welling up from her throat -

CAPTION: - and she knows what she can do!

TRISH: Paul! Becky! Get back from that thing, dears -

F.X. (from Trish) aaaAAAAAeeeeEEEEEEooooOOOOO


VISUAL: The creature tries to rise, but seismic shocks seem to be shaking the parking lot as Trish's seismic barrage, pitched exactly right, causes the asphalt to buckle and crack. Paul and Becky are quickly retreating to one side.

BECKY: She's - she's singing... oh, it's beautiful!

PAUL: The sound - somehow it's tearing up the asphalt - !

CAPTION: The sonic barrage, precisely pitched, sets up a sympathetic vibration in the parking lot's surface! At first, it shudders and heaves -

F.X. OOOOooooAAAAaaaaEEEEEeeeee



VISUAL: The asphalt is liquifying, as if superheated. The creature is sinking into it, with liquid running over its struggling limbs.

CAPTION: - and then, in defiance of all common sense, it melts!




VISUAL: Jayhawk zips down through a broken skylight into a hallway and flies over to a door marked EQUIPMENT LOCKER.

CAPTION: Meanwhile:

JAY (thot) Good thing Dad sent me! Rubble from the lab is blocking the normal door to this hall! Anyone else would'a taken forever to get over here -


VISUAL: Jay kicks the door in while hovering in mid-air.

JAY: 'course, being Dad, he did forget to give me his keys -

JAY: - but I'm a lot stronger now than I used to be!



VISUAL: Jayhawk in the equipment locker, donning the anti-rad backpack. The backpack has a short length of hose ending in a nozzle projecting from its bottom/side/whatever that should be obvious in this shot.

JAY: Stronger - faster - a heck of a lot more coordinated -

JAY: I don't need my glasses anymore -

JAY: It's like Dad's teleporter somehow made me into everything I've always wanted to be!


VISUAL: Jayhawk flying back out that skylight with the backpack on - distantly, he can now hear his mother's voice singing. Jay is holding the hose in both hands, ready to use.

JAY: (thot) And flying! All my life I've wanted -

JAY: (thot) Hey! That singing! Sounds like Mom -

F.X. (smaller, more distant) eeeEEEEEooooOOOOOO


VISUAL: Jay swooping down. Behind him, perhaps 50 feet away and below him, we see the creature struggling with its goopy predicament. TV is visible off to one side, watching; perhaps the madding crowd is off to the other side. Or maybe you don't want to fit that much into this panel. Anyway, the main thrust is Jay with the equipment poised and ready, coming in over the critter from above.

JAY: (thot) Jeepers! It is Mom - and she's melting the parking lot!

JAY: (thot) Big ugly's bogged down - and it's not hard to figure out where Dad wants this stuff - !



VISUAL: Jay swoops down and plasters the struggling monster with anti-radiation foam.

JAY: Heads up, everybody! Here comes the Air Force!




VISUAL: Jayhawk landing in the background, over by Becky and Paul - Becky is maybe ten feet from Paul. Dr. V and Trish are on the other side of the foam soaked, asphalt-mired creature, which is laying still now. Dr. V is staring intently at the creature and speaking triumphantly.

JAY: (small & distant) I wanted to say here come the Marines, but they don't fly -

DR. V: Yes! The anti-radiation foam has neutralized the radioactive energy that animated the creature! It's no further threat to anyone -


VISUAL: Close in on Jayhawk, putting his arm around Becky's shoulders - she's obviously upset about something, and brooding.

JAY: Hey, 'becca... what's wrong? The good guys won - !

BECKY: Didn't you see - what I turned in to?

BECKY: A - a monster - some kind of electrical thing...! I'm not human anymore - !


VISUAL: Cut a little further away. Jay is facing Becky now, holding both her shoulders, earnestly telling her that she's wrong. During Jay's little speech, we can see Atlas' torso and shoulder and perhaps some of his face in profile in the side of the panel - he's 10 feet away, obviously listening. His expression is startled, but will become sadder and more grim over the next few panels.

JAY: Listen, freckle-head - that's just wrong!

JAY: Look at you - you're back to normal, right? You've got a really cool power, that's all!


VISUAL: Same panel, from a little further away - Jay & Beck are a bit smaller, and we can see more of Paul, especially his facial expression, which is becoming more intensely gloomy.

JAY: When you use it you look a little wild, but it's not like you're a freak or anything...!

JAY: You're not stuck that way! You can turn back!


VISUAL: We continue the visual progression. Paul's fists are tightly closed now, and his head is down with his teeth clenched as Jay's words bring home to him his own condition. He looks bitter.

JAY: You're still human - you can still have a normal life...



VISUAL: Closeup on Paul's face. He's looking up and away, obviously upset. His back is turned to Jay and Becky, who can't be seen, but are off in the background over his right shoulder. Jay's word balloon comes in from that direction. Paul is speaking to them, carefully controlling his voice to hide his own anguish.

JAY: (distant & small) And you're still the cutest girl at Stan L. J. Kirby High...

PAUL: Hey, kids - better come over here. I think the police want to talk to all of us -



VISUAL: A distant shot of the team starting to talk to police. In the foreground,we see a spidery camera device mounted on articulated tripod-legs... its goofy looking, but obviously an automated, self-mobile visual surveillance device. Its currently viewing the activities from the rubble that was once near the front entrance to the lab.

CAPTION: As the bewildered new heroes attempt to answer irate questions from police and reporters, no one notices a strange device that emerges from the ruined remnants of what was once the lab's front office...



VISUAL: We see Colonel Smirnikov, watching a large, obviously experimental visual screen that should look very bulky and old fashioned by our standards, yet futuristic and science fictiony by the standards of 1964. On the screen we can see Team Venture talking to police and reporters. Smirnikov is talking into a large radio-telephone to Black Lotus. He's in some sort of darkened apartment with the windows boarded over... maybe the typical abandoned warehouse all villains seem to use as a base.

COLONEL: Da, Comrade Lotus! I have deployed the experimental spy device and it is functioning perfectly! But what I am seeing is boggling to my mind!

BLACK LOTUS: (in jagged radio balloon from radiophone) Yes, I've been listening to the police bands! I'm on my way there now!