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P1 Grainy B&W shot of young Lady Liberty, on TV - this is a clip from a videotape, which has been dubbed from the outtakes of an old newsreel. Maybe we can see the TV itself and the VCR it is sitting on.

TV balloon ...Ron Archibald, your Man On The Spot - bringing you an exclusive interview with the American G.I.'s favorite pin up girl - Lady Liberty!

LL (TV) I... do I talk now? Okay...

GINA Wow. This must be seriously old.

ANDI Um-hum. It's my great-grandma's... she saved all this old stuff.

FAITH She's Lady Liberty's best friend, right? That must be so weird...

P2 We see an outside shot of the apartment building - prominent in front of it is the Amazonia wall, with patrolling Amazons and gun emplacements. Balloons come from the building.

LL (TV) ...listen, I know this is for the newsreels, but I don't really think of myself as... well... that kind of...

TV Now, don't you fret that pretty little head, Lady Liberty - everyone knows how much you've done for the war effort! But Mr. and Mrs. America - and the boys on the front lines - want a look at those legs, hey?

P3 Now we see Andi Poppadoulos and two friends about her age - 16 - sprawled on the floor/couch/whatever, in front of the TV. If the only light in the room was from the TV set, it would make it obvious that they're watching it. One of them is probably some visually obvious minority - black, Korean, Hispanic - whatever, just to show how PC we are. They should be dressed appropriately for their ages. Gina looks however you picture her; Faith is kind of a brainy, bookwormish nerd. Andi should be dressed in something innocently sexy - shorts and a sweatshirt; something that shows some skin without looking slutty - Andi's innocent sexuality is a big part of her character.

GINA Can you believe this guy? When was this made, the Stone Age?

FAITH Pretty much... 1942 or so, looks like to me...

P4 Close up the shot on Andi; she looks dreamy and worshipful. Maybe a reflection of Lady Liberty can be seen in her glasses.

ANDI February 12, 1943. They filmed it in London, right before Lady Liberty, Mary England and G.I.ant fought off the attack from V-8 and the Boy Blitzers.

P5 Back to the B&W newsreel stuff - Lady Liberty is picking up a tank, and showing off a lot of leg and cleavage as she does it, too. She's probably up on a reinforced concrete stage, with a big BUY BONDS banner in the background.

radio balloon: Yes, America's Strongest Hometown Girl started out at fundraising bond rallies just like this one, using her mighty powers in crowd-pleasing stunts...

GINA Check out that costume!

FAITH Seriously tacky!

ANDI Oh, come on... it's not that bad...

P6 Back to the girls - change the angle or their poses or something. Maybe they're passing around a bowl of popcorn. Keep it visually interesting.

GINA What's she doing at rallies? I thought she fought in Europe...

ANDI That's coming up...

TV Yet this was only a ploy - once Lady Liberty completed months of secret training, she went straight to the front lines...

FAITH Get serious!

P7 We stay on the girls, perhaps closing up to their faces. Faith is disgusted at the stupidity she's seeing on TV, Andi is explaining, Gina is listening.

FAITH The first superhuman ever - who was going to train her?

ANDI It was all bullshit. She says they didn't want to put her in combat because it would be 'bad for morale'. She threatened to go to the newspapers...

P8 Back to the newsreel. Lady Liberty is in mid-air, tearing the wing off a German fighter plane in flight with her bare hands.

GINA I believe it...

TV: Lady Liberty made up for lost time when she arrived at the front lines - here we see her singlehandedly demolishing a Nazi aeriel blitzkrieg...

P9 Back to the young LL, hesitantly answering questions on screen.

TV ... in a way, I feel like I'm representing every American who can't be over here fighting... especially the women...

GINA It's so weird... she hardly looks any different today...

P1 Two side by side pictures, poster sized - one is of the 1940s Lady Liberty, with a big, gaudy LADY LIBERTY logo across the bottom - obviously a publicity poster, old and beaten up. The other is a much more recent photo-blowup of Dana, gray hairs and all, a head and shoulders shot - Dana should be wearing some kind of informal shirt or blouse, with her hair pulled back and clipped, or something. There is a wooden pointer coming in from off-panel, indicating the two side by side pictures.

SGT McK (off panel) Dana Weingarden - then and now.

SGT McK (off panel) I know you've all seen this before - but I just want to get it through your heads - this broad is 73 years old, and she don't even look forty.

P2 Local police briefing room. Make this a large panel, dominating the page. Assembled in the room are a dozen or so uniformed cops, half a dozen members of the Special Armour Squadron, and four plainclothes members of the local Flying Squad - Ivan "Blackball" Velez, Carmine "Big Mouth" Vittorio, Kimberly "Angel of Death" Sutter, and Greg "Toaster" Jaworski. Make them look however you like, but they should all have "normal" appearances - Kim is an attractive blond woman, but try to make her look real. Ivan can encase himself in a spherical, black forcefield and roll over/bounce off things with some control, Carmine has sonic/voice powers, Kimberly has particle beam projection powers that allow her to fly and emit force beams, and Greg is a powerful pyrokinetic. At the front of the room is the squadroom's briefing sergeant, Byron McKenzie. Sgt. McKenzie is pointing to the previously described picture of Dana Weingarden. I highly recommend taping a few episodes of NYPD Blue and using their sets as reference for these scenes. You should watch the shows, too - they're great. Special note - Nancy, you should read the next couple of pages before you draw this shot - I'm going to be making up characters as I go, I'm sure.

SGT McK This broad can bench press a bus, fly faster than a Cessna, and will not even notice someone bouncing a bazooka shell off her forehead.

P3 Back on the Sergeant, continuing to lecture.

SGT McK And the reason I am reminding all of you people of this is because we are positive she is going to be causing all kinds of problems for us in the very near future.

P4 Close up Kim & Greg - they're new to the precinct. Probably standing against the back wall, close to each other, in civvies, drinking coffee. Kim may be taking notes.

Sgt McK We have with us today Sgts Sutter and Jaworski of the 9th Flying Squad, who will be working with our own Velez and Vittorio until this blows over.

P5 Sgt gestures to a large wall map of Sparta City to his right, on the other side of him from the Dana pictures. Focus should be on the map - the AZA borders are traced over in thick magick marker, probably labelled THE DYKE, and AMAZONIA is written next to it in obvious hand lettering.

Sgt McK For their benefit, and it won't hurt the rest of youse geniuses neither, we will review our general situation. This three block square area is the Liberty Haven for Abused Women.

Sgt McK What us grunts call Amazonia.

P6 Helicopter shot from above of the precinct house, one block over from AZA - we can see the border street, empty except for Amazon patrols, which is one street over from the precinct's location, and the wall, with obvious gun emplacements and patrolling women. Word balloons are coming from the station house.

Sgt McK (caption) When Weingarden, Watson, and the other original Amazons first took over this area, back in '91, they demolished a couple of condemned buildings and used the rubble to build a 12' high stone wall around the perimeter. The wall, for obvious reasons, is known as The Dyke.

P7 We see Felicia and her three toadies, obviously out patrolling the strip around AZA. There is a general air of abandonment to these streets - stripped cars, perhaps, broken windows facing the Dyke, no one on them. Felicia should be strutting, while one of her girls may be waving up at an armed woman on the wall.

Sgt McK (caption) The streets running along the face of the Dyke are 'No Man's Land' - the superbitches patrol them, and will respond with force to any male presences they detect thereupon.

P8 Shot of Clyde, the father who is trying to recover his kids, hiding behind an abandoned car in 'No Man's Land'. In the background, across the street, we can see some armed women walking along the top of the wall. They obviously aren't paying any attention to him. Clyde is levering up a manhole cover.

Sgt McK (caption) The wall itself is also permanently patrolled by armed Amazons who will not hesitate to open fire if a man is seen infringing this territory.

Clyde (thot) According to the city plans, this sewer leads straight into Amazonia... oh God don't let them have blocked it...

P1 Pan shot of the half a dozen or so officers in Special Armor Squadron suits. This should look like high-tech SWAT body armor, with bulky, gauge and switch festooned blaster-gauntlets, probably connected to their pod-like belts with heavy metal cables. They have their helmets off and are drinking coffee. Mix up the races and the gender.

Sgt McK As many of you know, our gutless wimp of a Mayor has, over the past two years, chosen to pursue a policy of non-confrontation with Weingarden and the other ultra-bimbos.

P2 Close up the shot on Lt. DeSocio. I have no idea who or what he/she is. Make me proud.

Sgt McK I'm sure Lt. DeSocio of the SAS would be happy to reiterate to you the effects of that policy - ?

P3 Lt. DeSocio tells the new guys about the disgusting department policy towards AZA.

Lt DeS Certainly, Sergeant. What the Mayor's policy means is, we keep our hands off the Haven and the strip around it.

Lt DeS Furthermore, if the Amazons come out into the neighborhood, doctrine is to leave them be unless they are committing actual crimes.

P4 Widen the shot out again to show the Loo-tenant surrounded by the squadroom, from which some commentary proceeds to eventuate.

Lt DeS This is supposed to minimize the risk of collateral damage to civilians, and to encourage the Amazons to behave as responsible members of the urban community.

someone in background: Yeah, right!

someone else: Great idea, there...

P5 Back to McKenzie, leaning forward over his podium or something.

Sgt McK Thank you, Loo-tenant.

Sgt McK Now... Doreen Rizzo is being held in the city lock up without bail for her - assault of a castrative nature - upon her husband. This assault allegedly was committed in retaliation for an alleged rape that Mr. Rizzo perpetrated upon her previously.

P6 McKenzie in much the same pose - I'm just stretching panels because I HAVE to get this background in here, and am trying not to have too many words to a panel.

Sgt McK Now, Bruce Rizzo is currently living at home, while his wife is in the lock up. This is, of course, a situation that is guaranteed to attract the attention of Weingarden and her fearless feminazis.

P1 Show the Flying Squad guys, looking anticipatory, as Sarge McK gives them permission to bust heads.

Sgt McK We all know that Weingarden has personally led eight break-outs for other incarcerated female perpetrators in the past. All of these escapees are living within the Amazonia walls.

Sgt McK To prevent this occurring again, we are now authorized to treat these scumbag ball-breakers as they amply deserve.

P2 The rest of the uniformed squad - they look alternately psyched and trepidatious.

Sgt McK Forthwith, any woman seen leaving the boundaries of Amazonia is to be detained pending the establishment of her identity and any outstanding warrants.

P3 The uniformed squad looks somewhat relieved.

Sgt McK If any of you norm officers should see an Amazon at large, keep her under observation and call for back up. The SAS and Flying Squad will be on mobile back-up at all times.

Sgt McK Are there any questions?

P4 Kimberly has a question. You can focus just on her, but it might be better to draw a panel with her at one end and the Sgt at the other - we'll be going back and forth between them for a few panels.

Kim Sergeant, if we see Amazons fly out of the Haven without landing in the area, should we engage them?

Sgt McK Sergeant, you are the only member of our Flying Squad who can actually fly, correct?

Kim Yes.

P5 However you've visually established things for the panel above, stay with it - if you've done a single head shot of Kimberly, go to a head shot of the Sarge. If a panel with them at either end, repeat it.

Sgt McK In which case, your back up situation should you get in over your head would basically suck. So I would say, stay with your team.

Kim Thank you, Sergeant.

P6 Clyde again, climbing down a ladder into a sewer, probably lowering the manhole cover back down above him.

Clyde (thot) No turning back now, Clyde... even if ya are about to shit your pants.. Lady Liberty's gotta listen to me!

Clyde (thot) Kids - oh, God, be all right! Just a little while longer...

Clyde (thot) Daddy's coming...

P1 Demetria and Dana, talking in Dana's quarters. Decorate them how you will - probably some plants, maybe a cat. The furniture, I'd imagine, is comfortable but not expensive. There are probably some framed photos of celebrities and superheroes from the 40s on the walls, but pictures of Dana as Lady Liberty are conspicuously absent. There should be at least one prominent photo of Midnight Master I, probably affectionately signed in the corner. Dana is dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt or something equally informal. Dress Demetria however you picture her. She's sitting serenely, knitting or something, while Dana paces. This whole page is just Dem & Dana talking, so do something to keep it interesting. Somewhere in the room is a mirror that Dana is going to be looking in in a few panels, so set up something you can work with.

DEM Dana Weingarden! Would you please light somewhere? I'm getting tired just watching you!

DANA I can't help it. I'm nervous. I mean, it's been - forty years! And the last time we met -

P2 More of the above. It's an all-talk page, so get used to this.

DEM You were putting him in jail. Yes, dear, I know.

DANA I - oh, hell, Demetria. What do you think he wants?

P3 More talk.

DEM Well, it would be suitably ironic if he were coming to arrest you. However, he would have to be actively suicidal...

DANA Suicidal? Ha! Not Karl.

P4 More talk.

DEM Well then, I would say that your mutual friend Charlie DeLane has asked him to 'talk some sense' into you.

DANA That would take balls on Charlie's part, considering... if he wants to talk to me, why doesn't he do it himself?

P5 Yet more talk.

DEM Well, dear, after that satellite business....

DANA They froze my bank accounts! What was I supposed to do? We'd have starved, Demetria!

P6 Dana catches sight of herself in a mirror and isn't happy. The Midnight Master photo should be visible on a lamp-table next to her.

DEM Certainly, child. But you humiliated him in front of his advisors...

DANA Yeah, well, he had it coming.

DANA God, would you look at this? The war-hag incarnate... Karl won't recognize me.

P7 Dem scolds Dana for being a vain idiot. Dana is still at the mirror, but she looks apologetically at Demetria.

DEM Dana, you are a 72 years old and look at you. Unless Midnight Master shares your superhuman metabolism, he will have aged far worse than you. And believe me, I know exactly how he feels.

P8 Dana picks up photo of Midnight Master and stares at it broodingly.

DANA It's hard to think of him as old. You know, when we went to arrest him, he managed to knock Charlie out with gas? And he threw this copper net over Cindy - Cynthia - it grounded her... He had booby-traps everywhere...

DEM Yes, so you've told me. Many times.

P9 Dana sits down on the couch next to Demetria.

DANA I'm sorry, Demetria... I'm being a nuisance.

DEM I'm used to your annoying presence, dear. Speaking of which... where is Cynthia?

DANA The Mayor's office. I'm starting to think he has a crush on her...

P1 The Mayor's office. Mayor Dougan is there, along with Sam Cheng, formerly of the California Special Emergency Response Team, now working for the covert National Super Squadron. Both the Mayor and Sam are dressed quite professionally. Cheng is a handsome, charming Oriental man in his late 30s - think of George Takei in Star Trek VI. I have no idea what the Mayor looks like, but I think he can be white - no reason to be too PC. He's also fairly young - early 40s, maybe sort of chubby-faced.

desk speaker Cynthia Wagner is here for her appointment, Mr. Mayor.

Mayor Show her right in, Donna.

P2 Cynthia being shown into the Mayor's office by a secretary. Cynthia is a well preserved, rather birdlike 60 year old woman, who was obviously quite a knockout, if a diminutive one, at one time. Sam gets up to greet her, hand outstretched. The Mayor remains seated. Cynthia is carrying a lawyerly briefcase.

Sam Ms. Wagner? Please, come in. I'm Sam Cheng - I'm a big fan of yours.

Cyn How kind of you to say so, Mr. Cheng. The Mayor didn't mention -

Mayor That's all, Donna.

P3 Cynthia seating herself around a small coffee/conference table. Sam is holding her chair. The Mayor is fussing around, ready to sit with them but not quite seated yet.

Mayor Ah. Well, Cynthia... Mr. Cheng's being here is strictly unofficial. Strictly unofficial.

Cyn How interesting. Especially if you're the Sam Cheng who brought in the Zodiac killer back in 1974.

P4 Sam being charmingly modest. What an oily guy he is.

Sam I'm flattered you've heard of me, Ms. Wagner. Yeah, that was me - I just did the leg work, though. Gillian Torres was really the brains behind that bust.

Cyn How nice. You can be honest.

P5 Everybody gets down to brass tacks. Cynthia has her briefcase open, and is taking out a tape recorder. Sam is saying 'Nah - I don't think so'.

Cyn I hope you don't mind if I record...

Sam I'm afraid I do, Ms. Wagner. As I say, I'm here unofficially...

Mayor Cynthia, don't be difficult...

P6 Cynthia looks both amused and difficult simultaneously. The others are busy being placating.

Cyn You know, Robert, I break out in a rash over off-the-record conversations with unofficial officials.

Mayor Cynthia, Sam is not with any official agency. Still, what he has to say could get him into a great deal of trouble.

P7 Everybody talks. Aren't you getting tired of this? Boy would I like to script a sex scene or a fight right now...

Cyn Boys, let's cut the B.S., eh? Sam, you're here for either the National Security Council or the National Super Squadron - if there's any difference these days, which I doubt. Now, what do the Federal super-spooks want to say to my clients that they don't want on the record?

Cyn And, please - we've heard the death threats before.


Mayor Cynthia, you're being absurd -

Sam Mr. Mayor, please. Ms. Wagner, I can't confirm or deny your hypothesis. All I can say is, I've gone to some trouble to come here and give you, and your client, Dana Weingarden, a friendly but very serious warning -

P9 More blah, blah, blah. Dontcha just hate working with a bibble-babble writer?

Sam - stay away from Doreen Rizzo.

Cyn Ah.

Cyn Is that all?

Mayor Cynthia - they're serious. They're serious. There's nothing I can do. Nothing.

P1 See above.

Sam Ignoring the implications of the illegal complicity in that statement, I have to say - Mayor Dougan is right, Cynthia. If Dana or any other Amazon makes a move - we're going to bury you.

Cyn 'We' being the group you're unofficially not part of, Sam?

P2 Blah blah blah.

Mayor Cynthia, I'm your friend - I'm Dana's friend. And I'm telling you as a friend - stay out of it. Stay out. I've got no leeway here - none.

Cyn What exactly does 'no leeway' mean, Dennis? Exactly what are you threatening my clients with?

P3 Now Cynthia's starting to get mad, maybe.

Mayor I have Federal orders, Cynthia - Presidential orders. The Governor has declared a state of emergency. I - I've had to pass specific instructions to the police...

P4 Yeah, she's getting mad - but she's under control.

Sam Anyone leaving the Haven is now subject to detainment. They'll be released once it's established that they aren't wanted - but we know a lot of your clients are. We'll keep 'em if we get 'em.

Cyn This is absurd.

P5 Now she's telling them a few things. They don't like it.

Cyn Robert, my clients have spent the last two years trying to work with you and your police. They've done no harm, except to the criminal interests who used to run the area they live in now.

P6 Robert is trying to explain. Sam looks patient.

Mayor Cynthia - your clients keep breaking women out of prison! You're harboring twelve known felons! Felicia Watson is wanted for manslaughter, criminal assault, wanton destruction -

Sam Not to mention - every Amazon is in violation of Federal superhuman powers usage regulations.

P7 Cynthia is rising to leave. Talk continues

Cyn We're clearly not accomplishing anything. Mr. Cheng, are you arresting me?

Sam No. Your Superhumam Ability Usage affadavits are up to date, and you've passed all the polygraph tests...

P8 Cynthia crosses to the door.

Cyn Hm. You know, Mr. Cheng, I haven't actually used my powers in so long, I honestly don't know if I still can.

Sam Ms. Wagner, don't bullshit me. I've read the files and seen the tapes. I know how dangerous Snapdragon can be.

P9 Cynthia is opening the door, preparing to leave.

Cyn You're very sweet, Mr. Cheng. But, if you're really worried about me, then you're worrying about the wrong old woman. Tell that to the NSC, if you would.

P1 This scene takes place in some little greasy spoon, generally frequented by cops. At a booth, we see the four members of the Flying Squad previously seen being briefed at the local precinct house. They're drinking coffee and tentatively trying to get a handle on each other. Kim Sutter and Greg Jaworski are on one side of the table, Ivan Velez and Carmine Vittorio are on the other. Greg is maybe holding one finger, with flames coming from it, under his coffee cup.

GREG Lukewarm coffee. No matter where you go, they serve cops lukewarm coffee.

KIM Show off.

CARMINE So, Sergeant Sutter... they call you 'Angel of Death' on the street. Whyizzat?

P2 Same scene, and you might as well get used to it; this is a characterization page, with lots of bibble-babble.

KIM Probably because I swoop down from above and kill people. Why do they call you 'Big Mouth', Sgt. Vittorio?

IVAN Oh, please... you don't want to ask him that...

CARMINE I'll show you some other time. When there isn't so much glass around.

IVAN You killed a lot of people, Sutter? Perps?

P3 Same old same old.

KIM I have this field. Greg here says it's a particle field. I can fly, and hit people with beams -knock down a wall, blow up a car. And, you know... I sort of glow.

GREG Scariest goddam thing I ever saw, first time we worked together.

P4 Yep yep yep.

GREG I have pretty standard pyrokinetics. Create and control fire, generate heat, that sort of thing.

CARMINE Sure. But how many people has the Angel of Death, here, actually killed?

P5 Uh huh uh huh uh huh.

KIM I lost count. After that one raid...

GREG The big arms bust, last year. Street Lightning was bringing in a shitload of Soviet laser rifles - big ass bulky things...

IVAN I remember that. You guys were there?

P6 Yah yah yah. Kim is jerking her thumb sarcastically at Greg as she drinks. Greg is similarly indicating Kim for his word balloon. Although the words are sarcastic, they should look somewhat affectionate towards each other, much like an old married couple.

GREG There? Kim's what made the whole warehouse go up!

KIM Genius, here, thought he could control the lasers with his power. Worked real well. I had to zap three guys who were trying to parbroil him on the third floor.

P7 Yaddity yaddity yaddity.

GREG So she comes down through the roof, glowing like a star, these beams blasting out of her hands like something on Star Trek.

KIM These three guys in Street Lightning colors are carrying these big metal cannons, right? With the shiny backpacks...

P8 Whocka whocka whocka!

IVAN Street Lightning... those punks are bad news. That accelerated metabolism shit they take...

GREG Yes, but the rifles were so heavy, with their power supplies, that these perps weren't really moving much faster than a normal guy.

P9 Greg is going BOOOM! and throwing his hands wide, to indicate a big explosion. Kim looks exasperated.

GREG Kim, figuring they're going to dodge all over the place, lets go with some real high velocity particle power.

GREG Nails all three power packs, amongst other things - and BOOOM! The whole warehouse goes up!

P1 Shot from outside greasy spoon. Cop's word balloons are coming from inside, we can see their silhouettes at a window table. In foreground, a newstruck with CHANNEL 8 WGNT "GIANT NEWS" is going by. Last word balloon is coming from truck as it drives by.

IVAN So why aren't you two dead? That whole warehouse was levelled...

GREG Heat and flames don't bother me. The explosion tossed me on to a roof thirty feet away, and I got a broken arm. And Kim, when she's got that field up - she's a regular Lady Liberty.

NORMA (in truck) See that?

P2 Close in on people in cab of truck - Norma Bernstein, a camerawoman, is driving, while gorgeous local reporter Lillian Chang smokes a cigarette in the front seat. They're on their way to the Haven's front gate to do a news feature.

NORMA That's Sutter and Jaworski of the 9th Flying Squad, dunkin' a donut with Vittorio and Velez.

LIL Yes, so? Vittorio's an asshole - I wouldn't put him on TV again if he married Dana Weingarden.

P3 The scenery behind the two women should change, indicating the truck is moving. They continue to talk.

NORMA Still pissed off about that camera he broke at the frat house? Jesus, Lillian, he smashed every window for four blocks...

LIL Cost me the story of the year. Pulitzer material. And for what? The Amazons got away...

P4 The truck is approaching their destination; start to pull back again. The final panel on this page should be a long shot showing the truck parked beneath the looming Haven gate, with armed Amazons coming forward to check their credentials - and gender - while a womanned cannon emplacement is seen on the wall above them. Start pulling back gradually now to set up the panel.

NORMA Only three of 'em got away. Vittorio's sonic attack knocked out Amanda Schwartz, remember?

LIL I remember. I also remember Watson, Lane and Dell busting Hertz out of prison two days later, so what good did it do?

P5 Continue to pull back.

NORMA Well, look at it this way - if they hadn't, we sure as hell wouldn't be going where we're going right now, am I right?

LIL Yes. But I still don't like that jerk Vittorio. Besides, we've got bigger fish to fry.

P6 We can now see all of the truck again, as it brakes to a halt in front of some still obscured looming edifice.

NORMA True enough... and here we are. God, this place gives me the creeps. I mean, sure, guys can be assholes, but who'd want to live without 'em?

LIL Hey, I like this place. It's made my whole career. As far as I'm concerned...

P7 The advertised BIG panel. Lil and Norma are getting out of the truck. They're parked in front of the main gate to Amazonia. The walls tower above them, a gun emplacement frowns down on them. Armed women are coming out from the gate to check them out. Prominently visible above the gate is the carved legend "LIBERTY HAVEN FOR ABUSED WOMEN". In smaller letters underneath is carved "A Place of Our Own".

LIL Give me liberty, or give me death.