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By Diane Domine

The Hudson

birds chirping

cool breezes running through the trees

across the hudson i see mostly green

but a hint of fall shines through with red and orange

everything is so peaceful even as technology rushes by

river constantly moving ever-changing

gorgeous blue sky over head

clouds traveling with the wind

breeze tickles the grass and whispers to the trees

a constant bustle of sounds





all in perfect harmony

i could get lost here

i could escape here

you can actually hear yourself think

take time for yourself

a boat travels against the moving river

gently tugging along

although a train rushes by

all this beauty

all this harmony seems untouched

you get lost in the peace of it all

you look at your life

you see how fast-paced it is

compared to the soft movement of the hudson

i don't want to leave the bustle of nature

i have to reenter my fast paced life

until i return to my untouched bliss

Fonthill Castle by J.L. Munro


Walking through hidden trails, upstairs, downstairs, along side streets, past the castle

I am eager to reach my serenity, my escape

I finally reach my destination to my spot by the Hudson River

The sun upon me, warming my face

Leaves rustling in the breeze

The River is peaceful and calming

The railroad tracks are nothing compared to the enormous size of the Hudson

White crests pop in and out on top of the River

The Hudson moves so gently from here

Always moving, trying to get somewhere

Autumn is present

Looking beyond the Hudson,

Patches of gold, red, orange, patches of brown, and different hues of green

Watching the River flow in its natural rhythm,

It takes me away from the unnatural rhythm of stress and anxiety

Pulling myself away from serenity,

I go back from where I came

As the River continues to flow as before,

It waits for me to visit again

Hudson River Dayliner Cruise by J.L. Munro


Gliding on the crests of the Hudson River

You feel its power

Its spirit

You feel it is a living entity and you're part of it

You are part of everything that is around you

As you look around

You watch as many living things are getting ready to slumber

You see trees shedding their leaves almost making their branches bare

Squirrels gathering food

And other living things making preparations

As you reflect, you realize one thing

The Hudson never sleeps

While everything begins their long slumber

The Hudson continues to move

With its steady ripples and its calming spendor

Follow the flow of the river

When life gets difficult

Think of the Hudson

Remember that if you continue to follow your own spirit,

Your life will be filled with calming, soothing splendor

Systems Theory


Plant Life



Images of the Hudson

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