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Vince Carter 15: Vince Carter Facts

Vince Carter Facts

New Facts

  • Vince loves Pasta
  • Vince is into all types of music, and collects all kinds of cd's.
    Here is some other info from Vince Carter's official site.
    NBA Arenas to Play In: I love coming home to Orlando and also playing in Madison Square Garden. I think the Garden during the playoffs was the best of my career so far. It was live! Of course, all arenas during the playoffs are great, but there's something about that atmosphere. It was my first playoff experience and I got to play in the Mecca of basketball. You can't beat that.
    Teams I Watched Growing Up: The NY Mets, Chicago Bears and NY Giants with Joe Moore. I was also a Michigan college basketball fan. I didn't really have a favorite pro basketball team.
    Restaurant in Toronto: Leoni's Italian Restaurant
    Restaurant in Chapel Hill: Mama Dips
    Holiday: Christmas
    Sport to Watch: Hoops and football
    Actor: Samuel L. Jackson. Samuel is the best. I love watching him act.
    Sports Broadcaster: Stuart Scott. He's my man. He always gives me props.
    Subject in School: Math
  • Vince wears a size 16 shoe.
  • Vince was Drum Major during his senior year at Mainland High School.
  • Vince's family has had the greatest influence on his athletic career.
  • Before the Raptors became his favorite team, Vince was an avid Orlando Magic fan.
  • Vince enjoys speaking to young fans.
  • Vince's favorite movies are ''Friday,'' Menace to Society,'' Players Club,'' and ''Nutty Professor''.
  • Vince can talk on the phone for hours at a time.
  • Vince enjoys R&B as much as jazz and rap.
  • Vince is a big wrestling fan.
  • Vince appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated March 16, 1998, his Junior Year at UNC.
  • Vince's Foundation is Embassy of Hope.
  • Vince loves to dance.
  • When Vince was a kid, he pretended to be Julius Erving when he played basketball.
  • Vince learned to play the sax in the sixth grade.
  • Vince first dunked on someone in the seventh grade at Campbell, Jr. High School.
  • Vince has hit his head on the rim several times while attempting a dunk.
  • One of Vince's favorite NBA road trip is Orlando, Florida - he gets to go home!
  • Vince played in two final fours - Mainland High School and the University of North.
  • Vince learned to play the sax in the sixth grade.
  • Vince played Varsity Volleyball while attending Mainland High School.
  • Vince says NO to alcohol.
  • Vince loves to travel with his music and playstation.
  • Vince loves to dance.
  • Vince's favorite foods are Wings, Chicken Pasta, and Macaroni & Cheese.
  • Vince's favorite TV Shows are ESPN's ''SportsCenter'' and TV.
  • Vince measured a vertical jump of over 12 feet while at UNC.
  • Vince can't cook!
  • Vince's favorite juice is cranberry apple.
  • Vince's favorite playstation game is MADDEN 2000.
  • The person Vince would most like to meet (past or present) is Dr. Martin Luther King.
  • Vince was 5'11'' his freshman year at Mainland High School.
  • Vince has NEVER lost a DUNK contest.
  • Vince loves to watch his highlight tapes.
  • Vince has never been to a concert!!!!!!
  • Vince loves slow music: Destiny's Child, Mary J. Blige, Ginuwine, 702

    Thanks to Madd Sports and for the info