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Pindars Corners Fire Department Home Page

"Volunteer's Wanted"

Pindars Corners Fire Department Home Page

The Pindars Corners Fire Department is 100% volunteer. We operate out of one station located on State Highway 23 in the village of West Davenport NY. We are about 4 mile from exit 16 off I88. At this time we have about 20 active professional volunteer members. The department was formed in Early 1962. The very first year we had no calls to go on. In 1963 we purchased our very first pumper truck. We are dipatched through the county at this time (46.0600). In early 2002 (if not later)we will be getting dispatched by the State Police when we go on line with our much needed 911 system. The department is always looking forward to recruiting new members from the fire district. We responded to 200 calls in 2000, 70% being E.M.S.related. Our monthly meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month. If you are interested in joining just send me a breif e-mail message. Thank you for stopping by our new web site please keep checking it out for more updates. As of November 26, 2000 our first responders truck is back in service. We puchased a 1995 Chevy Suburban from a local dealership. We had cutom shelving intalled to meet our needs. We are in the process of installing captains. Our first pick will be firefighter Matt Zeh who has 5 years service. We are also looking for a walk in type rescue to replace 2271. If you know of any please e-mail me.






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