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n a day when the wind is howling;
On a day when a witch is scowling;
On a night that is so serene;
It is the time we call Halloween

itches came bellowing on
Their broomsticks that flew
They laughed and did curse before the last
stroke of midnight withdrew
Bats from the dark squealed and did drool
Thirsty for blood and waiting for you

n the stroke of twelve the candle did melt
The shivers erupted as brisk air was felt
The ghosts came together, floated and boo-ed
The cat's hair raised as the owls hoo-ed

n the Dark so slowly they creep
Be careful they dont Haunt you as you sleep
Boogie men, goblins and ghouls glowing green
Beware of their presence on this,
The Night of

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