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The Magick Cauldron: A Page of Wicca--featuring numerous in depth essays about one of the most popular Pagan religions in the world


A Page Of Wicca

Welcome to the world of Wicca.

As the fastest growing religion in North America and Europe, the joy of our ways and rituals are becoming more familiar to everyone with each passing year. Yes, we Wiccans are indeed practitioners of Witchcraft, though it little resembles what is seen in Hollywood or defined and misrepresented by the clergy of the various Christian denominations. As the chinks in the armor of our Judeo-Christian society become more and more evident, people are increasingly searching for an alternative form of spirituality, one that appreciates diversity of thought, restores our ancient connection with the rest of nature and respects that which makes us human. As a result of the New Age movement of the late 1960s to the present, several non-patriarchal religions outside of Christianity, Judaism and Islam are now out there, and Wicca's many traditions are being seen as one of these major alternatives.

Wicca is a loving nature religion that takes humanity back to its pre-Christian roots. Before women became oppressed by a hyper-patriarchal society, before we became bogged down by doctrine making us feel guilty as inherently sinful beings, before dogma cast us as something separate from nature, humanity was Pagan. Wicca is a modern Pagan religion, and we are a growing alternative to Judeo-Christian dominance of Western theological thought and practice.

Though many sites on Wicca can be found across the vast breadth of cyberspace, this is the contribution made by one Wiccan to bring you information on the many facets of our religion. Just click on a link of your choice, and the world of Wicca and Witchcraft will be revealed to you.
Brought to you by Chris N (with special thanks to Chris H for helping me set this site up).

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