11:33 AM I am "breaking" from reading a new text that is interesting, but a little dry. The class, however, will be lively. It is "Gender Issues in Pastoral Care", and has a great variety of ages, ideas, both genders, is multiracial and denominational.

Cyberspace and Theology

An exciting new wrinkle has been added to this seminary experience for me: we have a classmate who is taking a course with us through the internet! The course itself is "Systematic Theology". She is from Mississippi, and is not able to attend in person. She is married to an Episcopal priest, and their Bishop feels it is not good for their marriage, or for her journey, to be so far apart for three years. So, we are connected through wabashcenter, and we will be doing a lot of discussion/reflection on the "board" this semester. In addition, the main textbook, which is in publication stage, is only available on the web, so we all have to be able to access it through our computers.

One of our classmates has taken on the responsibility of taping each class for her, and our prof will mail the class lecture, complete with all the sidebars, silliness, and repartee, to her each week. Meanwhile, we are each expected to post at least two "reflective" messages on the board each week. In addition, the prof will post two questions for reflections to which we must respond. That should keep our cyber-classmate connected to us.

It's kind of exciting, and is a new experience for all of us. I have found the connections made on the COF board very important to me, and I think this method of taking a class will be very meaningful. I still rather be the one actually sitting in the room with the others, but we will do our best to recreate the atmosphere through the audio tapes and the board. The major drawback is that she will miss out on the informal times and discussions that are sometimes even more important than the actual class.

Theology could be a very heavy subject, and it will be HARD. However, thanks to our prof's occasional irreverance and caustic asides, and thanks to a wide variety of people with different denominational backgrounds and experiences, it will be fun. Our prof is known as "The Queen of the Details", so writing for her will be difficult. But last semester's experiences give me hope that I can figure out what she wants without negating my own style. If I could get a B from Dr. L., I should be able to do well for The Queen!

My third class is with the Dean, "History of the Church in England". It was supposed to be "English Reformation", but the Dean felt, after his sabbatical last semester in England, that it would be better to do an overview of the history, with an emphasis on the Reformation. He is so much different and a so much better teacher than the man who took his place in Early Church last semester. In one class period, I know I will enjoy this class and will be able to follow what is going on. The Dean is very organized, and is much more linear than circular. Well, actually, "circular" doesn't really describe the Prof from last semester; he was more like a hedgehog's spines, going in all directions simultaneously.

I will have "Anglican Formation" again, and I was supposed to have "Using Music Creatively in Liturgy", which I would have loved, However, the latter may be cancelled for lack of interest. One of the other students and I may try to convince the Prof to let us do this on an "Independent Study" basis. We'll see. The man didn't show up for the first class; we think he left word with the Registra, who was out sick. Consequently, we waited for almost 30 minutes for him, and finally tried to track him down. The Queen was not happy when she heard we had been left stranded.

The music Prof is a great guy, and a very talented musician. Like many true artists, however, he tends to be rather flighty about everything other than his work. He has a lot to offer, and I hope we can work something out so that we can still have a class with him.

Life is good; Thanks be to God. Amen.

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