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Welcome to the history of Lockport NY page.

The above picture was um...borrowed, that's it, borrowed from the website

Welcome to the Lockport history page. What many people don't know is that Lockport played a major role in the development of the United States. On this site you'll learn about the history (more info here) of Lockport, i will be constantly adding new info. Looking for information but it's not on this site? Email me and I will add the info to the site or provide you with the answers your looking for. My Email address is - Scroll down for the table of contents.

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General History Of Lockport
Who Is Birdsill Holly?
List Of Birdsill Holly's Inventions
People Associated With Birdsill Holly
William Kenan
A Brief History Of The Erie Canal
The Story Of Lockport And Aluminum
William G. Morgan - Inventor Of Volleyball
Washington Hunt
Classified Ads For Historical Items
Glossary Of Historical Terms
Lockport Quotes
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