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June 20, 2001

Dear Jerry,

How can I thank you for all you have done during this school year and for the many years that you have been an integral part of our staff. I know we would not be the school we are without you there. Almost every aspect of the many programs our school is involved in has some part of the library program embedded in them. All was (and is) taken care of with the diligence and professionalism that is always part of all you do.

Your attention to detail, your consistency and follow-up, and your expertise in this area are to be commended.

It would take many, many pages to even start a list of accomplishments that you have achieved while in our school. I certainly know what they are and the profound effect they have had on our students, staff and community.

A simple thank you isn’t sufficient to express my deep appreciation for being the person you are; but that simple message will have to suffice – for I know that I will never find another “cybrarian” that would even come close to fulfilling your job description.

Enjoy a well-deserved retirement. Stay healthy. Keep in touch (at least via e-mail).


Ron Attivissimo

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